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4th Amendment underwear for all your travel needs

Now there's a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray scanners without saying a word. 4th Amendment Metallic ink-printed undershirts and underwear causes the text of the 4th Amendment to show up on x-ray scanner monitors. The perfect companion for your 21st amendment drink koozie. ( और अधिक...

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Zachary Colescott 0
There is so much WIN in this thread...:)
Bill Halpin 0
It figures?? Just a matter of time and someone would figure away to make a few bucks off this issue. I'm sure their is more to come!
TTail 0
since they make you take your belt off, why not pull your pants down too, as long as you dont go COMMANDO not wear underwear. or a lady in NYC *i think* Wore her bikini, under a trench coat, now that is creative.
Lloyd Boyette 0
Oddly enough, this was already causing a stir over in the UK before it reached mainstream media here in the states. BBC's Grahm Norton Show did a segment on it and modeled the " Flying Pasties " for both boys and girls as a way he described to " Fight Back " against this endless nonsense. It was a Las Vegas man that invented them ( or not ) but at least got them to market first that I know of.

( )

However, I could see my girlfriend's 5 year old niece saying to a TSA Agent " Can't you read my shirt... go away! " My girlfriend and I just ordered matching 4th amendment shirts.
Kenneth Schmidt 0
Nice idea and all, but we take for granted the average TSA agent can read. Ok, that was a low blow, I do realize their job is follow orders from way above. I think between top and bottom, there is a disconnect.
recedivist15 0
I'm sure the current administration will find a way to kill this terrific free-market idea.
Doug Herman 0
It's a cool idea that I'm sure TSA will find un-funny and will probably require the garment to be removed before passing the checkpoint. And re the prior comment, keep in mind which administration brought us the TSA and all of its meaningless theater in the first place. It wasn't the current one.
I truly don't understand the upset over this. A local paper posted a letter about an 80 year old woman who was subjected to a hand pat down after her metal hip replacement triggered the machine. Now, if we start letting 80 year old women waltz though, how long do you think it will take some enterprising terrorist group to recruit 80 year old women to carry explosives on board. I fly all the time to Europe, Africa and South America and I will tell you I welcome the security efforts. I would much rather have a pat down than find myself at 37,000 feet with some nut job carrying a bomb. Maybe they should exempt one airline, no security, just get on and go. I wonder how many people will opt for those flights as opposed to those with full security?
recedivist15 0
Hmmm... was I commenting on the TSA directly or the Anti-business attitude of the
current administration? Keep in mind Mr. Herman, Reading is Fundamental.
Robert Cheeseman 0
yes. mr herman...but again this administration seems to be very skilled in making things WORSE.
Ricky Scott 0
So Upchucked when the next bomber is a Cavity Bomber you will be fine with that.

All in the name of safety you know.
Steve Jasper 0
It's cute till they refuse you to fly because you wish to exercise your rights. The airports and airlines have more say in this than the individual due to one thing...MONEY! They can choose to opt out from using TSA as security at any time especially when it hits them in the bottom line. As they say "MONEY talks...BS walks!" Let the airlines and airports start spending their spoils on security that makes sense to the consumer with some customer service instead of customer diservice. They obviously aren't spending it on maintence.
Matt Comerford 0
"Anti-business attitude" thats hilarious... go back to listening to Hannity
SF Johannsen 0
Silly, but people will buy it just like the world will end in the year 2000...just will make matters worse and more delays for others. When I saw the cartoon and jokingly they were saying, "Ok, take off all your clothes please." I really didnt think it would go this far. Profiling is needed ASAP!!!
Sam Moffatt 0
Anyone with even a passing knowledge of airport security has to admit that these procedures are less about preventing hijackings/bombings than they are about making the public FEEL safe, and to maintain public engagement in (and support for) the War on Terror (...I mean "Man-Caused Disasters").
Daniel Campbell 0
I still think the person who suggested that they install bomb proof rooms that everyone has to go through that will automatically detonate any explosive device you are wearing or carrying without any danger to the surrounding area. and see how many terrorist will be willing walk in.
allen wasson 0
The scary thing about all of this is how many of the "Untraveled" US citizens support it!!! Where is the general outcry, from a perspective of having lived in an area of the world where terrorizim abounds, people need to realise that TSA airport operations create a false sense of secuirty...the intelligence comumity, public vigilense and education will do more to secure the traveling public than the Thousands Standing Around.
allen wasson 0
The scary thing about all of this is how many of the "Untraveled" US citizens support it!!! Where is the general outcry, from a perspective of having lived in an area of the world where terrorizim abounds, people need to realise that TSA airport operations create a false sense of secuirty...the intelligence comumity, public vigilense and education will do more to secure the traveling public than the Thousands Standing Around.
allen wasson 0
Sorry about the double post....newbie
Pileits 0
I admire the creativity of it all
ken young 0
Waiting for the the first "internal bomb" to be found in a body cavity.
Then what? Prison type searches? Women in a certain part of their menstrual cycle prohibited from flying?
Gee, why not ban all people who have prosthetic devices from travel by air?
Oh reconstructed joints? Sorry, it's the car train or bus for you ,pal.
Oh, you are a wounded military veteran with a plate beneath your scalp? Thanks for your service and don't bother buying an airline ticket.
Hey, you with the burka, come right one through. We don't search you. In fact, you don't need ID either.
I really am getting to the point where I despise the people in our current federal government.
neuhausca 0
I think this whole thing of trying to stop terrorists from blowing up airplanes and killing innocent people is just typical western lily liver fear being exploited by the cunning evil people of the world. Think about it, some foolishly believe they can stop murder by banning a particular kind of weapon. So, law abiding folks can't possess that kind of weapon anymore and those that live in fear feel safe. Only problem is the crime rate doesn’t go down.

Now look at how terrorists see it. The deranged killers of the world get off on playing the “let’s do this or let’s do that” and watch how the western chicken $h...ts run in circles to try and stop us”, all while they are laughing their butts off at our futile efforts. We don’t get the fact that this is just a game to them, and they live just to see us trip all over ourselves trying to outsmart them. They will play this game until they all die because this is what they live for.

Look folks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are a million ways they can throw and “stick” in the “spokes” of the western way of life. What they really get a kick out of is playing our governments and the citizens against each other. No bombs needed. And when that gets old, they will just send one of their suicide bombers through the security check point of one of our busiest airports on a holiday, and when they are stopped in the scanner because of something suspicious they will simply press the button and kill five hundred people right there on the ground!! Then what will we do??? Don't worry this won't happen for some time, they are having way too much fun watching us fight over search methods and spending billions on "security".

Believe me they love this game.
crk112 0
Justin Brown 0
We just flew to KLGA and my 19th month old daughter was patted down. Incredible! I dubbed her the diaper bomber. I could not believe it when my wife told me what happened. I was having the full body scan. I asked the TSA agent if I had any cavities. He at least found that funny.
jerry friz 0
Chris Neuhaus, you are right on the money. The terrorists will win in the end, because they are getting us right in the pocketbook.
Michael Gravel 0
This week an equivalently loaded Boeing 757 of people will be killed by drunk drivers and the week after that and so on. The economic impact to those other than the drunk driver is $70 Billion per year (60% of the cost) But because the downing of a 757 by accident or terrorist is more news worthy I need to let the TSA do something that one foot outside of the security screening area would be illegal act and get you arrested.
Paul Cline 0 I have said before: When that airplane starts to go down because somebody set off an explosive device at 35k feet, and you are experiencing the longest minute of your life, you'll wish everyone was patted down...notwithstanding 4th amendment effing underwear!
Paul Cline 0 I have said before: When that airplane starts to go down because somebody set off an explosive device at 35k feet, and you are experiencing the longest minute of your life, you'll wish everyone was patted down...notwithstanding 4th amendment effing underwear!
Paul Cline 0
Illegal search & seizure...isn't that the same thing police do with suspect vehicles along the roadways when they want to (of course with probable cause...NOT!) No one seems to bitch about that, but OMG, let the TSA do something rash and listen to the whining!
neuhausca 0
No Paul!!!!.....You couldn't be more wrong about some of us, not the real Americans!! I hope and pray to God Almighty that He would help me and every other red blooded American on board to bring Honor to our families and inspire the rest of the free world. If I were on a plane and a terrorist just set off a bomb and I knew I had one minute to live, I would hope that I and every person on board would find the courage and means to call a news agency on our cell phones and laugh at those coward dogs live on the air as we verbally spit in their faces before the world!! Every man woman and child on earth would hear this played over and over for days or weeks on every news broadcast around the globe and it would have a profound effect on the world.
crk112 0
That's what I'd be doing Chris!!!!!
neuhausca 0
Paul Cline: You miss the point entirely!! The terrorists are playing a cunning game of chess with the western world, and we are falling for their every move!! Their whole plan is to cause us to destroy our own society by over reacting to their moves. And people like you are the pawns they use to do their bidding!!!! It’s as though they have planted the words in your mind and people like you willingly push for the very things the terrorists want.
It may seem cold, but in the grand scheme of things the worst they can do is prick the western world with a pin. But with our every “atomic” reaction we do immeasurable damage to the western free way of life, and we are doing it.
Your comparison to the way we are willing to tolerate constitutional abuses like illegal searches and seizures by police have nothing to do with hypocrisy in our society. Rather it is just another example of the same thing on a domestic level. We are willing to allow the constitution itself to be trashed just to feel like we are doing something…….(Not!) about the greater problems in our own domestic society. It’s just something we have accepted and decided not to fight, exactly what you are saying we should do regarding the TSA procedures. You are saying that freedom in no longer something to fight and die for!!!!!!! Tell you what, if that’s the case than while we are at it let’s just demand the government to dissolve the military and bring our troops home, after all why should a single person die fighting terrorists. Let’s just give them what they ultimately want and they will go away, right!!!
Look, I know that in our “civilized” way of life this may sound absurd or even immoral, but if we as a society could ignore publicly everything the terrorists do to us, this evil cave dwelling society would dry up and die in their squalid little holes in the ground. They would literally die of frustration not being able to figure out how to get to us. And if we could find the strength to openly laugh at them on TV every time they did some desperate act, they would literally be cutting their own throats as total failures.
To use an earlier example provided by mgravel, we long ago came to accept the risks of driving on our own roads, as the risk and price that is acceptable in order to travel freely by automobile. No freedom loving American is willing to give that up, regardless of the real danger. Yes we do try to design some obvious risks out of the system, but ultimately any person who wants to can drive anywhere at free will at any time, and maybe even die or kill somebody else in the process. For the past 50 years, on average more than 40,000 people have died each year in the U.S. in traffic accidents on our public roads. Yet every day most of us get in our cars and drive without the slightest worry of dying that day. Believe me we are the kind of people that do ignore risk and even death every single day!! We could turn this whole struggle on its head if we would just wake up and do what we already know very well how to do.
Let me finish by saying this Paul. If the founders of America felt and believed and talked and acted the way people like you do, nothing that you and the rest of the civilized western world lives and experiences every day would even exist here or anywhere else in the world.
Ant Miraa 0
I agree with you Chris. People should note that while we are so focused on air security, the terrorists will have other ways/ means to cause trouble without the use of aircraft. People should be more vigilant against these guys. Look at United 93; fight back, don't let them succeed. Don't do things like sit back and watch as somebody charges for the cockpit. My 2 cents.
Joachim Grunwald 0
I doubt that any politician, who made those laws, is required to go through these procedures.
Ant Miraa 0
They make the policies that don't affect them; as well as every misinformed opinion they have. Sometimes I wonder we as "common folk" or the "populus" are more aware than these politicians of what is going on.
Angelia Brandt 0
I think that once these scanners begin to be widely used you will see more and more people actually driving to their destinations instead of flying... At least in the U.S. especially due to the fact that a large part of the population was sprouted from prudes. Oh and don't misunderstand me, I am by no means excited about the fact that someone may ask me to step into a machine that will allow them to examine my body in the bare... Yikes! Now how many of us will be inclined to trim down to look great for those looking, and who is to police the people looking to keep perverts out of the job of looking at naked people all day long. This whole idea is getting way out of hand, and all for safety.
Phil Faidley 0
I know that the whole paranoia thing is getting a bit boring. I am looking at it from outside of the US and its just a bit embarassing really.
And back to the actual subject - the 4th amendment underwear. SENSATIONAL!!! What an awesome idea!
Its hardly surprising they have pretty much sold out of everything.
Go the free market! Maybe paranoid creatures like Paul need to bunker into their homes, close the doors and windows and never, ever go out again.
Hey Paul. The terrorists are watching you on the internet, they can reverse your PC screen so they can see what you are doing to learn what red-blooded americans really do, so they can infiltrate your home. Better turn off the PC Paul. :-)


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