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Southwest Airlines, AirTran Airways adding international routes for summer

International routes are being added to Southwest Airlines' and AirTran Airways' summer schedule as the carriers move closer to becoming one. On Sunday, Southwest unveiled its summer schedule, which includes three new destinations out of Houston Hobby as well as new AirTran service to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and three cities in Mexico. ( More...

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Wouldn't the MMUN and MMMX destinations be a conflict of interest with regards to their partnership with VOI? They really marketed up the interlining between them at OAK/SJC, LAS, and MDW, so this sounds like they are going around that on their own. what's VOI's take on it?
canuck44 0
Let me know when they include CYHZ for a little much needed competition.
Brian McNeil 0
what about Airtran's flights to Aruba will Southwest take them over too next year.
Tom Churchman 0
Good for Southwest! Just as all the rest of the group here I have flown a ton of flights on SW since they first climbed out of Love Field after their humble start born on the back of a napkin in a bar - besides constant profit and positive mindsets they continue to grow and as they work out the details it really is another win for affordable flight to now even further destinations. I will look forward to see whats next. Oh no, my first positive remarks.... danger danger, lack of sarcasm alert...must watch a 70's episode of Sat. Night live!!


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