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TSA Inspector Damages 9 Planes At O'Hare

. . . instead of using a ladder, the TSA inspector decided to use the aircraft's sensitive exterior probes to climb up on top. Specifically the TAT (Total Air Temperature) probe was selected as a foot hold. . . ( और अधिक...

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olddieselguy 0
Now Barn, What did I say about you climbing onto them airoplanes again?

HAHA That is too funny :) At least the picture is...
jerry1gman 0
"...a plane that can't fly is the most secure plane."
fuelman 0
this inspector should be lined up and shot by fireing squed of FFDO.
msmoak 0
squad firing FSDO Thank you.
orlando zambrano 0
What an A hole. Good thing he isn't a pilot.


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