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Boeing, Airbus to Lose $39 Billion in Contracts Because of Trump Sanctions on Iran

Boeing and Airbus will lose contracts worth roughly $39 billion to replenish Iran’s aging fleet of commercial planes as part of the Trump administration’s reimposition of sanctions. “The Boeing and Airbus licenses will be revoked,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told a group of reporters Tuesday. “The existing licenses will be revoked.” ( More...

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allench1 5
so.... world safety and security much more important than $$$$. It's now all about the money and not about the human race and world safety. I am 72 and grew up where integrity and honesty were what determined one's characte.
allench1 0
bentwing60 1
I fondly remember learning something about character back in the day in Boy Scouts. Now they have changed the name!
WIllard Kramer -2
so at 72 you going to go fight for Trump....NOPE you send other peoples children to fight for you. NOW THATS CHARACTER!... A PRETTY BAD ONE.

How does walking away from Iran deal make us safer?? How does Iran having no deal make it stop building nukes.... You call war "world safety" .... go away.
flypilot12 2
First of all, YOU go away. Secondly, Iran themselves have said that if the deal fell apart they'd be enriching uranium in WEEKS, so tell me, how has the deal stopped them even in the least? Answer: It hasn't. Third, those other people going to fight are giving you the ability to sit there at your computer and spout your holier-than-thou idiocy from the comfort of your home where you have the defended right to free speech. I acknowledge your right to speak, and I served in the US Army for that very thing. Article 2 of the Army Code of Conduct: "I am an American fighting in the forces that protect my country and our way of life, I am prepared to give my life in their defense." Can you say the same?
So when a President just breaks agreements and instigates war you have no problem with other peoples children dying. NONE at all. Tell you what. Put on those big boy pants and instead of thumping your chest like a gorilla and sending other people to fight for you, go volunteer right now. Join Trump's army.... lol... by the way whose going to sign anything with Trump knowing he breaks agreements on a whim and cares nothing about keeping contracts or promises because is immoral and amoral ..... your and expert on uranium... Trump supporters got the same college degree he has... from the make it up as you go along school of con artistry. have a good day butch.
comicpilot 3
Trump didn't sign the agreement with Iran bro... Besides who is saying this is going to start a war..? Iran has been sleeping with terrorist groups like the Hezbollah for years..

You also prove you can NOT read as you argued against coptermechanic for saying he should serve in the "army" when he clearly indicated he DID serve. I tried volunteering for AF as a pilot a few years ago and had a flight slot but "lost" it to a medical issue.. Or else i'd be one of those in his Army fighting for YOU...
flypilot12 0
First of all no where in my first statement did I say I was a Trump supporter, nor did I say say he was right to pull out of the deal. I only stated that the deal had not had the intended effect. As for the rest of your addled tirade, that you are so focused on hating Trump and being right and "triggered", I can only say that I do not have the same degree as Trump. I am an A&P with a background in US Army helicopter repair, corporate and some other stuff. My degree is in Aircraft Business Management, which is just a fancy way to say, I work on airplanes and I work for myself, I also am a Part 147 instructor, so I know airplanes nose to tail and rotors to skids. Now to correct your grammar: "you're" not "your", "an" not "and" "who's" not "whose", and where did I say I was an expert on uranium? Your remarks are laughable at best and cringe worthy in every shape of the phrase. I await your well worded and articulate response.
bentwing60 2
Nice to read a "well worded and articulate response" and on occasion it shuts the twits down. The thumbs have been hijacked by the trolls so onward thru the fog. Cheers!
If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!
Right now, Boeing isn't going. They lost $19 billion out of this, with aircrafts already being built and ready for delivery. Trump screwed them over big time.
joe milazzo 0
When you enter into contracts with an unstable government you roll the dice. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If you lose, you have no one to blame but one screwed Boeing,
I believe the results of backing out of this deal are plainly seen. Now the entire area is unstable, with Israel attacking Iranian installations inside Syria and creating an arms race, all the while with Trump stranding US prisoners in Iran, as well as making that hardliners in Iran feel emboldened, as they now can prove to everyone that they were right about us.

Boeing and Airbus had good deals on new aircraft, with thousands of jobs created, and billions in revenue coming in. Trump screwed them over, as well as his own citizens being held captive in Iran.
bentwing60 -1
Hadn't really pegged you for the socialist you have revealed with this post, but the stripes come out eventually. Nobody ever signed "The deal", the senate was never allowed to vote on "The deal", Obozo ruled by Fiat because nobody would call down the PC Mulatto with no valid BC, No discernable college presence anywhere, a revoked law certificate' as well as his wifes, never to be reinstituded. Should I go on as to why there might be a Skeptic in the crowd? Those who yell the loudest are often proven to be the arsonist with the match, and good deals paid for with blood money ain't where Boeing is going. Don't have the same confidence in AB. As for who the mufties appeal to, it might be you, but I got a Glock and Baretta or two that says it ain't me.
Cade foster 1
The past Presidents didn't stand up to Iran just kept saying they were being dealt with so now the truth is that we have to deal with them now or it really will be too late. The world does not need another Pakistan with nukes.
josh homer 0
Thanks Trump! So sick if this clown.


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