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Iranian passenger plane lands in the middle of a city street – video

Footage has emerged on social media of a Caspian airline plane that appears to have made an emergency landing on an Iranian city street. It is believed around 130 people were on board when the plane landed in the city of Mahshahr. Footage shows passengers being helped out of the plane by onlookers. There are no reports of fatalities ( More...

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guyjr79 15
Flight 209 now arriving gate 8... gate 9... gate 10...
djames225 3
Captain's Oveur, Dunn and navigator Unger are at the controls
Steve Western 2
Arriving passengers can be met in the southbound lanes of the Great Revolution Highway.
How in the world did this puppy stay in one peace? I looked for a hidden set of rotors as it appears that the DC-9 variant simply floated down to terra firms as softly as a feather. It’s wonderful to have some happy news in reference to an aircraft incident
Main street...
djames225 8
Apparently the pilot asked for an opposite direction landing on 13 instead of 31, had a 5 Kt tailwind and plunked it down long on the runway, skidded through a fence tearing out the undercarriage, and resting on the road.136 PAX, 8 crew..only 2 minor injuries.
Unfortunately that MD-83 has seen it's last flight.
Sam Hernandez 1
Really sad. I love those things.
Ron Nash 15
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. Today, for your convenience, we have arranged faster exit from the aircraft, by dispensing with boarding stairs. Please watch the step on the way out, and thank you for flying Caspian Airlines, where you can expect fast landings and quick exits, every day of the week."
lynx318 16
"Also for your convenience we are dropping you off directly at the taxi queue."
sharon bias 9
Doesn't look like a single exit chute deployed. And, of course, passengers didn't deplane until they had their carry on luggage. Too bad they can't put an emergency lock on the interior storage bins so if a chute is deployed, The bins are locked.
Robert Cowling -1
Are they required? I wonder if they were told not to deploy them to save money. Yikes...
darjr26 4
Hey Caspian, American has plenty of MD80’s available for immediate sale or lease, in your choice of colors, as long as you like silver.
themold 4
Latest service upgrade....downtown arrivals.
Bernie20910 6
Another source claims it was a hard landing on the runway that collapsed the gear and caused the plane to skid off the runway and into a nearby street with 150 passengers on board.
A short look at Google maps of the area shows that this is probably true, the configuration of the road just at the end of the runway corresponds with the video. That also means they were already slow enough and therefore there were no casualties.
John D 1
I am going with that too.
sparkie624 0
That was some Hard Landing....
Well, that is one way to do it. Looks like it ended okay.
Greg S 3
So ... too late to go around? Sorry captain, but as the say: this will go down on your permanent record.
Rahul Cowasji 1
Lol! He’s been executed already..
Gee Albiston 2
Just as well the engines were not under the wings otherwise it would have been a disaster. One hates to think what could have happened
a1brainiac 3
Better than being SHOT down
dulaney glen 1
? Three-point landing?
Every one walked away
Gregg Havens 1
they just overshot the runway... didn't get it stopped in runway remaining.
Doug Parker 1
Stay tuned and watch this noteworthy, next takeoff roll...
jose Barrera 1
John Smythe 1
Nice parking job though
WhiteKnight77 1
Really, landed on a city street? Check your facts first...

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It seems everybody has a sense of humour failure.
James Simms -5
It was their country’s airliner. Had it been from another country other than Iran, they would have hit it
Robert Cowling -3
Good thing the engines were on the fuselage. A 737, wing engine plane, and it would have been a total loss, with likely all pax dying.

They were lucky. But still thrust reversers would have stopped it going off the end I'd wager. Still, a wild ride. I was on a plane when the thrust reversers failed. We had a long roll. I swear I could feel the brakes burning, and everything that could stand straight up was to try to stop it. The pilots were so calm as we left the plane. 'Hope you had a pleasant flight. Fly with us again.' That is what separates the men from the boys.
Men and boys... lol


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