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Bogush 1
Canada is the country just north of the USA, that has helped the US of A during 911, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan the French English wars and countless other times has offered a hand of friendship and this jerk does not know how to spell C A N A D A
skylloyd 0
Love it!
Dubslow 0
We should all move to Canada.
Xander Picot 0
mark tufts 0
let sneak across the border and become canidians
Wendell Smith 0
Great post.
ysjspotter 0
I live in Canidia(to quote Mark) and I was patted down in YUL(Montreal) when I was randomly picked out after the metal scanner for an "extra" search i.e. stand in the microwave machine or choose a pat down in public or in private. I chose the private pat down rather than all that extra radiation. I fly weekly and figure I already get enough from standing near the cabin baggage scanners.
indy2001 0
My experience has been different, having undergone a very complete pat-down at Vancouver twice in the last month. But none of the pat-downs or body scans in the US, Canada, or elsewhere bother me in the slightest. It's just not that big a deal to get all bent out of shape over.
calbert 0
hahahah funny.
Gabriel Hoag 0
LOL Nice one!
Ric Wernicke 0
I was practicing doing touch and goes on the weekend. To comply with TSA screening regulations I patted myself down ten times in an hour and a half.
Canada... whats that?
1Robertg 0
Canidians ... Are they the Native North Americans who live in Canada?
mitch friedman 0
After the touch and goes did you get in an airplane and practice take-offs and landings?
mitch friedman 0
double entendre!!!
crusader2009 0
:-} love it
Alex Disney 0
sparkie624 0
LOL, What a Joke. I have flown 20 plus times this year so far and never had a pat down and I live in the US! What is the Big Deal.
Troy Raiteri 0
The big deal is that TSA shouldn't "arrest and into custody" of everything they see. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it if you were taken aside cause of your metal belt buckle set off the alarm and then BAM stripped instantly like a strip club!
larry clement 0
I have never been patted down or full-body scanned I live in the U S and fly at least 75 times per year.I have never had lost baggage,a delayed flight, or an objectional passenger near me. I knew there were reasons why I fly my own plane.
Iskra 0
Don't get to use to that Larry, your day is coming. Just give them a little more time.... Didn't you know that you are one of those rich airplane owners... Fun and freedom will soon be illegal.
larry clement 0
lskra Thanks for the comments. There are plenty of rules and regulations governing general aviation, but so far there is good access to most airports. BTW, i'm not a rich guy and I don't fly a jet, but aviation has been a crucial part of my businesse for many years.Flying is not for everyone, but perception by many that it is just a toy is not accurate.
Matt Comerford 0
"Fun and freedom will soon be illegal." Watch it, Obama will send you to his FEMA camp!
Fleagle 0
This is the Year,boys(and girls) enough is enough.
Terrorism,a tactic calls the Shots.It's always:RE-action.
And the exponential Public Anxiety can be tweaked 'when & where'the terrorists want.Truth is, gov'ts don't Have,a cure all.But They can't tell the Public that,so they. . . Lie. They put in-place various kinds of strictures that only frustrate and annoy a compliant 'law abiding' people causing great discord which,plays right into the hands of the non-identified enemy.IMPOTENCE.But They can't/won't Admit to that.
Illusory "safety" at the Expense of an ever restrictive choking of liberties & freedoms.Control is another issue.
Unconventional,Irregular warfare "can" bring a Nation Down;"on the cheap".
Scuttlebutt has it as of this morning,Eight States have pulled Out of the "Federal Reserve"(neither federal-nor is there Any 'reserve')a *private* Central Bank(no one knows who the board members are) that prints fancy,Paper "Notes" (and has Two sets of books)in the name of America.
Read: "The Creature From Jekyll Island" and "The Unseen Hand"(Epperson);if you can find it!
God protect our noble Youth in far-off Lands,with well meaning purpose;
but Criminally abused,by political academicians and ambitious traitors in civilian mufti aided and abetted by certain top-end politicians wearing uniforms,as a Costume.
meeverett 0
So, would it also not be a big deal for the police to call out the search dogs and tear apart your car when they pull you over? Would it be a big deal if I just came to your house and searched through your stuff because I think you might be a threat? Next you'll be saying that it's no big deal that the secret police are stopping you and demanding 'your papers' and then submitting you to a full-cavity search and executing people with contraband.
In one of my other lives I spent 6 years working as corrections officer in a maximum security facility. Let me tell yo one thing that TSA has no clue as to the control of contraband. They have a thankless job trying to provide some level of security for a ungrateful society- but it makes big money for those who are selling high tech equipment that doesn't stand a chance of stopping a dedicated terrorist
have to agree with Mike. Best place to do something is in the line waiting to go through the scanner.
ron owens 0
Martin Smith 0
I was picked the last time I was in Mexico City and bound for Miami to have all my hand baggage checked in detail. A nice Mexican guy was doing it and believe it or not he found six Jack Daniels miniatures in the bottom of my carry on brief/computer case. He didn't say a word but them all back in. I have carried that same case with those miniatures in it back and forth to India, Africa, Central America and to all manner of places in North America. So much for the little plastic see through bag for the liquids.
Mike spear 0
You must not like Jack Daniels.
Martin Smith 0
I love Jack Daniels but honestly had no idea it was there.
Arthur Bahme 0
AgentX... Hey, Dude!.. Canada is a spectacular place to live/visit/be from..
They are solid world citizens, helpful to all decent nations and had the good sense to elect a conservative Prime Minister. If they were Americans, they'd be from Texas!
Martin Smith 0
Can you Quebecois?
Ted Reesor 0
Happy Canada Day (which it is on July 1st). I have done a lot of flying on private and commercial jets and have ONLY been patted down and nude screened on the north side of the border. I have found that the USA is much faster and easier, however the smaller airports in Canada are extremely friendly...its only in Toronto and Montreal where I have experienced issues.
markaz 0
If they're short on manpower I think we've got a few extra agents to help 'em out.
Richard Zepf 0
HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! Makes me proud at the fact the TCA pilots are one of the best trained in the world! I'm just saying. ;)
ron owens 0
Happy canada day
jesse ranulfo 0
It must be boring to live in Canada ... I love Brazil
Chris Sullivan 0
Happy Canada Day to everyone north of 49! Still an honour to live in a such a great place. The sky is sunny, the weather is warm here in Toronto...time to celebrate our National Holiday! Yeah Baby!!
Chris Sullivan 0
@ jesse - Come again?
Louis Small 0
Ah, Canada the land where they've hoisted the Stanley Cup only Zero times in 18 years. But cool stuff about not getting naked scanned! I hope to visit soon. Happy Canada Day!
vance burberry 0
Yeah well I fly in and out of Vancouver continously, and I have a Nexus preferred traveler card. And the security there is worse than any I experience in the US. slow and a real pain in the A. FYI I am Australian with US citizenship.
kevincw01 0
"canada, america's hat"
canukjw 0
None of you ever experienced CYLW security eh. shoes off, belts off the whole rotten stuff.
Chris Sullivan 0
"..and America, Canada's shoes!"
kevincw01 0
u only have 1 shoe?
markaz 0
Thread officially dead.
dmaccarter 0
Be afraid, be very afraid.

-Chicken Little.
Chris Bryant 0
Don't wanna be a Canadian idiot
Don't wanna be some beer swillin' hockey nut
And do I look like some frostbitten hose-head?
I never learned my alphabet from A to Zed
on the other hand, when i went through YVR last year they took my cuticle scissors (length 0.5") saying "yes -- that is the rule in the states, but here we don't allow it."
Fleagle 0
OH,CAHNAHDA!! dah,dah dah dah DAH da! Quite a rousing Anthem reflecting a
FIRST RATE**** stout bunch.Glad they're There.
Aside from the Newfee's,not a bad Place(LoL)to be,this side of The GreatLand. ALASKA.
What would we All do. Where would We be,without DeHavilland,Bombardier, those WARM French-Canadian girls and Scot-Irish Lassies?(OOH,LA-LA/BRAUGH Cailins)...brought up Right! Hospitalite plus.
Je m'Souviens...GOOD Memories.
Le Montreal CANADIENS- "boom-boom" Richard,'The Rocket',Gordie Howe,Danny Lewicki et al,ON THE ICE!?
The CALGARY Roundup?. . . EH?!
Love those Canucks.
J'attendrai,mes vieuxs!
Merde on those short of the depth,in thoughts of a WONDERFUL bunch of People. . .(aside from some of their (spit) Politicians). But... that's Everywhere,non? Same breed of pukes. C`est dommage.
"Contemporary" Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and should be classified as the DSM.

A bien toute,
(Le petite aigle) Fleagle x x
P.S. South of the Line (for you Shellbacks..`n Mossbacks)Argentina and Brasil are PARADISE! moorages.
Real MEN;gorgeous,capable,Feminine WIMMIN. The Way it should be.
jeepien 0
"But none of the pat-downs or body scans in the US, Canada, or elsewhere bother me in the slightest. It's just not that big a deal to get all bent out of shape over."

Which lends credence to the idea that our freedoms will never be lost by terrorism, but rather by people who simply hand them over without a peep.
Donald Denhard 0
I have a titanium hip replacement so I have been through the pat down routine for years. I have a card that says I have the hip replacement, it even has a serial # but nobody ever looks at it. In the early years of airport security it was interesting how some airport scanners did not detect it, usually in Mexico.The one that really impressed me was the security at Buckingham Palace in London. We were visiting the Queen's art collection and the scanner went off before I went through it!
Ha ha ha this began my day in good humour
Rob Pauley 0
Please stop the seal slaughter in Canada!
Youngseok Lee 0
neil camillo 0
Too bad canada sucks
Greg Maynard 0
Its all fine to complain or boast of who's better or less boring etc... We should all be appreciative for what we have! All of those reading this today are citizens of rich and free nations and will fight to the bitter end to remain that way. Terrorism is essentially targeting that virtue... freedom. If pat downs keep those out who don't belong out; they keep those involved in terrorism at bay. Then I eagerly participate at least doing what little I can to help. On the flip side, as mentioned earlier... many like to complain, the issue could be that security is always sitting around doing nothing and collecting a pay check.
In reality there are body scanners in Canada, had one here just a couple weeks ago.. I requested a patdown but only by a female officer... got a funny look from that one then a flat out refusal. hrmm.... Body scanner it is then..
amahran 0
LOL Good one!
Judith Miller 0 my age a pat down is the only way I can get a little attention. Can't say I enjoy it but our Government wants us to believe it will protect us from the "bad guys". Didn't catch the shoe or underwear bombers though, did it? But keep believing what our dear Government tells us is good for our safety and one of these days we may believe it.
loefarl 0
A-h-h-h-h-! How lucky to be a Canuck!
Jack Zzzz 0
Don't get too cocky, eh? My Norwegian friends have been saying that for some time now....
David Carlson 0
Good one! Eh?
Daniel Webb 0
Hahaha! The jokes on YOU!
Paul Curs 0
Very funny ... thanks for posting.
Diane Lucas -1
That only works if you are not flying into the United States.
David Aldrich 0
Robliz 0
Try Vancouver Airport after having gone through Victoria Airport Security prior and now Intranst to LAX so we go through the American Immigration/Customs side of the airport. Step 1 , show pasport and ticket
Step 2 - show passort and ticket, luggage is scanned and a picture on a computer monitor for you to identify, step 3, scan your passport, do not smile, read it , read it again , step 4, remove shoes, remove all things that ring, show plastic bag, computer, remove belt,show passport and ticket, step 5, walk thru scanner with ticket and passport, beep. beep
Step 6, over to the wall, scan scan scan, beep on bald head, beep on stomach, lift up feet in socks , beep beep
, show US dollars in pocket, beep beep, aha, cell phone... bad person,
Step 7. polte agent puts cell phone thru scanner , no beeps and politely thanks you. NICE
Step 8 , on eay to gate, maybe I can get a drink while I wonder why my head was beeping..
In Toronto you have two options, Nude scanner or full body pat down. I chose the Nide scanner, they say the image is erased and only my wife is allowed to laugh.


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