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Witness: Jet in 2005 crash didn't meet safety regs

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A federal investigator testified Monday that a charter jet had a center of gravity well forward of where safety regulations require when it crashed on takeoff at Teterboro Airport i . . . ( और अधिक...

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krebilly 0
So the make of the aircraft is apparently not relevant? Bad writers make my head hurt
John Cotton 0
It was a Bombardier / CL-600-1A11. Here's the NTSB report:
krebilly 0
James Casey 0
I love the part of the story that says they were loading up on cheap fuel at TEB...really, TEB cheap? Whomever wrote the article must have never left NJ.
mboette 0
For my company, fuel in TEB is cheaper than some of the other destinations we go to. Fuel in MDW is very expensive, so there is a good chance Platinum was paying less for fuel in TEB than MDW.


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