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Pilot Error Found in Crash That Killed Russian Hockey Players

MOSCOW — Russian air safety officials said Wednesday that a September plane crash that killed an elite hockey team was caused by an extraordinarily basic human error: One of the pilots accidentally pressed the brake pedals during takeoff, so that the aircraft was unable to gain altitude. ( More...

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Jimmy Reekes 0
I don't think the flight engineer waited six seconds to apply full power. On jets it can take up to 5 seconds after the power levers are moved forward to attain full power from flight idle. The biggest thing I take from this accident is lack of CRM as mentioned by flyingcookmosnter. Just from reading the article and watching the video it doesn't seem that there was any kind of brief on takeoff procedures, meaning what situations would cause the takeoff to be aborted as well as the point in the takeoff would be continued (V1). As any pilot who has flown in a multi-crew environment will tell you, communication and understanding is key to a safe flight. At the airline I work for both the Captain and FO know what situations will cause the T/O to be aborted and at what point it will be continued, but even then we still brief the procedures on the first flight of every day and anytime we fly with a new crewmember during a day.
CRM anyone?
tim mitchell 0
my instructor always threatened to cut my toes off if I didn't move my feet to the bottom of the rudder pedals during a take-off roll and told me to always keep my hand on the throttle during the climbout even it was lockable
ToddBaldwin3 0
An interesting reconstruction of the accident:
preacher1 0
There begs a question here, before we hang the pilots. Why were they trying to abort the takeoff in the first place. One point in the article says the PIC pushed stick forward, then it tells of FO idling power, then 6 seconds for engines to spool back up, then both are pulling hard back on the stick. Something don't smell quite right here. Pilots widow may be correct in challenging findings.
ToddBaldwin3 0
I was thinking tht after I re-read the article. I'm still confuesed about things that I read in the story. The reporting could have been a little more clear. The first thing that comes to mind is why would the pilot abort in the first place.
ToddBaldwin3 0
Holy cow. My typing is horrible today.
At Wayne:
Don't buy it myself>>I Guess it is Russia saying Bug off
It doesn't make any sense>>Ya go or you abort one or the other,????????
The truth lies w/those pilots God Rest there Souls
preacher1 0
Can't blame the Pilot's widow for protesting, right or wrong. I personally think that as you had a National Team here and a public outpouring and all that, they looked and said
"h-m-m-m-m-, here's something they did that could have caused all this, let's call it that, blame them, they're dead, and everybody's happy, well almost". They could have hit the brake accidentally and that possibly slowed speed enough to cause them to want to abort the takeoff. If so, no biggie, but for some reason, rather than fully abort, it seems they elected to go ahead and try to lift with what they had or were getting. If so, that was a mistake. Too much gray area. One survived. He may not have been flying but as flight engineer, he was on the deck and could see what was happening. Best I remember, his name nor any input he may have had was not in that report
True mistakes could of happened, and that I do not doubt, buttons could have been pressed, and that is so too, but of the 3, at least 2 are watching on the happenings in the cockpit. This being said maybe it ould pass one person but two on the deck, still I personally find it difficult, though possible. Hopefully the Engineer will be able to speak out,, thats if there authorities don't dissapear him , or threaten him, either or, if something where pressed that should of not been pressed still funny 2 of the 3 did not pick it up / notice
guy lever 0
typical NYTimes reporting...using a sensational line like the pilot pressing the brake pedals during take-off. Seems to be a lot of confusion in the cockpit regarding aborting or not. Pressing of the brake pedal, plus reduction in power, plus conflicting inputs on the control stick all appear to be part of the confusion. Not simply pushing the brake pedal.
linbb 0
Seems after reading it that the pilots were to blame as who pulls back with that much force on the controls at that speed? You do not as all you will do is pull the nose up resulting in a loss of speed and no climb. Looks straight forward to me as the recordings of the cockpit say volumes about no one in command along with the flight engineer not doing what he was supposed to do, never was told to pull the power and after he did didnt apply full power until six seconds later.
preacher1 0
There is less here than in the other article posted, although being rushed into takeoff is mentioned here. The board says lack of training on one hand but says over 600 hours per each pilot in type on the other hand. Oh Well,it crashed for some reason; all but 1 died and he ain't talking and I guess that what we see is what we get.
The truth (final outcome) will be what the Russians want it to be more than likely. Yea, you would think after 600 hours you would know where the brakes are.
Pilot error, assuming this finding is correct, is such a tragedy. And so avoidable. It seems we have so many "seasoned pilots" making absolutely foolish mistakes. Ones that wouldn't be tolerated on the forth lesson in a single engine Cessna while going for one's PPL.
Toby Sharp 0
How come the mechanic's name or anything about him or what he saw is not mentioned here? The Iron Bear that's why....


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