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(Photos) Victoria's Secret Helicopter - N533HC

Pics explain as much as I know. ( More...

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What Helicopter?
preacher1 3
I remember back in the 80's, when Mary Kay Cosmetics was going strong out of Dallss(may still be). She had a fleet of PINK tractor trailers. On my way home from KFSM one afternoon, one came by and he was getting ragged by the other drivers on the CB, and ragged pretty hard about his PINK truck. He didn't say anything for awhile but finally started espousing his pay and benefits, not to mention the glorious spec's on his truck; then he challenged anbody else out there that had a better deal to talk, otherwise shut up. The radio was as quiet as if you had turned it This PINK helo may be the same type deal. The cargo would have it's own set of
pilot0987 2
I would get into trouble if I flew those ones around.
Willing to be their "BODYGUARD: .. !!
zennermd 3
It probably gets picked on by all the other helicopters.
chalet 1
C´mon mates, those awful anorexic skinny legs are -again- sending the wrong message to girls all over the world (LOL!!!).
Not much of a secret,(lol) if they publish pics and paint it pink !
John Hale 1
Didn't really see much of the helicopter lol :)
Jason Bischel 1
What a great job. Who says there's no such thing as a non-financial bonus? You can be damn sure I'd be installing a rearview mirror.
... Talk about "Precious Cargo" !?!!?!? lol .. No pprob they are not wearing VS .. they still look quite nice.
Roger McHugh 1
conmanflyer 1
the picture is wrong :p
Dan Elias 1
Am I the only one who thinks the models should have been wearing... Ummmmm... Well... Victoria's Secret... Ummm... Well... Stuff???
BC Hadley 0
They sell clothes, too. Not just underwear.


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