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FAA chief requests 2 week delay in 5G rollout over airlines' concerns - 01/Jan/2022

The FAA and the aviation industry will identify priority airports where a buffer zone would permit aviation operations to continue safely while the FAA completes its assessments of the interference potential around those airports.” “We ask that your companies continue to pause introducing commercial C-Band service for an additional short period of no more than two weeks beyond the currently scheduled deployment date of January 5,” they wrote to telecom companies in a letter dated Friday December… ( More...

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Here are a couple of things to consider :

1. The FAA already has and does by law exercise federal control of airspaces
surrounding airports. This control covers physical incursion and electronic
incursion for example by drones, model airlanes/rockets, lasers, and other
electronic interference with the safe operation of aircraft

2. The FCC has already demonstrated financial responsibilities in such matters.
Consider the migration of television broadcasts from analog to digital
signals. You may remember the $25 certificates for the end user to purchase
digital to analog convertor boxes. By extension the FCC should provide
financial support for all airlines/private planes needing to replace
existing, operating equipments. Just as in the convertor box example a
carved in stone date for the completion of the equipment changes should
be established and adaquate financial support must be provided by the FCC
to support this date.

Bill C.
avionik99 1
Wireless industry group CTIA said 5G is safe and the spectrum is being used in about 40 other countries. The FAA declined to comment. The FCC and CTIA did not immediately comment.

So it appears this is another purely political move in the US to delay or stop 5G.
bentwing60 -2
"Two weeks to flatten the curve", ring a bell? Why did it ever get this far?

mbrews 2
Analogy doesn't quite fit.

More like 2 years of opportunity squandered, to investigate and plan / adjust.

And the past 2 months, a farce showcase : end-of-year agency brinksmanship.


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