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Obama Calls People >$250,000 a Year ‘Jet Owners’

For those of you involved in corporate aviation, you're keenly aware of the cost and will probably get a kick out of this article that questions Obama's use of "jet owners" to describe families making >$250K. ...or maybe he was confusing "jet" with a Dyson "Turbine" Vacuum Cleaner! ( More...

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Mark Duell 0
I guess when you're flying on the taxpayers's dime you're wildly out of touch with the actual operating cost of private jets.
dbaker 0
@mduell - Obama was certainly in the "jet owner" category ($250K+) before becoming President and didn't own a jet.
QuickBurn 0
Especially when your private jet is a 747. And your wife's on an African safari. Paid for by who?
Ken Perry 0
On July 1st, my company, Perry Flying Center in KPTN will mark its 28th anniversary. With the President's virtual shutdown of offshore oil exploration and his war on corporate aviation & capitalism, I wonder if we will be around to celebrate our 29th.
I cant stand him......
I heard this on the radio today and just about died. Thank you Mr. if the Aviation Industry didn't have enough problems already in the media. The last thing we need is for you to give it a negative connotation. So many nasty things I want to say right now...<breathe>
chalet 0
Definitiely President Obama missed a zero, should read $ 2.5 million, but then again the oil companies whining because their tax breaks are up for revision and might disappear, hell Exxon is making A 39 billion (with a b like in BILLION) profit this year and counting, ditto the others. The breaks should bring in some 10 billion a year from the oil industry to the coffers. The breaks for poor old Archer Daniels Midland make only a few bilion dollar profits a year and a good chunk comes from subsidies dating back to the 50s only for producing ethanol and sugars. And what about the whining farmers who get billions of dollars in all kinds of subsidies since the 30s and counting. Obama should void them all, enough is enough.
Chris Bryant 0
If you close the corporate jet tax "loopholes," it will take 7,000 years to erase just ONE year of the debt Obama has piled on us.
Wendell Smith 0
If he gets dumped in 2012 the drinks are on me!!!!!!
blake1023 0
Why doesn't President Obama pay for the corporate jet he flies on? and stop attacking the people who can actually pay for their own corporate jets.
The guy is just clueless!!! Anybody, but Obama in 2012!!!!
chap2189 0
Obama promotes class warfare. People may think my father is rich with his Navajo and Bonanza. But the guys who work on it don't mind. Neither do the ones who fuel it, or the company that hangars it....etc etc. Pres Obama is appealing to the stupid, those who don't understand economics. I say if you haven't taken a basic course in economics you shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Jeff Grana 0
How did he think it would be possible to make that comment without the obvious backlash that Mduell pointed out? Ron Paul 2012!
atlwatchdog 0

And how long to pay off the 1.2+ trillion in spending Mr. Bush and the republicans elected to put us in for Iraq and Afghanistan?


That's a huge number.

But yet Obama is nearly on par, if not a little over than the spending Bush did, but everyone is ready to give him the boot? Let's see, we don't mind spending if we "have" the money, and we'll elect a president to a second term so he can continue giving away the farm? Is that not what everyone did with Bush? So I don't understand why now the double standard everyone has...

What gets me even more is the head in the sand mentality many have in regards to the spending Bush did. Obama and Bush share part of FY 2009, but Obama can only take full responsibility for FY 2010 forward to present day. So why does everyone act like the economy is entirely Obamas fault, when it fact it is not.

So please do the math for all spending done within the past decade, and be sure to lay the blame more appropriately and even across the board, where it is due: ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE.

On that note, tax the rich. They can afford it. Even better, get rid of the IRS, income taxes, and let's go to an outright sales tax. You only pay for what you buy. Rich people buy more stuff, they pay more tax. Poor people buy less stuff to live within their means, they pay less tax. Easy math.
Troy Raiteri 0
Listen people you may not like Obama but you darn near RESPECT him as the president of the USA! Dang what happened to respect these days? One thing goes wrong and respect goes out the window.
chalet 0
Watch Dog I am with you 100%, damn Republicans specially the Fox News crowd (Glen Beck, W. O'Reilley, Cavuto, plus the Rush Limbaughs etc. etc.) in a most insane manner blame Obama for the huge deficits facing the US and these are the same guys who on orders from the GOP are screaming like babies because Obama wants to do away with entitlemens, loopholes, breaks, what have you. Hell, Bush started all this mess when he invaded Iraq again in a most irresponsible and illegal and impractical manner when he should have sent the soldiers to Afghanistan instead.
chap2189 0
Respect is earned. He hasn't earned it.
John Rossiter 0
Is it wrong for those people to own jets Mr. Barack Hussein?!
atlwatchdog 0
It amazes me when people find themselves in an act of inference towards something by using something which is quite irrelevant to the subject, such as a same. Idiot. As for respect, yes Chap you are right, respect is earned. If Obama has not earned your respect in certain aspects (economy, housing market, unemployment, what have you) I can understand and respect your position. I cannot however take your statement as how everyone else feels. I respect the man for completing a high level of education. I respect the Office which he holds, which is something coming from me because being a libertarian I generally have nil respect for the government. But for those out there who get caught up in the sensationalism of "TV Journalism" and what not, get a life, and get a clue. TV is for entertainment and very little REAL news or valuable information is passed along to the view. That is why when I read things on these replies I expect from a 12 year old I shake my head and say most of you have not a clue. Leads me back to an old say, "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
Billions of dollars in profits? Some of you need to learn how to read a P&L Statement, rather than listen or read only to press reports.

By the way, Presidential politics.... stop blaming just one man for our woes. George Bush gets the prize for our current economic situation. Obama added to it with following the Keynesian brand of economics and CONGRESS? Please...the Republicrats or Demopublicans which ever you prefer, are the threw gasoline our crisis.

So the only person you really have to blame is ....YOU.. for continuing to vote for the same idiots all the time....
Barry Liimakka 0
The nice about America is that we have elections, and the guy sitting in the White House is very aware of this fact. Hence his highly politicial move to open the oil reserve so that Americans can save 10 cents on a gallon of gas as if this is going to help -- I guess he even thinks this will also apply to our plane tickets as well -- all is aimed at getting our vote. So what's the difference between a pilot on an open mike ranting about gays & a president who suggests that Tea Party members are racist because they don't suppor Obamacare. Both are speaking their mind as citizens. Well of course the pilot's behavior was unacceptable because he was on an open mike & his conversation was intended to be private speech. The later's speech is unacceptable simply because he is the Executive of the United States and his task in history and his job as President is LEADERSHIP. Of course the lack of leadership is why America remains a 50:50 nation without a course. The guy in the wheelhouse has yet to lead like a president. The pilot at least apologized. Obama is too selfish and too ideologically motivated to accept that others may legitimately disagree with him. I can't wait for November 2012 to fix the mistake of 2008.
By the way Chap2189... Respect? I guess that is something you need to learn about. But then again, I suppose you actually think you could do better as President? Yes I disagree with Obama's policies, as I did with Bush's. I also disagree with most of Congress's actions. But I respect all of them as human beings. Otherwise why should anyone respect you, no matter what you think?
Oh yeah... Tax breaks... We need to take a very hard look at all of them... If we cannot afford them, then get rid of them, no matter if its to the oil companies, framers or for private jet owners. We need to get our financial house in order and its going to have to hurt all of us fairly. This Keynesian brand of economics is driving us to bankruptcy. Right now, everything need to be on the cutting board...
flybuoy22 0
I was sitting intently analyzing every sentence, bit I had it on listening to the speech. What I got was his use of jet ownership in his example of tax breaks was just that, an example. Was it a good example, that's up for individual opinion. I suppose if he'd have used the example people who drive Ferrari's or Porche's then those who own those vehicles would be upset. It was an example, something to use in a comparison to show persons who own a private jet can afford paying more taxes than a person trying to make it earning $30, $40 or $50,000 a year.
flybuoy22 0
I should have said, "wasn't sitting intently".
ruagatr 0
NOBAMA 2012. What an idiot. I was hopeful when he took office, but it becomes clearer each day what a bozo this guy is...
sam scott 0
For people who actually want the truth and not sheepishly believe whatever they hear on the radio, tv or whatever, let me offer these bits:

The quote from Obama's presser was: "The tax cuts I’m proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires; tax breaks for oil companies and hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners." He clearly does not imply that everyone making over $250k has corporate jets.

And here is what the tax break refers to: "Just a few months after lawmakers scolded auto executives for flying to Washington in private jets, Congress approved a tax break in the stimulus package to help businesses buy their own planes.

The incentive -- first used to help plane makers recover from the 2001 terror attacks -- sharply reduces the up front tax bill for companies who buy assets like business planes."
sam scott 0
I don't care if you like Obama or not, but at least be accurate and don't spout incorrect rhetoric. It's spewing incorrect rhetoric that is stagnating this country right now.
JPeroyea 0
This man is out of control. He has wrecked our economy, loaded our country with debt, embarrassed us with his ridiculous lack of protocols while representing us with foreign leaders, and embraced our enemies dishonoring all of our troops, fallen or standing. Wonder how much money he has spent on operating all of OUR aircraft for his own benefit of travel or that of his wife and distant relatives... He needs to be replaced in 2012 or God help America!
Brian Bishop 0
@ watch dog; ""It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

You have removed all doubt from my mind.

Barry stated correctly above - it's about LEADERSHIP. This President has shown ZERO leadership and all rhetoric. Every time he opens his mouth he manages to enlighten us a bit more on his socialistic far left ideology, which he would NEVER admit outright because he would've never gotten elected in the first place. He (they) can't fathom the concept that those middle class folks in Witchita and Savannah who actually build those private jets actually pay taxes too. Those rich jet (or Ferrari, Porsche, etc) owners (the top 10%) already pay over 90% of ALL income taxes paid in this country. A leftist will never allow facts and logic to interfere with what they perceive to be a good political statement, which as others have also pointed out are based on nothing more than class envy.

Oh and guys, the "it's all Bush's fault" arguement is getting pretty thin. The beauty of leftist economic theory is that they will always claim that "we just didn't do enough" and therefore demand more "stimulus" spending. That is, until we run completely out of "OPM" which is what Lady Thatcher predicted years ago. Not only have we run COMPLETELY out of our own money we've used up most of the WORLD's supply of credit with this nonsense with little to show for it.

We will NEVER tax our way out of debt. The engine of economic growth has plenty of horsepower if you loosen up the governer and let it run. But then Socialists don't want that engine running at all, because then everyone would realize how useless those on the left really are.
Matt Comerford 0
Matt Comerford 0
"If you close the corporate jet tax "loopholes," it will take 7,000 years to erase just ONE year of the debt Obama has piled on us."

So what does it take 50,000 years to erase the debt Bush W left us? What was it, 6 trillion, 7 trillion?
Matt Comerford 0
"This man is out of control. He has wrecked our economy, loaded our country with debt, embarrassed us with his ridiculous lack of protocols while representing us with foreign leaders, and embraced our enemies dishonoring all of our troops, fallen or standing. Wonder how much money he has spent on operating all of OUR aircraft for his own benefit of travel or that of his wife and distant relatives... He needs to be replaced in 2012 or God help America!"

I don't think God will help you much. He told me he doesn't listen to your prayers :)
Fleagle 0
Of course, just one of many 'official' implementations happening right before your very eyes; and all We "do", is quack. The "Vote"?
Tragically laughable. Voting machines are electronic....get it?

Barack Hussein Obama IS "The C.E.O."of U.S.A.,Incorporated.
"President" is just another (lulling - gulling) label -
whatever it takes - like: Democrat.
Democracy. People... "Educated(!?!)people", who should 'know' better this Country,united States - aka AMERICA is a Constitutional REPUBLIC. Democracies Don't Work. Ask the the Greeks of History.
Clearly,he's a naked Marxist; always has been; unashamedly so. And he's a Muslim. Nothing wrong(in America with that;IMO)
And - he's Following Orders. The Cloven-Picard method of dismantling a Capitalist Nation/society is a 'working' Socialist design and Is Happening as We speak. The Austrian school of Economics is repugnant to these people.
Keynes is Their man.
OBAMA The 'Front'man;he's doing what he's told by Higher - Follow the money trail. All This hasn't Happened Overnight.
Check out: The Frankfurt School. . .since the 1930's beginning at the Univ.of Chicago...and spreading.THROUGH THE YOUTH IN A GENERATION OR TWO. THE Democrats / Republicans? ...
CONGRESS? Most of them Back up to The Pay Table;but worse,they are self-serving oligarchs posing as: "Public servants"(spit).
These poseurs-Smilers have nothing but contempt for the average American citizen.Read: Hoodwinked.Professional Misconduct. TREASON.
The American Public wanted: CHANGE?? The JOKE On US. BOTH Bush & Co. was just as bad in a different BUT similar Way,and THEIR *ALL* ON THE SAME TEAM!
You're getting Change.You say You want Justice? You'll Get just as much justice as You can $"Pay"$ for. The BILL of RIGHTS? Whaasat?

Oh, America get out of Your Comfort Zone of Viagra,Sports,Celebrity Scandals and Boob tube. Men Stand up!and Be MEN.
These trotted out Distractions will be your(our)Death.
Helotism;helotry is where We are already but it Hasn't been Noticed!
Where are THE Men of this once great Country? LEADERSHIP? ACCOUNTABILITY?
We're being run by degenerate,Godless transnationals.Power and Avarice runs their Clock.
The most Americans medicated, childlike(anxious, & exhausted) can do, is remark about it. Quack.quack,quack.
Worry incessantly and try to pay neverending ever increasing Bills; buy more toys. And our Women.Frustrated,and Angry....Scanning;for Who's to blame.Furious and worried.And they don't know why..
And: "The Lawyers"___ Phew!(spit)
***ASK*** Any Eastern bloc immigrantAMERICAN about what Communism does to the Spirit;the Family;individual enterprise, motivation.They are viewing America and shaking their heads.Was Krutschev right when he said "America will go out with a whimper"?
There's too much, for 'this' Forum. It's not The Place.
We are a guild of AVIATORS. An international Brotherhod(& Aviatrixes Galley Girls)that are FREE as the Birds!Jolly, not moribund hand wringers.
Raise your glasses to Smilin' Jack, Erich Hartmann and All those beautiful females that share the vision of speed and unfettered maneuverability.

It's time he quit. He lives in a different reality than the rest of us. Why is it that everytime he speaks, I get sick to my stomach? Vote him out in 2012.
Wingscrubber 0
No single individual in history has done more harm to aerospace than this man, and he continues to do so. Numerous military programs cancelled, space shuttle successor cancelled, and constant anti-business aviation rhetoric. Vote him OUT.
Tom Hebel 0
Obama is an economic moron!
Jason Bischel 0
Gotta say Mr.Fleagle, BRAVO! Couldn't have said it better myself.
sparkie624 0
When Obama Speaks, IDIOTS Listen. OBama has one agenda... To RUIN THE US, and to do so will will stop at nothing. He wants us bankrupt so it will help his buddies over seas... I mean, why else would he bow to someone in another country and everything else he has done. He is an IDIOT with no Common Sense.
What about his stance on Boeing going to S.C? The unions own him ! We are going down! Just like the Romans, we are a welfare state. There are more "takers" than there are "makers". We have lost our industrial base, the Chinese are hungry and willing to work. I have trouble hiring workers, because "OUR" gov't pays them more than I can, just to stay home. 99 weeks of unemployment insurance, you can't hire anybody that is drawing a"gov't check". I am the dummy, I have worked 12 hours a day for 30 years. I borrowed lots and paid it back, now Obama wants me to give it to those who will not work. It is sad that the American people "drank the kool-aide" and voted for Obama, but I think that American's are dumb enough to do it again!
OK, you lefties....bring on the fight!!!
roy aber 0
Krauthammer @ Fox had the best view of Obama's ridiculous comments about corporate jets. If we began collecting the tax from corporate jet owners today, it would take 5000 years (yes, 5000) to recover 1 year of Obama's debt. The man (I use that term to demnote his gender, not his fortitude)is the biggest disaster to hit this country since we began electing presidents.
roy aber 0
Troy Raiteri - I will respect the Office of the President, not the current occupant. Yesterday, he said I would put children in danger if I didn't go along with his tax proposals. We can cut safety programs but we have to keep funding treadmills for shrimp??? What's up with that? One trillion dollars shot to hell in a phony stimulus program and I have to respect him??
chalet 0
For AgentX, while not a CPA I am the CEO of a family-owned company with annual sales in excess of US$ 100 million and profits of $ 15 millon EBIDTA and I know how to read a P&L statement but I also read newsreports as they make statements about bottom lines quicker to read. So if you or any fellow bloggers might be interested to learn about the profits made by Big Oil in 1Q11, click on the following links. For ExonMobil
For Shell Oil Not bad eh?. If you want to I can send you the links to the obsene amounts of subsidies paid every year with your dollars to vested interest groups being the Farmers Racket the most stupid one. Obama might not be the best President the US has had, but he is absolutely right in trying to stop all this nonsense of tax breaks, tax loopholes, entitlements, subsidies and unreasonably high windfall profits.
Matt Comerford 0
"No single individual in history has done more harm to aerospace than this man, and he continues to do so. Numerous military programs cancelled, space shuttle successor cancelled, and constant anti-business aviation rhetoric. Vote him OUT."

What in the F do you people smoke to believe this crap? Seriously? I'm glad a majority of the country supports our president, and you weirdos aren't part of that majority.
I lost my Class one licence due to bad eyesight at 40 ( I am 56) I am on a carer pension looking after my 82 year old mother ( iretrained as a nurse) If I wasearning 250K I would be flying on an australian RA (LSA) licence, I would not be owning a jet. A Jabiru 170 LSA yes. Come on Mr. Obama, don't show your ignorance, do you know how mauch a private jet costs to operate?
Brian Bishop 0
@ Matt: "I'm glad a majority of the country supports our president, and you weirdos aren't part of that majority."

All the polls I've seen recently show a less than 50% approval rating, but you believe what you want to believe anyway, like most leftist, facts don't matter. What have you been smoking sir? Typically instead of refuting staements you disagree with with fact, it's the same old personal attack on the intelligence of those who disagree with you. How arrogant of you and your leftis comrades!

@ Chalet - The Washington Post - hmmm, now there's an un-biased view! some of the most ridiculous pieces of, ahem, journalism (finger in throat) come from this publication with one of the most left leaning perspectives in the country. Just consider the source folks. As the CEO of a 100million dollar company I'm sure you are aware then of the impact of constantly changing inventory prices of commodities and the choice of FIFO and LIFO inventory accounting etc. and how rising costs under one circumstance will artificially inflate earnings for a period, and then how declining costs in reverse do just the opposite. And please define "windfall Profits"! At what point does it become somebody else's business ehen a company makes too much money? Be careful what you wish for because that 15% EBITDA number you spouted looks ripe for a "windfall profits" tax to me, because unless you have significant interest and depreciation cost, you make too much money!
Brian Bishop 0
Oh, and that unthinkably obscene 10 B..b..billion dollar Q1 profit for Exxon Mobile is a whopping $2.14 per share of common stock on over 114 Bbbbillion in revenue. People throw these these numbers around as if these are not REALLY large businesses. Get a sense of perspective!
Roger McHugh 0
Are you guys even arguing about what the article said? And is what the article said related to what Obama actually said?
sparkie624 0
Ditto Matt. Obama doesn't seem to realize that these rich people put poor people to work. So what if they buy a jet. If they do not then Exxon can't sell them the fuel, which means that do not hire the poor guy to add fuel to it, or me the poor mechanic to maintain it and keep it safe. Obama is refefinning the limits of stupid.
atlwatchdog 0
@Brian Bishop

You sir have removed all doubt from my mind. Bbbbbbbillion? Bbbblabbering fool.

In 2010 the net income to common shares at Exxon Mobile was 30.4 Billion, with approximately 9.3 Million shares of stock outstanding. Do you know what they paid in dividends? They paid 8.7 Million. $30.4 Billion and they only pay out .00028% to stock holders? That's if they even paid dividends to common stock holders, or if they only paid out to preferred stock.

So... You sir should stop throwing numbers around.

This is all after the 21.5 Billion they paid in taxes out of 53.2 Billion of Operating Income, which is as you should know, the money made after deducting Operating Expenses from the Gross Profit, which was 149.4 Billion.

So let's do the math. They paid approximately 40.4% Tax rate. You could argue things such as FICA Tax, unemployment, etc etc, but all of that is factored into operating expenses, so their effective Tax Rate is 40.4%.

What all of you Obama Bashers, and those of you poor saps who believe the rich people put you work (HA!) fail to realize is who caused the economy to be where it is right now.

Want to talk about Air Force 1 being a corporate jet and think you're so smart for bringing that one up? Well, who decided we need not one, but TWO brand new, state of the art Presidential Aircraft to serve as AF1? The Reagan Administration ordered the two identical 747s most widely recognized as AF1. So go blame your republican friends, and don't put it off on Obama.

Think the rich people help this economy by spending money and putting people to work? It was those rich people in the financial sectors who helped drive this economy into the toilet. What happened to them? They got rich by basically swindling the American Populace, then when their financial institutions came under distress, guess who bailed them out? That's right, the American Tax Payer, all the while the American Tax Payer was having his/her house foreclosed on. But the rich folks jetted off to Aspen, Hyannis, Naples, and other destinations worldwide.

Then come the automakers. Same deal. Get bailed out by the tax payer, go buy corporate jets. In the case of Ford, they shut down their flight department, sold the aircraft to a Charter Operator which they "Invested" in, hired all of the Ford flight department staff into the charter operator, and are still flying. But they will have you believe they don't.

And what of the CEOs of these companies? You think they have a right to act in this manner, and it makes it all okay because in your feeble mind they spend money and create jobs? You think it's okay for them to screw over the American Populace and ride around on the corporate jet, while they make multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses, while the unemployment rate is so high?

Listen, I'm a pilot. Corporate side Part 91. I live it and see it everyday. 30% of our travel in the corporate jet is for the CEO's personal enjoyment. Sure, the company provides me a job, but just because they provide me with income does not mean I agree with how they operate, and neither should you.

So you think I'm a fool and removed all doubt? HA! You sir have not a clue, nor the insider's perspective to speak intelligently on the matter. Therefore, may I suggest that you find another avenue down which you can chunk your rhetoric.

Fact of the matter is Corporations and Corporate Fat Cats (The Rich) should pay an equal share of tax percentage wise, and those hard working lower income individuals and households should be given a break.

But of course, we'd loose the entertainment factor of watching these rich folks whine like the spoiled brats they are when something is taken away from them. GET. REAL.
roy aber 0
@Watch Dog
Please let me know when a poor man signs your paycheck.
BTW - GE made $14.5 in profit last year and paid zero, nada, nothing, nichts, zilch in taxes.
And who is the CEO of GE. Let's see..why, it's Jeff Immelt, BHO's point man for creating new jobs. This just unemployment claims last week were 429,000, The 12th straight week of +400,000 job losses.
Please cue "Happy Days Are Here Again."
And yes, Bush and the Republicans blew a whole ****load of money, so don't accuse me of overlooking Bush & Co.
chalet 0
So much for the Republicans who think that Obama is after corporate America which, according to the GOP free enterprise is the best thing that happened to mankind, even better than slice bread. Now let's see who were the culprits of the 1929 crash, and of subsequent crashes and of the recent near crash when the real estate bubble exploded. Indeed Free EnterpRise is a great thing as long as it is regulated and their barons will not do whatever they feel like doing and do not run away with zillions of dollars in their pockets with zero tax liabilities like good ole General Electric. If free enterprise is not regulated and run around doing whatever the hell they want, then lots of trouble is in the offing and, pity you, what Karl mark said will be, quite unfortunately so, totally right: "Sooner of later free enterprise will devout itself."
Brian Bishop 0
@Watchdog - And so what f'ing business of yours is it how much money Exxon or any other publicly held or privately owned business makes, or how much they pay their CEO's or how much they company jets fly them for personal enjoyment? Again, you resort to name calling and personal attacks when your idoelogy get attacked. Leftist / Marxist / Socialism cannot be defended on its merits because they are few and far between and have FAILED everywhere they have been tried. As for your "rich fat cats" you fly around. They (the top 10% of earners) already pay over 90 % of all income taxes collected - I've already said this once - so what is "fair"? Those poor hard working people (including me) in the bottom 90% only pay 10% and the bottom 50% pay ZERO or LESS! Who deserves a break, and who is not paying their "FAIR" share? If you are so insanely jealous of their success, why don't you invest in yourself and learn what it takes to be one of them instead of whining about how they behave. If you don't like the way they operate, find another job. Nobody is holding a gune to your head to continue working there are they. Nobody is forcing you to stay a pilot if you hate it so bad and are not adequately rewarded. Anyone who can achieve a Transport Pilot's license is a pretty smart person, so surely you could find a more lucrative career if you so choose. If you choose not to - then quit your whining and shut the F up! You attack me personally saying I have no "inside knowledge" and am not qualified to speak on the issue, and how do you know this? You do not know me or have any idea what I do for a living or what my education and background are. So you simply come across as a whiny, pouty, victim of the "MAN".

The bottom line - getting back to the original topic. The Obama administration has constantly played the class envy card over and over and over with comments about private jets and trips to 'Vegas, and all his other rhetoric disparaging "the rich" and their lifestyle. Simply to play on the envy of people like our friend here Mr. Watchdog. Yes the federal govenrment pi$$es away billions in too many places to list here, and that is / ws not the topic of this discussion. It is about how the simple words of a simple man who happens to be POTUS, can cause damage to an industry that is vital to the US economy. He throws words around carelessly without thought as to the ramifications of his words, and then wonders why people get upset.

Just for the record, and this is my OPINION, I don't care if GE or Exxon, or any other corporation pays ANY taxes, because taxes to any business are simply passed along as additional costs involved in the production of its products, so they really don't pay them anyway, their customers and employees, and stockholders do. GE has a huge gas turbine plant a few blocks from my office which employs over 3,000 people, many of whom are my friends, and they pay taxes, buy gas, homes, cars, furniture, vacations, etc, etc, all of which raises tax revenue. So GE indirectly pays all of these taxes as well. These jobs would not exist if GE did not make a profit from the sale of it's products
Brian Bishop 0
And one more tiny little tidbit of info my friend above SOMEHOW managed to overlook in his anyalysis of the exorbitant profits of XOM and how they paid such a pittance in dividends.


Do you have ANY IDEA how much wealth that created for the "little people" who have XOM in their 401K portfolio? I'm thinking no.
Pa Thomas 0
The burns
Fleagle 0
Too much to address. "Rogue" style Capitalism? Yes.
Opportunist; ... 'advantage' taking? Yes.
The Sums & Ledgers. . . . The Bottom Line.
"Captains & Kings" Taylor Caldwell. "The Unseen Hand" Epperson.
"The Creature From Jekyll Island" by ________. Unable to remember.
to All Aviators and dedicated Support crews(the 'Stem' of the Rose) all over the World.
We're a Good Bunch; if I may say so, myself. Thank God for "The Rich".
They had /have The Vision and the organizational Ability to support,to manifest what We enjoy,(and even)get Paid for. We're content(most of us)to spend our magic moments of solitude and holiness in our Front Office(thanks to Them, somewhat); whether "Speedbird", 747 Freighter dog,
Crop Duster low and slow, Medevac, or Military Fighter-type *(packing his flight suit with a sock)*. Somebody's Paying for It and we're Enjoying it.

China and Russia are JUST NOW! OPENING UP To Civil Aviation.
You'd be surprised at the BullSh_t and potentials of suspicion,schmoozing and PAPERWORK that people with our former Desires/longings; - people -"like us" have to 'go through'. Stuff we assume as, a Given.
I've been exposed to some of This.... (CUBA!as well) and probably may lend a hand in the Workings of more of it. In advancing it.
Fly safe, tough guys `n Gals. But FLY___ and Be thankful.
Don't take Anything for granted. Be vigilant; so as to be,Proactive regarding your God-given Liberties and fortunate Health.

*Transport & Attack communities 'don't feel the need' (to do that).
They don't (usually) marry Blondes either and drive hot sports cars.
Snake pilots,la meme chose.Semper Fidelis.
chalet 0
Brian BISHOP so you don't care if GE, Exxon Mobil or any company pay taxes or not because they are passed on to the end user. I don't know where you got this silly notion, if companies did not pay taxes then individuals should not pay taxes either because taxes increase the manufacturing costs, overhead costs, etc. of the products or services that they are involved in. Now tell me Brian if so where would the Federal Government, State Governments, Municipalities, Counties, Police, Armed Forces, CIA, FBI, etc.etc. obtain the funds to function, what about putting all of the bureaucrats on the streets passing a hat, eh?. I guess your Economics 101 is totally and absolutely out of reality, at least in the world where we live in, I don't know about Mars, Milky Way, etc. etc. GREAT!.
Fleagle 0
Strange thing just happened.
I wrote a response to Chalet's observations regarding "bishops90".
When I clicked on " Post my comment " it disappeared and up came my 'Profile page'.
I clicked Back, and my comments Block was Empty... clean .
The vissisitudes of cyber communication.
Brian Bishop 0
@Chalet - I didn't see anywhere in your most recent post where you actually challenge my position about corporate taxation, you simply make the absurd jump to conclude that individuals shouldn't pay taxes either and that somehow I'm advocating de-funding the entire government. I don't know where you get THAT silly notion. If you think I must've gotten my Econ 101 education on Mars (which BTW ECON 101 does not address corporate taxation at all) - you must've gotten your business education in MOSCOW! I stand by my position, and it evidently takes a litle more cogent thought to comprehend the theory behind what I stated than you are obviously capable of.
Fleagle 0
There's a Trust out there that 'is' available For the People's of the World. It's been suppressed; blocked. Dis-informationed about, by The Powers that are currently in-place. That would,(to-date)like to get their hands on this Trust but can't. Some Chess Game ...huge proportions.
It's called The Durham Trust. In the United States, there is 1 Trillion for Each sovereign state to be monetized and securitized FOR the Infrastructure. IF... provided.. The Governor,the Leadership will take an Oath to the Original Constitution in each sovereign state.
"Integrity Accountability";Tenth Amendment. De Jure Government not de Facto. If (and when) that happens, everything can fall into place.There is funding for The Americas and Europe. Phenomenal to comprehend.
But real, nevertheless. So I've been told by credible responsible Persons.
The World Court - for Trials of Reconcilation... for the apprehended perpetrators of this Global Monetary debacle that has been going on for so long,among other things___ on the same line as what South Africa conducted. The American people have no Debt.
The de Facto, "The Corporation" does. Two 'governments'in the United States. The Authentic one has been: "set aside". It needs to be brought back.
Until that Happens... if that Happens, we shall continue on this Road of Centalized Control of the World and, in my opinion Perdition.
Meantime, it's Way Above "our" purvue to Effect any real Change,
except to, remark and 'quack about', the Goings-on.
Feels good, but impotent.
And possibly, trouble-making for yourself with no effective resolve.
The Vote in my opinion, is delusional - "whistling in the dark"; feeling good about it.
From my stance, FLYING (and the support of) is Our forte and There is where We should concentrate our long-accomplished (& enjoyed) Expertise.
Stay aware; be of good cheer; tend to our loved ones. In God We Trust.
Think and act accordingly. In the scheme of things this is healthy comportment.
By the Plumb. . . On the Square.
chalet 0
@ Brian Bishop why don't you stop for a while, go outside, take a deep breath, go back into the house and sleep your hangover for three days straight and see if you can come up with some half decent arguments for nobody understands what your position really is, in favor of taxes or for their total abolition or whatever.
Brian Bishop 0
I think I made my position pretty clear. If you can't comprehend that much of it, it would be you sir who needs some fresh air. You are the one who muddied the waters as to what I was advocating. When you have no argument, attack the person.
If you'd like to have a real discussion about corporate taxation and the moneyflows into and out of corporate income sheets and balance statements, I'd be glad to provide a free education for anyone who is really interested and doesn't need to support a presupposed political point of view. Most Americans have been so indoctrinated in the socialist ideology of government control and influence over the economy that we as a society have no idea what free markets and free enterprise and trade are really about. Try starting with Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" and Milton Friedman's economic writings. You may be enlightened if you'll allow yourself to be.
If you can't grasp that, just remember, "the power to tax is the power to destroy" and the insane tax policies and dependant producing social policies of our govenment has and is destroying the economic power of this country.
chalet 0
Not interested in your totally uneducated dissertations, all baseless and clueless, bet you did not pass Economics 101 or first year for that matter at some community college.
Brian Bishop 0
Again, personal attacks, no substance.....


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