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World's 10 most hated airports

The smelliest toilets, the longest queues, the rudest staff ... sometimes air rage feels justified ( More...

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I concur with JFK being on the list but where are Laguardia and Newark?? LHR (particularly T3)belongs further up the list.
canuck44 0
As African airports go, Nairobi is not all that bad once you get into whichever building of the three you must enter. Long lines on the curbs is the worst part to get through security before you can get to the check in areas. Once in, the rest is relatively easy. Transit is no problem as long as you don't have to change terminals or leave the gate area.

There is the usual civil service overload on arrival, but as Africa goes, it is not all that bad if you have your visa prior to arrival. Supposedly they share visas with Tanzania and Uganda but it never prepared to cough up more money even if you have one of them. Luggage and customs is much better than Newark which should be on this list right up with JFK.
Brian McNeil 0
I haven't flown in a long time but, I think Chicago O'Hare should have been added. My mother and I were stuck at the airport for about an extra 3 hours one time. what make worse is that the plane we were going to fly in was having trouble so they let us roam the terminal. Then without any announcement on the PA system they change our flight to another gate and plane.
preacher1 0
We are special here in the U.S., we have 2 on the list(JFK&LAX), other countries just have one.
canuck44 0
When if fact we really should be extra super special with four, adding the other two New York airports as Allen suggests.
preacher1 0
I really cannot understand how at least Newark didn't make that list!!! One trip thru there and you know why you live down South. Only reason I won't say anything about LAG is that I have never been there as a PAX.
The staff at CDG's charter terminal is much nicer than at the other terminals, where rudeness makes the filth look even worse, and the charter terminal is actually much cleaner. But overall CDG is to be avoided at all cost, the once innovative round terminal is no longer innovative but very confusing. Airline reps do not exist anymore,you deal with handling companies with limited knowledge. Store clerks are the worst, no sense of customer service whatsoever.
99NY 0
I dont see the problem with LGA. I've flown out of there for years and aside from congestion delays owing to its small size I dont see why people are so down on it.

The realy question is where is Boston Logan? Infuriating to reach by "subway", impossibly expensive to reach by non-existant Boston cabs, limited service for an international airport and despite being the closest major airport to a downtown center, it still takes the better part of an hour to get there.
Marcus Pradel 0
Madrid Barajas should be added as well.
I saw an article once that said Barajas obviously was designed by someone who had never been in an airport in their lives. I agree!
canuck44 0
Arrival is fine here, but International departure is horrid unless you check in online and arrive 90 minutes early...if not two and one half hours. The shuttle to Barcelona on the other hand is great.

Barcelona is fantastic in and out and makes MAD look worse than it probably is. Neither of them make the top ten over other suggestions here.

Both are horrid when arriving from a few days in Ibiza but that is more related to the passengers' altered physiology, liver poisoning and sleep deprivation.
preacher1 0
Sounds like everyone has a favorite here that is not listed.LOL
mark tufts 0
L A X c'mon give me a break as L A X is one of the better airports i can understand heathrow and J F K but L A X i like their layout
Agreed, LAX isn't that bad. ORD? Now that's just a clogged-up mess. Chicago simply can't handle the traffic flow -- SOCAL somehow makes it work. Even MDW handles it in the same airspace. In 10-years of regular flight, I learned early to avoid O'Hare -- my worst air traveling experiences happened there, and by a wide margin. Perhaps an dishonorable mention to ATL for being way too busy, compact, and out of luck with nasty weather. How about some big airport favs? I like MSP, MEM, DFW (sometimes), MDW, CLT, and MCI (only because it's home).
Gene spanos 0
And ORD failed to make the list too ?
No way...........
Not even a 100 MPH taxi ride to O'Hare
driven by an unfriendly out of country
taxi drive who does not understand english
would help top this list!

Smelliest - yes ---feet on a can driver
Actually, the staff at CDG's charter terminal is much nicer than anywhere else, and the terminal is clean. It is the complete opposite at the other terminals, where rudeness is probably what makes the filth look worse.


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