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Helicopter vs. Train

Coptor 19, one of three S-70 Fire Hawks operated by Los Angeles County Fire Department steps in to warn a commuter train. ( और अधिक...

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Richard Orgill 4
Good Article but I could have done w/o the advertisements.
Brandon Cardona 1
yea, the ads were literally pulling the page down to itself. It was impossible to focus on the article.
bdarnell 2
AdBlocker Plus works great.
John Lenihan 1
Sorry to all about the ads. They are obviously protective of there content. The facebook link has the best video. But there is a youtube version that is not as good.
John Lenihan 3
Don't know why video won't load on the page. Try
Jamar Jackson 1
I drive that road home from work
Kenneth Schmidt 1
Protocol is, you do not occupy live rail until the Railroad operator gives the all clear. Period.


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