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Viewpoint: The Airport Chaos Is the Product of Negligence

The Trump administration asked the wrong question. Modern air travel has become so grueling that it is easy to lose sight of its greatest, near-miraculous achievement: Commercial airline travel is astonishingly safe—yes, even given the two horrific 737 Max crashes over the past 18 months, and even considering the primitive-terror factor that makes the prospect of death in the sky so much more frightening than most other fates. ( More...

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Curtiss Croft 2
The Trump administration is a failure, the worst I’ve ever seen! Unfortunately for this country there’s so many people that still believe he’s capable. Why is it Americans cannot get over perception and look further for truth and substance in anything? Just because you repeat you’re lies , have money and power doesn’t make you capable of being A successful leader.
Even the medical screening of passengers is a largely futile feel good measure, as research shows. One anecdotal evidence from my favorite African country, Namibia, can demonstrate this.

In preparation for the arrival of the virus, Namibia has set up a medical screening procedure including taking the body temperature of all arriving persons at Hosea Kutako International Airport. This is relatively easy to do if you only have a little over 4 thousands Passengers arriving per day. They even set up a military field hospital right next to the airport to take care of I’ll passengers arriving, as the airport is 45 km from the capital due to topography.

Last week there were two Romanian passengers that passed all the screenings, they had no symptoms and felt well. A short time after selling in at their hotel in Windhoek they developed the first symptoms, did the right thing and went to get medical help. They are now in quarantine.

They had travelled from Romania to Windhoek via Madrid and Doha, with no indication of any health problems along the way.

To find out more of the scientific findings you can go on this site. You will only get a summary of the findings, to get the complete text you need to sign up.
Robert Cowling -9
It is safer, and has been, but the trump drive to gut regulations has made the industry very potentially less safe. It's only a matter if time before planes start crashing due to shoddy maintenance. Southwest avoided a major catastrophic crash just in the past week, due to a plane having a foot long crack. Remember Colgan? He rescinded the regulations passed after that crash, allowing less trained and experienced pilots in the cockpit. Crew training was a factor in that crash.

But the industry will get a MASSIVE handout, and most of it, ALL of it likely, will go into the pockets of investors and management, and maybe a few bags of stale peanuts going into the hands of employees, pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, ground crew. Safety won't change.

Trump's massive give away is all about supporting the 'investor class' who probably all fly private planes anyway, and less about maintaining safety and helping disaffected line employees. Maybe the cutting of flights will lessen the chance of a crash, but it's there. Sadly...
padrooga23 1
Colgan flight was in 2009. Long before Trump...

Colgan Air Flight 3407, marketed as Continental Connection under a codeshare agreement with Continental Airlines, was a scheduled passenger flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Buffalo, New York, which crashed on Thursday, February 12, 2009.Wikipedia
February 12, 2009
padrooga23 1
Disregard above. Read it incorrectly.


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