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No Technical Problem, No Flight Path Deviation: Ukraine Airlines Vindicated In Iran Tragedy

While foreign governments were concluding a missile was likely responsible, Ukraine Airlines continued to refute Iran’s theories, ranging from abstract technical problems or pilot handling to specific mentions of engine failure. ( More...

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Just think about the accidents we can look forward to once they perfect their nuclear weapons.
Fanatics with fingers on the triggers is bad news.
bbabis 3
The real problem is that it won’t be an accident.
Carlos Bea 2
Naw. It’s gotta be Goodyear tire & rubber company for transporting the missiles over there. Naw, its Doritos for not providing adequate nutrition for the shooter. Wait. I know what it is! My proctologist. 😃
Ric Wernicke 2
Iran needs to be disarmed until they have less fire power than The Vatican.

When was the last time an aircraft was lost over the Holy Sea?
PaulN2719 7
I believe you mean Holy See, because there is no sacred ocean as far as I know...
Ric Wernicke 1
I did, but the last line was meant to be funny.
Greg S 1
Ric's Implied Question: Too soon?
Me: Yes, I think so.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Greg S 7
I remember when everything was Bush's fault.
Absolutely agree! Reminds me of the Palsgraf v LIRR case. But for the assassination of Gen. Soleimani, there would have been no missile attack .... But, for all the military veterans, here is a question for you. When was it ever appropriate to kill the military leader of a country, that we were NOT at war with, in a country where he had been welcomed? If this is acceptable, we better warn all of our generals and provide them with extra security.
Greg S 10
It's always interesting to see where people draw a line and say "history starts here". You are saying that the history of the conflict starts with the assassination of Gen. Sosalami. And that's nonsense, really just pure shit. You can draw that history line beginning with the Shah of Iran, or with the kidnapping of American diplomats, or even with the 1953 CIA-backed overthrow of the Mosaddegh government. I don't really care, but you can't start it with the Solarsalami assassination.

As the commander of the IRGC-QF, Gen. Salami was directly and intimately responsible for the murders of numerous Americans, include an American contractor just a few days before he was given his long overdue dirt nap. It was the both the geopolitically correct thing to do as well as the only avenue left for his victims to achieve a measure of justice. And if you think Trump was the only President to consider such an action you would be a fool. He *was* the only President to actually do it. And for that I applaud him.

And your last sentence is particularly hilarious. I have some news that's going to shock you: Generals *are* part of the military and have always been legitimate targets.
history often repeats itself..the entire middle eastern region has been a serious cauldron of unrest and upheaval for decades,even before missles,rockets,warships and other such,and will continue to was reported yesterday mr trump made the decision to assassinate the general 7 months was not a decision made this any case,the fact a civilian airliner was shot down has changed the attitude and the ire of the population in the region towards the Iranian government..
Dale Ballok 3
Very well stated, even though he shouldn't have turned this unfortunate disaster into a political conversation.
Edward Bardes 0
That's not funny.
It wasn't meant to be ....
Chris B 4
Its a serious issue.
We just gave Isis their best recruitment propaganda in years. To them, payback is like karma, it will come at some point, months or even years down the road.
bbabis 3
What would they pay us back for? Helping them? The general was a feared destroyer of Isis and isis hates Iran.
George Hall -2
Iran needs to be punished severely. Totally disarmed. Most likely Russia no longer supports Iran. They can't even lie smartly. They say it was "a mistake", that doesn't hold water. When the radical Islamist fired the missile, they are looking thru a telescope at the target. They can see clearly, the airline logo on the fuselage. Even though they are extremely dangerous, they are childlessly ignorant. Iran needs a Iraq clean up. Unfortunately, the libs LOVE Iran. They love all USA enemies.

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Edward Bardes 6
We don't know at this point what, if anything, the pilots could've done to prevent the shootdown.
Greg S 6
Iran is not really an active war zone. There have been no military attacks in Iran since the end of the Iraq-Iran war. Tensions were heightened, and perhaps it would have been wise for UIA to suspend flights until the US-Iran standoff stabilizes, but I cannot see blaming the pilots even one bit for this.
Ric Wernicke 3
Hold on...the pilots bear no responsibility for the destruction of the airplane. That rests squarely on the heads of the Iran government. They constructed the poisonous`atmosphere that allows anyone with an anti-aircraft missile to fire without identification of friend or foe.

There is a case for severe sanctions to disable any involvement in any form of transportation.

They should embrace their prophet muhammad and just like he did, go everywhere by foot.


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