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Pilots worry about safety of allowing domestic drones in US skies

Airline pilots and privacy rights activists are fretting over a provision of the FAA funding bill passed by Congress that would open up the U.S. skies to drones for law enforcement and other domestic use. The Senate late Monday passed a bill authorizing $63.4 billion for the Federal Aviation Administration over four years. The House passed the bill last week, and it now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature. ( और अधिक...

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travisb922 3
I don't see what the hassle is. ATC will see them. Pilots will still be able to see them. It's not like they are invisible! How many people fly VFR everyday without even talking to ATC (minus a taxi/takeoff/ landing clearance...heck some don't even need these)

All people should be worried about is that the use of these drones goes beyond the governments legal parameters.
David Sims 1
A lot more people fly without help from ATC than you think. 95% of my flights are done without any communication from ATC, as I fly from an uncontrolled field. And yes I am very concerned about sharing airspace with a drone that may or may not see me.
preacher1 1
I'm a thinkin' there is a requirement for a drone pilot to have situational awareness around him. In most cases there are 2 people, one observer and operating the ground cameras and one flying the thing. That said, when you put them on a computerized program to go out and back I don't know what they have instrumentation wise for avoidance. This bill, as I understand it, will just allow specific agencies to operate them, after proper application. After that, I would think actual operation would be up to the FAA. At least I would hope so.
David Sims 2
My question is how much situational awareness can a drone have, when its operator is in a room on the other side of the world. Yeah, they can load them with sensors like radar and TCAS to detect other aircraft, but what is that going to do for the guy out cruising around in a Cub or ultralight without an electrical system.
preacher1 1
I would hope that the TCAS and radar would get them(drones) out of the
preacher1 2
They'll change it after a crash or 2 and few people die.
conmanflyer 1
by a few you mean a 737... or worse, right?
preacher1 1
Aircraft and ATC are one issue that needs to be understood. The other issue is why these are flying here at all? Parking enforcement, tracking private citizens, domestic spying?? Another Patriot Act authorized stomping?
Jason Rhew 1
They already use them in the ADIZ zone here in south Florida.
If the done operator is talking to ATC I see no problem
Raymond Lively 1
Noah Rice 1
Can't the FAA require these drones to be operated on tactical air routes
preacher1 0
I think, and I haven't read the bill, that they are griping about the fact that there is nothing in there that requires them to talk to ATC, BUT, I was thinking that there were separate requirements to qualify as a drone pilot, independent of this bill. I think this bill just authorizes their use.
Michael Vincent 1
The bill only stipulates that 1.) Recommendations for UAS's in the NAS need to be submitted in 270 days and 2.) That the airspace will be open to UAS's September 30, 2015. The rules do not yet exist.


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