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Victims in Colorado plane crash had volatile history with one another

Odd story (and a sad story).....Why was a woman recently accused of arson of a guys's property, and who almost went to jail for damaging the guy's plane...getting a ride in his plane? ( More...

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A C150 with one people on board would be overgross at Silverton in cool weather. This location requires about a C182 or C210 as minimum equipment plus experience. Sounds like these people did not study much. We have many small A/C stuffed in these mountains, and the flatlanders just keep coming.
I don't understand, but it could not have been a possible hijacking by the suspect? Why the suspect was in the plane I don't know.
Ronald Padgett 0
Maybe she was the hostage... just in case she'd done something to the craft that he couldn't find? Hey... it's no more weird than anything else in the story.


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