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Lawmakers decry aircraft blocking restrictions

Lawmakers from both houses of Congress have joined the battle over the Department of Transportation’s decision to dismantle the Block Aircraft Registration Request (Barr) program, with 26 senators and 33 representatives telling DOT Secretary Ray LaHood in separate letters that it is “a troubling reversal of a decade-old policy” established to uphold the privacy rights of Americans. The senators noted that in light of advances of for-profit flight tracking services, Congress included a provision… ( More...

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We would likely be able to find out how much corporate aircraft are abused and used for non business purposes and how little executives actually pay for that luxury. The country could use the extra tax revenue to help the deficit situation
canuck44 0
As it becomes more apparent that Obama is not going to obtain a second term, you can expect a flurry of this type of socialist imposition. The EPA will lead the parade on regulations that could not muster the votes to get through Congress and in fact, may have been forbidden by Congress but ignored by DOJ.
The new CAFE regulations will give 50-100K additional highway deaths and kill off any company that doesn't make trucks to dilute the mileage requirement (read" "non-union").
The NLRB action against Boeing was undoubtedly coordinated from the WH as were some of the FCC rulings on "Net Neutrality". ObamaCare will likely drive many of the insurance companies out of the it already has to allow people to separately insure their children.
The Gulf Oil exploration is gone with 10 of the big rigs already departing for more business friendly climates...including Brazil where we are guaranteeing $4 Billion in loans for George Soros to conduct deep water drilling forbidden in our waters.
Get used to this...there will be lots more in the next year and one half. It is often very difficult to get the genie back in the bottle particularly with an enshrined bureaucracy.
preacher1 0
Well said, John
Matt Comerford 0
LOL @John! Spoken like a true ditto head, kudos, sir!
siriusloon 0
At the risk of this being called a socialist imposition, too, I'd like to suggest that before anyone is allowed to post anything accusing someone of being a socialist, he be required to look up the word in a dictionary and learn what it actually means. While the word "liberal" has lost its shock value and calling someone a "socialist" is the new way of provoking shock and horror among the great unwashed, the simple fact of such accusers not having a clue what the word really means undermines the accusation completely.

Especially when by today's standards, Ronald Reagan would be dismissed as a socialist:

or go to:


Toby Sharp 0
Peter, nobody likes amphibs much anyhow! bah, jkjk
gary simpsons 0
I don't hear any outcry from Commercial (airline) industry about BARR. Please remember, they are not asking that passenger names are revealed. And the ownership of the corporate/private craft can easily be hidden by a LLC behind some attorney. GS
Some of you Obama-haters are simply overlooking the fact that the airways and navigation facilities belong to the public, not the aircraft owners. The public has a right to know who is using these facilities.
Roads and highways are also "public" owned. If were using this similar logic, should we be allowed to have a record of who's going where in what vehicle?
preacher1 0
Well, tail numbers and all that are not hidden from ATC so there is not a safety concern. As far as private use by some executives that is a matter for those corporate boards to police themselves. # protection from competition and just privacy concerns in general are the reason for the rest of it and personally, no private flight service, be it FA or anyone else, should have a right to look at that travel anymore than someone should have a look at my medical records.
Chris Bryant 0
You have no idea how much it pains me to be on the same side of something with the ACLU, but I have to agree 100% that this is a bunch of %$#%.
Now, if they want to give me and everyone else the information every time Princess Pelosi takes a C-20 back to Kalifornia, maybe I'll ease up on it.
preacher1 0
Princess pelosi=epic
"Princess pelosi" = epic
Chip Hermes 0
What's next? tollway records?
rockportflyer 0
All you bleeding heart libs out there who are so concerned with what some successful business excec has can get up off your lazy butts and get a job and achieve the same rewards! No you don't have the "right" to know where I am going, no you don't have the "right" to extra tax dollars at my expense for I assure you I pay more than my fair share, and finally - NO my means of air travel is NOT a toy it is a TOOL that allows my the ability to be able to afford to pay people, you know, provide JOBS! You wouldn't understand, it's a Conservative Working Man thing!
preacher1 0
preacher1 0
How cum it is that all us guys that have worked our butts off all our lives, earned our commercial's and ATP's, paid our taxes and went on like we were taught, are the ones always bitching and getting called OBAMA haters.Whether it's him or somebody else, most of us were raised by the ethic of "the more you learn, the more you earn", and when we do that and get rewarded it pisses me plumb off to hear some lazy bum say I'm rich and greedy and ought to pay more taxes so he(or she) can draw more welfare.
Agreed wayne
Chuck Dreier 0
You hit it exactly Wayne!
Jason Feldman 0
Wayne is right - kudos.

Ahhhhh. I'm getting tired fighting for what's right.

What's next - microchips under my skin - why do we mot have a right to privacy. It seems to fall under my presume of happiness.
Greg Swindle 0
Did it escape most that the tag word on all the lib speech is "Corporate Jet Owners".. by definition these are corporations. If we talk Private Jet owners I can see some changes possibly needed. The adding of more Corporate Tax is just job killing and trades private sector jobs to bureaucratic pencil pushers that do nothing.
Jason Feldman 0
I guess to me it's like speed cameras - if I'm speeding I prefer to get caught by a cop and maybe get away with a few extra mph that way. Catch me if you can. That's why I drive a supercar. But I digress

Someone sitting at home, lazy, in a beanbag eating cheetos being able to track my every move is bullshit.

That being said - I like my wife tracking me personally while Im on tour - that way she knows I'm ok and I don't need to check in as often - but if I wanna be invisible why can't I.

What if I'm flying someone who people want to harm, or a celeb who doesnt want to be mobbed as they fly home to visit the rents. Should they be able to track us? What if the CEO wants to have secret talks over a merge or takeover.

Info is power - if you are someone who likes to leave your windows wide open - go for it. I respect your decision. But don't tell me I can't cover mine up - maybe I'm busy with a lady. !!

I like privacy - that's why I have curtains on my windows. If you want to leave your
Randy Marco 0
@John, @Wayne, @rockport spoken like 3 truly IGNORANT modern Repugnants!!

You & most ALL Repugnants are ALWAYS uninformed having no clue as to what the exreme conservatives HAVE been & ARE doing, all you know is to blindly follow the idiot right-winged talking heads spewing "bleeding heart libs" & "socialists" in any discussion whether it's germane to the instant conversation or not.

Truth is you present day Repugnants are the ones that have championed giving up our freedoms over the years to "Keep us safe" all while selling out our country to make an extra buck or two.

Supporting the Repugnants that have started unnecessary wars, while those same Repugnants DIRECTLY profiteered from those wars all while not PAYING for ANY of it is not my idea of being “American”. You probably have NO CLUE that Eisenhower warned of EXACTLY this when he left office!!

Taxes have NOT been LOWER since 1917 (save 1925-31); top tax rates in the 60’s were 90% and 50% under Reagan. I somehow managed to become a millionaire paying the Clinton & the higher Reagan taxes all while not WHINING about it.

CAFE standards have NOTHING to do with the article but since JOHN brought it up raising CAFE standards in the past have DIRECTLY lead to developing & more importantly IMPLEMENTING technology that give us 600+hp cars that get 25 mpg. As a racer I couldn’t be happier!! I suppose you think it’s more American to support the greatest outflow of wealth in history, paying for MIDDLE EAST oil, I think NOT!!! Because both Bushes, Cheney et al are in the OIL BUSINESS we have done NOTHING in over 14 collective years to utilize our vast Nat Gas. You probably have NO IDEA the BOTH Bushes have close SAUDI ties whom are our TRUE enemies & where ALL the 9/11 Terrorists came from. Bush was AGAINST racial profiling due to his Bible Thumper beliefs which would have truly KEPT US FREE & not stymied our economy.

Quit spewing your ignorant comments without educating yourselves.
Well, congratulations to those of you who are rich and successful and own your own "corporate jets" to take you to your vacation villas and conduct your multi-million dollar deals. But as long as you use the public's airways and the publicly funded air navigation system to do your business, the public has a right to know where you are going.
preacher1 0
Well, ATC knows where I'm going just as a Dr can look at my medical records to see a case history, but somebody sitting at home on a beanbag eating cheetos don't have a bit of business in knowing. Sounds like there are some jealous folks here that seem to be the epitomy of the type person we are talking about. Too many folks want things now at 20 that it has taken most of us the better part of a lifetime to earn, and that's just ain't how it is! If you want it, earn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Gibson 0
Well a corporate jet would file a flight plan right,so whats the big deal?
Just to set the record straight, I'm 64 (soon to be 65), have a student pilot's ticket, and am an aviation historian working on an aviation book. I do work at home because my last job evaporated after the company was sold. I'm on Social Security, which I have paid into all my working life. I wish I owned my own airplane, as I have always loved aviation, but I will never be able to afford to do so unless I win the lottery. Jealous? maybe a bit. I track flights (not all, just some) as a hobby. But my personal situation has nothing to do with the use of the public airways by private parties. If I did own my own airplane, I would use it more for the public good (i.e., Grace Flight and similar services) than just to increase my personal wealth, and I would not mind one bit being tracked by Flight Aware.
Jason Feldman 0
You know what I like about people who are well off - they pay for things. When I fly a jet I get paid, so do the line guys and the fbo. The rental car companies - etc. I also have my own photography business and they pay the price listed. They don't haggle me down to pennies. So it's their money that will make me rich someday. So instead of being jealous when you see my supercar or the CEOs jet go build your own business you lazy shits.

I bust my ass to get ahead. All you need is effort and time. You'll make it or die trying. At least your not sitting at home tracking my flight instead of working hard to get ahead. That's time not well spent!

Btw - not one of you bleeding heart libs answered my highly logical comment on the window vs curtains thing. Why is that? Are you incapable of logic?
Jason, when I drive on a public highway, I pay for the gas and oil and tires and I pay the price listed, but law enforcement officials still have every right to track my movements by the license plate on my car and to check my speed by radar. That's vastly different from police invading my privacy by peeking through my windows without probable cause. And as the recent history of the bank bailouts has shown, some people who are well off do NOT pay for things but expect the public to bail them out when they screw up. There are private rights, but there is also public responsibility.
Jason Feldman 0
Your response is two wrongs make a right? You are an idiot.

For the record I sId I'm against cameras - not cops

That said, 2 of my closest friends are cops - they both back consealed carry and agree cameras suck.

Go shove a Prius up your rear and let us who pay for your welfare and other entitlement programs. - Kirk out - yo
Social Security (and Medicare) are not welfare. And I drive a Ford (union made). And my late father was a cop.
preacher1 0
Children, children!!!! Seems to be this is one argument nobody will win. The whole thing here in a nutshell as I see it is that just as law enforcement can track us, the FEDS already do, ala ATC when a flight plan is filed. It just seems to piss some people off that they, as civilians, ought to have that same right. I got to stay on the side of "I don't think so".
Jordan Davies 0
The government collects a plethora of data on all of us. Just because they have it doesn't mean that it is your right to look at it. The IRS collects financial information on every working American every year. Should I be able to see that information just because the government collects it? Should Toll road records be made available real time on a web site? What about the information on your drivers license application? Your Medical Board Exam? Bar Exam?
This whole issue is just smoke and mirrors as Pres. Obama searches for the sound bite that may win him a second term. The worst part about this is that this cock is crowing while standing on the dung heap of your constitutional right to privacy . . . and some of you are cheering.
preacher1 0
Well said, Jordan!!!!!!!
canuck44 0
Poor Marco...he thinks that his Caps Lock button turns his babble into logic, but like most liberal control freaks he is left to have his catharsis with the verbal diarrhea of name calling. It reminds me of those that think speaking English louder will somehow be translated to those who speak only other languages.
Pay attention now and I will try to use some monosyllables to explain to you...the only time you should use your caps lock button is to spell know the stuff you drink from Al Gore and all the other liberal intellectuals that God created because someone had to fill up the bottom third.
If you missed the point of "regulation" versus "law" see if you can get someone to explain it to you in simple liberal terms.
Dave Morris 0
When the DOT officials agree to have GPS tracking devices installed on their cars so the general public can observe their every move, THEN we'll allow you to track our airplanes. Until then, fuck off you goddamned socialist Big Brothers.
Jason Feldman 0
Smoke and mirrors is right! Each of these smaller issues are created to keep us busy while they do even more harm. But this issue is very important in itself. Jordan - right on brother - information should be kept confidential like tax returns. Marco - and the rest of you libs explain why using the federal airspace system entitles you to see where I am going - (personally I don't care) but I would like to reserve the right if I so choose.

Let me ask you this, so if you drive on a federal highway - should I be able to track you against your will? You have a license plate - but is there a post of who owns what plate online like aircraft owners do.

And why do you NEED this. Bit by bit sticking your nose in other people's business.. For what? I love using flight aware but I also think that it should be as simple as a mouseclick in the preferences if you want to be visible to the public.

Youre not ever going to see pilosi's misuse of airforce 757's or air force ones movement for security reasons. Why should they enjoy freedoms and securities that I can't have.

Why do anti gun legislators own guns for self defense? Why are they special.

Oh, and the great society is welfare - but don't worry, after the baby boomers are done there will be no such programs funded for my generation - so I get to pay for you and get nothing for myself - and we have been told this horseshit since kindergarten. So it's expected like that makes it ok.

I have loads of instances, examples (lookup wick for new mothers) - but I don't have time to argue with you on an intellectual level for two reasons

1. I'm busy paying your bills
2. Never have a stupid argument with an idiot - he will beat you with experience

What pilots need is a conservative union - a hybrid - you Prius owners love that word - so run with it - heck get bi partisan support!!!

Oh and by the way, this is the small issue that we can barely maybe win. Obama are, debt ceilings - forget about it. We have zero input.
matthew koller 0
If you have a private jet, I would assume that private means that...well...your
Whereabouts should be private. The problem I have is why this is even
Important enough to necessitate friggin congressional action.
Washington sure has no idea nor do they care what is important
To us as American citizens, in regards to what congress should
Be devoting time to.
matthew koller 0
By the way, WHO CARES!!!!!!
Jason Feldman 0
same thing with sterioids in baseball - the world was just months away from a meltdown and they took time to question these ball players - what a waste!

Randy Marco 0
Donaldson an EXPECTED response from a Repugnant. No facts just IGNORANCE!!

Here are some facts Dono..

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

Joe gets up at 6:00am to prepare his morning coffee. He fills his pot full of good clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards.

He takes his daily medication with his first swallow of coffee. His medications are safe to take because some liberal fought to insure their safety and work as advertised.

All but $10.00 of Joe’s medications are paid for by his employers’ medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance.

He prepares his morning breakfast, bacon and eggs this day. Joe’s bacon is safe to eat because some liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry.

Joe takes his morning shower reaching for his shampoo; His bottle is properly labeled with every ingredient and the amount of its contents because some liberal fought for his right to know what he was putting on his body and how much it contained.

Joe dresses, walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air he breathes is clean because some tree hugging liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air.

He walks to the subway station for his government subsidized ride to work; it saves him considerable money in parking and transportation fees. You see, some liberal fought for affordable public transportation, which gives everyone the opportunity to be a contributor.

Joe begins his work day; he has a good job with excellent pay, medicals benefits, retirement, paid holidays and vacation because some liberal union members fought and died for these working standards. Joe’s employer only pays these standards because Joe’s employer doesn’t want his employees to call the union.

If Joe is hurt on the job or becomes unemployed he’ll get a worker compensation or unemployment check because some liberal didn’t think he should loose his home because of his temporary misfortune.

Its noon time, Joe needs to make a Bank Deposit so he can pay some bills. Joe’s deposit is federally insured by the FDIC because some liberal wanted to protect Joe’s money from unscrupulous bankers who ruined the banking system before the depression.

Joe has to pay his Fannie Mae underwritten Mortgage and his below market federal student loan because some stupid liberal decided that Joe and the government would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his life-time.

Joe is home from work, he plans to visit his father this evening at his farm home in the country. He gets in his car for the drive to dads; his car is among the safest in the world because some liberal fought for car safety standards.

He arrives at his boyhood home. He was the third generation to live in the house financed by Farmers Home Administration because bankers didn’t want to make rural loans. The house didn’t have electric until some big government liberal stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and demanded rural electrification. (Those rural Republican’s would still be sitting in the dark)

Joe is happy to see his dad who is now retired. His dad lives on Social Security and his union pension because some liberal made sure he could take care of himself so Joe wouldn’t have to. After his visit with dad he gets back in his car for the ride home.

Joe turns on a radio talk show, the host’s keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are good.

They don’t bother to tell Joe that his beloved Republicans have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day.

Joe agrees COMPLETELY with the Republican radio talk show, that we don’t need those big government liberals ruining our lives; after all, Joe says I’m a self made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have my whole life.
Jay Edmiston 0
canuck44 0
Sorry Marco...this "Joe" gets up at 5 am and goes to work looking after kids on Medicaid or illegals who none else will see or operate, products of citizens many whose only production seems to be more children for additional welfare checks while becoming plantation voters much like yourself. Not a big profitable business, but I am not is never the kids' fault. I will leave all the whining to the non-productive...they clearly have the time and of course they are all "victims" for whom most of the members of this forum are expected to support.
Randy Marco 0
My very points are proven Dono, there is NO retort possible to undisputed facts just more Repugnant babblement because that IS what a Repugnant is all about. Just know there were several generations before you slithered into this world that fought for the life you enjoy!!
Try getting a job without relying on someone spoon feeding you, then maybe if you become successful you can come back and post with the grownups!
Jason Feldman 0
Marco - that is my life to a T!!!!!

Wait - no it isn't - let me explain to you why you should remove that superman outfit!

Im first generation american, I had to pay my own way through school. I don't use public transportation, I don't have a third generation home in the country, my family was almost completely killed off my nazi's. My parents came here LEGALLY - learned the language and assimilated into the AMERICAN CULTURE. Sure, we keep our customs, we celebrate our holidays, but we see no reason to dress differently than the rest of society. Despite knowing more than one language, when in public we ALWAYS speak english - because its the right thing to do.

Ok, now that we just dealt with the fact I didnt get a hand out despite being more of a minority than people who call themselves minorities (african american / hispanic) legal immigration and english being the official language....

where was your bleeding heart when the US turned away the ship full of jews from NY harbor returning those jews to hitler to be slaughtered.... how can you sleep at night. How can you allow illegal immigration and not secure our borders... and allow only legal immigration.

I went to the SBA to get a business loan if youre not a minority or a woman, forget about it. They get grants, but I'm a white man, so I should be fine. So I work some of the crappiest jobs to get enough money to start my own business.. and then another road block.... higher taxes for business owners. So how am I supposed to get ahead? You see, all these taxes do is keep people down, so that new wealth is very hard to create!

Then, my parents die and I have to pay tax on money that they already paid tax on... WHY? I don't know, but apparently the higher the taxes the better. So forget about the fact that the money wont be worth much because we are printing more at an unbelievable pace, I have to fork over a crapload of all they already paid taxes on.

See, I am not rich.... YET! But I plan to be. And I think about how fair or unfair it would be when I get there if I have to fork over so much of my money on this sliding scale income tax BS. If everyone paid the same percentage - then it would be fine, but the system is in place to keep you down.

So my town approved a casino, promised to lower property taxes. I went in and saw my hard earned money being spent. People walking in with their social security checks, cashing them in at the casino and gambling with it.....

Im seeing people who choose not to pay their mortgage because they will negotiate for a better deal - subsidized through the government - even though they have the money to pay.. they do the same thing with their credit cards too. After all, wall street got its hand out, let me stick my hand out and gram some for myself...... ITS STEALING!!!! two wrongs don't make a right!

Everyone seems to have their hand out..... except my fellow conservatives. We think it makes sense to do drug and alcohol testing for Workmans Comp, Social security disability, and welfare - I think before these bastards get a dollar of my money they should prove they are trying to get a job and are sober.

then there is my "uncle" - see, he is on unemployment. He wont get a job that is beneath him, so in order to keep getting benefits he goes to work and complains to the manager till they lay him off, and poof - more unemployment. His liberal reasoning says, why should I work my ass off to get the same amount of money as unemployment at the end of the day after taxes etc etc. HERE"S WHY - because he is stealing my money!!!!

Btw I dont drink coffee either - but you want to tax my soda because it isnt healthy. So now, by using taxes we can control what people eat. No, this government isnt too far reaching at all!

I buy bottled water because its safer = because an idiot like you thinks CO2 is toxic and making the world change its climate... but then suggest we all go to CFL lighting... which has MERCURY in it.. yeah, I am sure none of them break by accident, and that all of them are disposed of properly -

Im glad a liberal is there to ensure my car lets off less CO2 but allows more mercury into our environment. Ive been on workmans compensation - i earned it by WORKING - its part of my hard earned safety net. And let me tell you... it sucks! 9 months to see a doctor! Just wait until all healthcare is run by the government...

I had to pay out of pocket to see a dr sooner to handle my pain until workman's comp found a suitable doctor. - you think thats a good system? You think its going to get better when the government runs all of it?

If you are a tree hugger - chew on this, a prius actually has a bigger toxic waste footprint than a hummer! So while you are thinking carbon dioxide is whats changing the worlds weather- you think the chemicals like cyanide and hydrocloric acid, or lithium and mercury etc etc is BETTER?

Marco - youre an idiot if you believe that horseshit. A natural occurance like a volcano spewes out more CO2 in day than all the cars in all the world for over a year! Our CO2 output is but a molecular sized dent in the earths weather or well being.

And you konw we need oil, but dont drill here. No, send off TRILLIONS to our enemies to get oil from over there. We wouldnt want to make a mess! It is a mess! So until you invent cold fusion, we need drilling in the gulf (everyone else will), alaska, etc...

so many issues to talk to you libs about it makes me sick just thinking about it. And the audacity to think you libs saved the world - how obtuse!!!!

all you libs do are incrase taxes - and despite all your horseshit claims my meds are safe I keep hearing about drugs on TV that class actions are going after. How is that- I thought you libs made it safer?

government should have a minimal role in my life - and yours - period. And it should regulate prius's battery disposal more than my co2 emmissions -

I wasnt one who orginally cared about Obama's Birth Cert. But after it was revealed I was thinking, gosh, its a requirement for the job, its like refusing to show my college transcripts to my future emplyer and asking him to just trust everything I told him was true. Now, obviously the issue is dead, but why didn't he want to show his certificate..... PRIVACY - just like some people woud like to not be tracked by fellow citizens.

So no matter where you stand on either issue, you contradict yourself in one way or the other. Which is why you and others like you must be educated. If you choose to stick your head in the ground and pretend there is no problem - its NOT ok, because you are enabling a system of red tape that will be nearly impossible to dismantle once it gets put in place.

Tony Reynolds 0
The discussion should be about what the government should do. I am reading much to suggest that the government is oppressive and should be eliminated and since I am an OK person I should be able to do as I please. A few folks seem to believe the government has some role to play. My real fear is that we, as a society, have slipped too far into acrimony to have an intelligent conversation about the role and limits to government - at all levels. i also fear that far too few of my fellow citizens really believe in democracy and the rights bestowed on us all - regardless of our beliefs.
You know.. for the first time, seeing the comments in this squawk make me want to reconsider posting here again. Some of you (and I'm not going to mention any names.. you obviously know who you are) need to go outside and play. The language here it just really spiteful, full of hatred, and unwilling to compromise or see other people's views.

Sort of like Congress right now.

If I wanted a Fox News-type forum, I'd go there. But I don't, as I come here for things aviation related. I would rather not have vitriol like this follow me here. so honestly, You (you know who you are) need to step away from your keyboard, go outside, and play. I'd rather you come back and conduct yourselves maturely before the admins at FAWHQ ban people from coming here.

As far as the subject matter goes, I find it very funny that no-one, Blue, Red, or otherwise, seemed to have an issue with this 8 - 10 years ago, when all of the info we're talking about was public anyway.

Tony, you are spot on. And I fear that it's going to get worse, and that it will take something major happening to get people to stop and think (a talent that seems to have been lost between 2001 and now) instead of pointing fingers at what is oppressive or not.

Seriously people. Think about how you are acting in this thread, and ask yourselves if you'd like your children to act the same way you do. Perhaps you'll see how extreme you are behaving.
Randy Marco 0
Jason, you are conclusive proof of an IGNORANT, WHINING typical HYPOCRITE Repugnant!

You whined about being a first generation American. – Don’t like it, LEAVE.

You bragged about keeping your customs. – I’m painfully aware the Jews expect SPECIAL treatment, including but not limited to Gov AID to protect their “SPECIAL” country.

You whined about NOT using Public transportation – If you fly you use the Gov. FAA. If you drive you use ROADS ALL part of that public “Socialism” called Government.

You whined about being a minority. – My father was a minority, an Italian, he NEVER whined, he made LOTS of MONEY & paid TAXES & considered it a PRIVILEGE to contribute to this great country.

You whined about illegal immigration. – The Repugnants don’t want to stop that because they want something for nothing, as usual, in this case CHEAP labor.

You whined about your family ALMOST being killed off by the Nazi’s. – My uncles were aviators in WWII, one of them shot down helping to save the world you ingrate. You owe a HUGE debt to the Greatest Generation & should be embarrassed to whine the Greatest Generation couldn’t save everyone!

You whined your parent’s immigrated here. – Everybody’s ancestors immigrated here unless you are Indian.

You whined that the U.S. allegedly turned away a ship full of Jews. – I won’t bother to address that you ingrate.

You whined about not getting Gov. AID which IS what an SBA loan is. – I have NEVER received ANY Gov. Aid or Loans of any kind, EVER.

You whined about high taxes. – I was in the HIGHEST tax bracket, paid higher, MUCH higher Taxes than the current rates & NEVER whined.

You whined about wealth being hard to create. – I am a “self made” Millionaire business owner who owes no one anything but I am man enough to be grateful to all those that made so many things possible that you Repugnants take for granted.

You whined about not being rich yet. – You are the typical Repugnant you will always be HOPING to be rich.

You admitted to getting Gov AID, which is what disability is. – I’d be EMBARASSED to say that because that makes YOU a HYPOCRITE and a LEACH.

You whined about your family paying estate taxes. – The Estate Tax exemption is currently 5 MILLION if single & 10 MILLION if married & Estate Taxes are the lowest in history which even Warren Buffet thinks should be increased.

You whined about business taxes being higher for business owners. – I own 2 Corps & business income transfers onto your 1040 via Sch. K1 then you are taxed at personal rates; hence, there are no higher taxes for business owners quit spreading LIES.

You whined about wealth being hard to create. – I did it JBoy & without whining.

You whined about taxes being high. – They are the LOWEST in modern history.

You whined about a casino “taking” people’s money. – I believe in TOTAL FREEDOM of choice not just the choices the Repugnants think are good for me.

You whined about Wall St. getting a hand out – Bush & his Treasury Sect. Paulson gave them that hand out. Get the FACTS straight. I want them ALL in prison but the Repugnants are AGAINST regulating Wall St. because that way it’s easier for them to steal from us.

You whined about your Uncle stealing from us through unemployment fraud. – You ought to turn him in but won’t because you are a HYPOCRITE.

You whined about CO2 – Any grade-schooler knows if you take 2 bottles one with plain air, one with CO2 then put them in the sun; it is FACT the CO2 bottle gets warmer.

You whined about electric cars. – I’m in favor of LESS money going to our Middle East enemies not more.

You whined about not drilling for oil. – We are drilling, quit reading Repugnant propaganda lies.

You whined about so many issues to talk about it makes you sick. – I’m sick that Repugnants are whiny, ungrateful, ignoramus’s hell bent on destroying our country.

You whined about “libs” increasing taxes. – That’s a LIE because unfortunately that Lib Obama EXTENTED tax CUTS that don’t do anything but make the rich richer.

You whined about Obama’s birth certificate. – Only really, REALLY ignorant people didn’t believe he IS a citizen.

You JBoy are an IGNORANT, WHINNING typical HYPOCRITE Repugnant and careful JBoy, I’m no bleeding heart lib just grateful and HONEST about what NON-Repugnant’s have done for this country.

Unless you want to pay me for me to educate you Repugnants I’m done educating all of you BUT oh that’s right…. you Repugnants don’t want to ever PAY for anything, so I’m done.
Randy Marco 0
@Brad I couldn't have said it better. I come here because I'm an aviation enthusiast.

Even though I come to the site a lot I have never posted before but could not let the Faux News vitriol comments slide because they are not only untrue & disrespectful but harmful to the well being of our country as evidenced by recent events in Congress which has now spilled over to the market.

Oh, I agree, there are a lot of untruths being spoken here, and it is coming from sources that have major credibility issues..

But I would think that as fellow Americans, let alone fellow humans, it could be talked about maturely. I applaud you for speaking up and realizing that, as that was the intent of my post; to make people think about how they are behaving, and if their kids or grandkids could see them now, how much respect they would get from them.

My only advice here would be to vote with your voice. make sure that those who are currently elected, don't get elected again. As for others here, the biggest advice I can give comes from Dilbert:

"Don't ever argue with an idiot. They'll drop you down to their level, then beat you with experience."
Jason Feldman 0
Randy, how many screen names do you have? I only have one! :) is it fun agreeing with yourself?

as for 99 percent of all you said - wow - your dumb. I'll let 1% slide, you know how to type! And the fact that bush/cheney were (at the very least) were criminally negligent - but since they no longer are in power - I see no reason to stop something they are no longer doing. So, now I am after Obama - I will give you 100 dollars for proof I ever chanted 4 more years to bush, or that I liked him.. I didn't. It isnt blue vs red - its them vs us.

lets start the truth finding - Randy Marco, whats your ATP Cert. number?
you own to corps? ok, which ones? names, locations?
Then post your w2's
what? too personal for you? would you like some privacy?
Thats my point - period

And I find it hilarious that you threaten to have me censored because you disagree - If this were a huge news issue, you'd get a thrashing for being a lib scum bag!

Next, re-read what I said about the birth cert. - I wasn't one to care - but to apply for ANYTHING important you need to have these documents- so why didnt he produce it? Its not that he wasn't born here - its the fact the debate allowed attention to be taken off what he was really doing.

Did I say I like tax cuts for the wealthiest americans personal income taxes? Nope, I said a flat tax rate would be more appropriate. for us in the middle trying to be financially free - which means you have enough to not rely on a JOB and therefore can do as you please - it would even the playing field. If you would like to mathematically disprove my comment that an increasing tax rate bassed on income doesn't limit your ability to gain wealth - please show me that. I am all ears. (eyes actually)

CO2 bottle INTO the sun? God I wish more people were reading this post - its just humorous. My degree is in science, aviation management. Let me ask you again, do you prefer the "toxic" gas coming out of your lungs, or mercury, lead, lithium, arsenic, a myriad of acids in your environment? which is worse? Ask anything green - they happen to like CO2 a lot! without it, there would be no 02 - heavy metals on the other hand.....

My children would be proud if they heard what I said - in fact, I'll show it to my daughter when she grows up- by then they will know first hand that CFL's were a bad idea!

As for the estate tax, Im sorry, do you know the year my parents died? Are you aware that the tax rules change from year to year.

I didn't whine about electric cars, i make fun of priuses - get it stright

As for saying I owe you a debt of gratitude, do you walk around asking african americans to say thanks for freeing them? Cant believe you said that.

As for my statements about being a minority but not getting money, its called sarcasm. But the fact remains that if a woman or minority want a hand out, visit the SBA - grants are VERY available.

you seem to be drinking a lot of lib cool aid buddy - but please, say the word Repugnant again, its a long word and I am proud of you for learning it. :)

By the way, my grandfather stormed normandy, did you thank him yet? You are so idiotic it hurts. Yeah, Almost wiped us all out, isnt it a shame a few survived. Doesn't that shine some light on what you really are.

in 2006, there were 6.4 million jews, thats about 2% of the population, african american was 14 percent that same year - so why again aren't jews minorities? Thats what I was getting at. It makes no sense. Once you go down a path of hand outs, it never ends. I say no one get any and you fend for yourself.

I would never be ashamed of getting hurt at work - it happens! I have no shame at all in telling the truth about state run medicine either - these are facts - not "YOU GUYS"... Im speaking from experience..

I'm not going to debate history with you, Im here to talk about what we can do here and now. You want to talk about bush for 30 more years, knock yourself out. All my comments are about current issues!
tophandcurt 0
I'm left handed. Can I be a minority?
I'm Irish. Can I be a minority
I'm a Pilot, and in the minority!
Jason Feldman 0
Exactly - tophandcurt - its rediucious! I was being sarcastic!
I was proving that minority give outs is unfair... and that we are more of a minority and dont get anything... We need less people with their hand out.
Randy Brown 0
Marco almost makes me too ashamed to post because he shames our first name.
All Republican policies are not always best and Some Democratic policies aren't always the worst. They both seem to "pay off" their monetary supporters in ways that harm the overall country.
That said Personal Responsibility, capitalism and less government are Republican Ideals. Where Democrats want that personal responsibility transferred to the nanny state in an attempt to create socialism through bigger central government.
You NEVER earned your social security. It was never set up that way. Me and my siblings pay for our parents Social security and then some. The government bureaucracy takes the "and then some" The size of our government is what destroys our economy. Robin Hood is just another crook even if he is our government.
I call the Prius the Pious. There are no sound economic, or enviornmental reasons for buying one. The cost premium will never be recouped through fuel savings. Once you get half way to breaking even it needs a $4000 battery that erases all the enviornmental arguments with heavy metal polution.
Jason Feldman 0
Randy - thank god you exist. I thought I was the only one with those ideals left in this country - or at least on this post
tophandcurt 0
I'm a republican in the state of Thomas Jefferson. And I believe He was the first republican. I also believe that the answer to our past, current, and future problems are not new. nor are the so called solutions. History has seen it all before. These politicions act like the 16 year old that knows it all. And old Dad history is a dumb ass. When we get to be 25 it's amazing how smart old dad got. Generation after generation refuses to learn from the mistakes of our forefathers. Because we are smarter, more educated. We are going the way of the Romans. We don't have to serve to defend our country. If our country was threatened with invasion how many would toe the line and shoulder a weapon? How many would try to negotiate a settlement? Some things must not be negotiated. I was in the Air Force, Have been a pipefitter, Am a captain at a municipal fire dept. and own an excavating business and a farm. I have seen people with more then me that have never worked a day in their lives. I am proud to have never learned to fill out the paperwork! I have seen people that can do nothing but move papers from 1 side of the desk to the other making $100,000 a year. What the hell is the information age anyway? We must quit buying votes with entitlements and handouts or citizenship. May parents came from Canada and had to have jobs and money to live on. Then they went to school for a year to learn how to be a good citizen. sorry for the rant, but, our country is in dier straits.
Randy Marco 0
@John, @Wayne, @rockport spoken like 3 truly IGNORANT modern Repugnants!!

You & most ALL Repugnants are ALWAYS uninformed having no clue as to what the exreme conservatives HAVE been & ARE doing, all you know is to blindly follow the idiot right-winged talking heads spewing "bleeding heart libs" & "socialists" in any discussion whether it's germane to the instant conversation or not.

Truth is you present day Repugnants are the ones that have championed giving up our freedoms over the years to "Keep us safe" all while selling out our country to make an extra buck or two.

Supporting the Repugnants that have started unnecessary wars, while those same Repugnants DIRECTLY profiteered from those wars all while not PAYING for ANY of it is not my idea of being “American”. You probably have NO CLUE that Eisenhower warned of EXACTLY this when he left office!!

Taxes have NOT been LOWER since 1917 (save 1925-31); top tax rates in the 60’s were 90% and 50% under Reagan. I somehow managed to become a millionaire paying the Clinton & the higher Reagan taxes all while not WHINING about it.

CAFE standards have NOTHING to do with the article but since JOHN brought it up raising CAFE standards in the past have DIRECTLY lead to developing & more importantly IMPLEMENTING technology that give us 600+hp cars that get 25 mpg. As a racer I couldn’t be happier!! I suppose you think it’s more American to support the greatest outflow of wealth in history, paying for MIDDLE EAST oil, I think NOT!!! Because both Bushes, Cheney et al are in the OIL BUSINESS we have done NOTHING in over 14 collective years to utilize our vast Nat Gas. You probably have NO IDEA the BOTH Bushes have close SAUDI ties whom are our TRUE enemies & where AL
preacher1 0
Well, basically, I guess I am a REPUGNANT and pretty well proud of it, but pretty much an independent, to the point that what is being offered by BHO's group is not acceptable to me personally and I don't feel is good for the country. Whether you agree or not, it hasn't work, unemployment is still at 9% and projected to stay there awhile, and we are further in debt than ever before. When you are in power, you get the crap or the glory. In getting elected, the glory came his way with promise of change. Change hasn't worked so now the crap will come his way. With his crowd failing miserably, REPUGNANTS are the only one's offering something different, right or wrong but something different needs to be done.
Jason Feldman 0
Randy Marco is an idiot. Just because someone is a conservative doesnt mean he backed bush and Cheney. That is what you liberals call being prejudice. I'm all for drilling our own oil , in fact it's the liberals that won't allow it in case some bear might be sad and have to move. 99.9999 percent of people hate war - regardless of political affiliation. But love and kindness are not the appropriate response to 911 attacks dipshit! I would have no problem with those coexist bumper stickers before the attack - what bothers me is how many I say explode across all the Prius bumpers after the attack.

I know a Mexican wants amnesty - and maybe once we seal our borders and defend our homeland they can get it. But no country would even contemplate allowing their border to be wide open.

Liberals only seem to be liberal about what they like or want. "leave me alone" I wanna marry another man, I wanna smoke dope, I want to be able to euthanize humans, but god forbid I want to defend myself with a gun - what about my liberty?

Worse off- we all want the same things except a handful of differences. And our government republican and democrat are all criminals. They use our differences to split us up so we fight eachother rather than come after them.

Barking ip the wrong tree - let's get rid of all of them and start over. Add term limits and impeach anyone who votes contrary to what they won elections preaching. Bleeding heart this, republicon
Jason Feldman 0
That - it's all smoke and mirrors folks. If you look deep inside yourselves you will see there is no hate towards eachother just the leaders. YOUR bush or YOUR Obama, none of them represent us.

If you sit in this chatting and point fingers at eachother what do you accomplish? Nothing. If you take the fight to those who sell us out - now you're getting somewhere. We all know bush the first started nafta but Clinton betrayed you liberals by signing it into law. Personally even as a conservative / republican I hate nafta.

You guys polarize things waaaaay to much. It's the problem that a two party system creates. Many countries have scores of parties - we need that badly. Stop and really think what that would mean. - without getting defensive The power would be with the people not the government!!


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