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Former Airbus manager thinks Boeing shouldn't launch the B797

Dublin - From a commercial point of view, it would be much more logical for Boeing to develop a successor to the 737 MAX family instead of the B797, former Airbus COO John Leahy believes. ( और अधिक...

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Dubslow 6
Wait this article is 10 months old, not so hot OP
Dubslow 2
I have to admit I've been thinking similarly. Forget the MAX, write it down as a bad investment, and skip straight to its replacement -- baseline 160-170 pax single aisle, with the stretch going 200-210, making sure there's sufficient engine power that it can still do the hot/high/short runway medium distance routes
linbb -3
WOW we now have a new Troll OF The week. Gee you were thinking, was that something new or did you get a new pipe full? Dumb statement as dumb as someone from Airbust thinking the dumb thought he had.
Scott Campbell 1
Airbus ??? they've won the modern single aisle hands down - sorry
Jayden Hakunti 1
Even if Boeing keeps at what they are doing, they could fix max, develop 797; and if needed, major airlines in the U.S. could begin using the Boeing owned ERJ195-E2 as well as the A220.
Scott Campbell 0
wait ... you think they're going to scrap the MAX ? NEVER, it sips fuel even if the 9 needs a tail stick before they let everyone off. Always wondered in an emergency... who's going to throw the stick out ?? How they got that passed is beyond comprehension. The 37-10 is on its way, and I'll do almost anything to avoid it. the max will fly for decades just because of economics. A new 3 version Hi-stepping 57 would've saved the day, if they hadn't been short sighted, even the 57-300 has no replacement yet, and United's and Delta's are getting tired fast ...


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