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We lost the Candy Bomber today

Sadly, Gail Halvorsen, the Berlin Airlift “Candy Bomber” passed away. ( More...

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ADXbear 12
God bless our greatest generation, the world would be a very different place without their contributions!
sparkie624 11
That is an understatement... Can you imagine if we had "WOKE" going on back then...
The “greatest” generation
This great American was of the “silent” generation, 1927-1945.
Next was “baby boomers” and so on.
I certainly agree with your sentiment, but credit must be given where credit is due.
bbabis 4
So he was part of the "Greatest Generation" as he was born in 1920 or 21.
Which was it?
bbabis 6
OK, I looked it up. He was born 10 October 1920. Let's not lose sight that we lost a special man of which his generation does not matter.
Correction noted.
I believe my original response was dedicated to a great American.
But, you knew all about the “silent” generation, right?
To which gen do you ascribe?
Z,X? The “lost generation”?
Paul Gedge 10
I will never forget seeing Colonel Gail Halvorsen during the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert performances. His genuine goodness, sense of humor and youthful energy while in his early nineties continues to amaze & inspire me.

Life well done sir!

Christmas from Heaven: The Candy Bomber Story (Narrated by Tom Brokaw)
mbrews 8
That's a great story ! kudos for posting . Hard to imaging living in the rubble and devastation post WW II
linbb 3
I was in grade school when I first heard that.
linbb 2
Oh about 70yrs ago.
sparkie624 6
woW... He was truly an ICON and example to everyone.. Sorry to see him go.
sparkie624 9
Cleared to "Flight Level Unlimited"
Cleffer 11
Heaven gained a hero.
Paul Barrett 4
All of the superlatives may be accurate, but most importantly he was human and thought more of others than himself!
Paul Gedge 3
Another article from Stars & Stripes:
Joel Payne 2
Heard from ONE friend, that she couldn't read the WHOLE story, UNLESS she subscribed to the newspaper.She probably couldn't find that much interest in a "Salt Lake City" newspaper, being as she lives in Poland. I got the whole story, maybe because I have 2 "Ad Blockers". R I P Gail!
wrtrombley 2
He wrote a book, just go to the library .... The Candy Bomber or watch the movie The Berlin Airlift.

Met him numerous times when I was assigned to West Berlin for 13 years. Also at Winchester Airport in Virginia where he was doing a static display of an airlift C-54 at an airshow in 2007 (?)
sparkie624 2
The movie was great! I saw it sometime back... May go watch it again this weekend.
wrtrombley 2
Tempelhof is an awesome place. There are many ghosts there from the past. It was pretty eerie walking around the ramp at night with the big lights on the hangars and all the shadows. There was an awful lot of evil followed by a lot of good and greatness that visited there over the years. We were invited to Ronald Reagan's birthday celebration in the B-Halle (Terminal) after he gave the 'tear down this wall' speech.
sparkie624 1
That is interesting... I just scrolled through the entire article with no issues. It is a quite long article.
Razz Waff 1
No problem for me reading the entire article as well- no paywall blocking my ability to read it.
Monika Wells 2
Was Right there in Berlin when he flew over….just too little to be at Tempelhof!
James Simms 2
Rest In Peace
Razz Waff 2
He was a bright light to the citizens of West Berlin in a dark time. Well done, good and faithful servant.
bbabis 2
And today the Germans are forgetting this story and cozying up to he Russians and socialist ideals. A lesson forgotten at some point will need to be relearned. Thank you "WiggleWings" for making the World a better place while you were here. RIP.
God bless this great man read a heart warming article about how he dropped candy over Berlin and not a single bomb.Fly high with the angels.


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