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Serious shooters are lining up for a chance to hunt feral hogs from helicopters

"Pork choppers," Texas' newest weapon in the war on feral hogs, will take to the skies Thursday when it becomes legal for hunters to buy seats on hog-hunting helicopters and gun down as many pigs as they can put in their sights. ( More...

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Don't let Sarah McPalin hear about this. She would give up the U.S. Presidency for this!!!
Gene Nowak 0
Sounds like geat sportsmen that live in Texas. Bet they shot fish in a barrel also!!!
preacher1 0
@Gene Nowak: if you have ever saw the damage created by a group of these hogs, you might change your mind about them being hunted.
alistairm 0
my uncle in england used to shoot rabits by the dozen. he used to do this at night on his friends farm and other farms as well. It was the only way that they could keep the rabbit population down and the damage that the rabbits did,toa minimum
Troy Raiteri 0
@Robert I dunno what side your one but I'm hoping she will give it up.
linbb 0
Hey Wayne take him with a grain of buckshot as the city folk are just a bunch of wackos that dont understand what letting them breed wild did. You are very rigth as they also will attack people too.
Texas - enough said!
LancairESP 0
Note the headline is "Serious shooters" and not "Serious hunters". The objective is not sport hunting, it is to control a population of domestic animals breeding unchecked and destroying the native habitat.
ToddBaldwin3 0
@Gene and Allen. The feral pig population problem is pretty serious. They do signaficant damage to crops costing in the millions of dollars. I just hope the hunters can tell the difference between a dog and pig.
slgordon3 0
mmm, porkchops.
flight aware 0
I live in South Texas and can attest to the damage these filthy animals cause. That being said, you can make some darn good sausage out of them. But it bothers me when people call it "hunting", this is more efficient pest control. This has been going on for quite some time now, you just had to get a special permit to do it before. There are several videos on youtube if you care to watch.
fef99 0
Will Dick Cheney be there?
Toby Sharp 0
Gene, you do not know what you are talking about.....Toby from Texas
Toby Sharp 0 guess is that next year Vertex will be shooting Coyotes and Turkey Buzzards out Helos due to the large success this Hog Slaughter is going to create, its Bad down here in Texas Guys...these things are like rabbits but they DESTROY land. They walk around with their heads in the dirt like miniature plows.
John Hale 0
I live in central texas and as everyone else from texas has said the pigs are bad. The problem in where i live there are to many trees for them to hide and the helicopter is useless. we use dogs and night vision around here and let me tell ya that is some fun stuff.
Chris Bryant 0
Shooting something from a helicopter is harder than you think. They're not exactly the most stable platform. And I agree with Mr. Hale. Here in Florida we have a lot of trees as well, so hunting them from the ground is probably a more fruitful method.
eagle5719 0
No one has mentioned the use of some kind of trap to lure large groups of hogs together. Trying to shoot them one at a time from a chopper seems a little inefficient, not to mention expensive.
preacher1 0
@eagle5719: it's obvious you ain't never been to Texas or Florida and tried to shoot any of these. In most cases they are way too smart for a trap(let alone finding something that could hold them) and as far as a helicopter goes, you will see more than one of them at a time from the air. May sound crazy but that's the way it is.
flight aware 0
@eagle Actually TFA goes over that. They wise up to the traps pretty quickly, if you can get any of them in there at all.
Chip Hermes 0
Why don't we use UAVs like the military does?
canuck44 0
Personally, I am waiting for them to declare a cull on attorneys.
preacher1 0
slgordon3 0
John, that is pretty damn funny. And i'm an attorney. lol
alistairm 0
@ slgordon3: ugghhhh!
slgordon3 0
No argument there, Alistair.
candy Sheeran 0
ive seen the hogs work...full of diseases like ferral cats...even the Humane Society and PETA have nothing good to say about em...when you guys get done with the hogs, we need to do the same with ferral cats
N Moss 0
These guys have to be great shooters. In '66, on full auto, I was never able to hit anyone moving from the chopper door.
In 1970 my crew chief and door gunner used our m60's for deer hunting from the helicopter to supply deer meat for our BBQ and beer bashes. Not too hard to hit the critter but didn't do much for meat preservation.
Jake Angelo 0
Now everyday can be Ground-Hog day....Sorry.
candy Sheeran 0
whoo hoo jake...thats funny...we could drop all the bodies over the gulf...feed the gators...gators are the next issue...they ate a womans leg yesterday (im in miami...lets stuff em with pigs so they stop eating people...
Howard Marlin 0
Massive problem, great use of GA. I expect we'll see many more air hunting businesses soon. Note explosive population posts below.
Will Mr. Cheyney bring down a helicopter?
Just so you know, Boyd; just because one lives in the city doesn't make them a "whacko" anymore than living in the country makes someone dumb, lazy or inbred. Can the stereotypes, bud.
pierre taillon 0
mais oui air canada va nous chargez pour les valises même pour une les billets étaient déjà cher je crois qu'ils vont faire des pertes---un conseil ne pas acheter des actions d'eux
candy Sheeran 0
hey pierre...whos speaking french...can you translate into english
Mr Aflac 0
How terrible... we'll see Sarah Palin and Michael Vick there i tell ya...
john sterling 0
I wonder if you will need a comm. lic. like any other operation that charges money for flight and what kind of FAA cert. will be required? I hope the FAA gets on board with this and doesn't let any Joe blow go out for hire...........
ed george 0
So there is no program to get the hog meat to hungry people? Texas is going to have coyotes and vultures in a few years that don't eat anything else and so you will even more problems.
flight aware 0



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