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FAA clears path for Supersonic Flight testing over US Soil

Never flew past Mach one, at my age I may not, but still think SS Aircraft are cool. The picture in the article looks like the F-105 has been blown out to Business Jet size :). ( और अधिक...

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ADXbear 2
Kansas? Isn't there enough desert lands that could handel this?
linbb 2
Well here goes since there is such a huge population there, oh by the way not people, to have any problems with sounds like a good place. Years back almost every afternoon over eastern WA there was a very light boom about the same time of day during the week. After talking to the husband of my cuz found out it was an SR71 coming down from altitude turning final for Beal. Was not anything bothersome at all.
Ricky Scott 1
The original Picture I saw, looks like a different one now.
Here is a link that shows the picture I talked about
James Driskell 1
Anyone in or around Edwards (I was in Barstow) in the late 60s or 70s heard the BOOM often. I had just returned from Vietnam, stepping out of my building at lunch one day, when BOOM!! I hit the deck and was trying to figure how to crawl under my car when I realized what had happened. From then on, I enjoyed the sound of "Freedom".

More recently, the POTUS was visiting Seattle when some yardbird out of Chelan without the latest notems, penetrated the prohibited airspace. Two F-15s were scrambled out of Portland, went over Tacoma at Mach 1+ on the way to the intercept. BOOM, BOOM! No harm,no foul

So our friends in Kansas are in for a treat!


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