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Two U.S. Air Marshals Flee Brazil After Being Charged With Assault

Two U.S. air marshals who arrested the wife of a Brazilian judge on a flight to Rio de Janeiro -- and were themselves arrested and had their passports confiscated by Brazilian authorities -- fled the country using alternate travel documents. The incident occurred on October 1 on Continental Flight 128 from Houston, Texas, to Rio de Janeiro. During the flight, a female passenger who appeared to be intoxicated tried to serve herself drinks by going to the plane's galley, one source said. The… ( और अधिक...

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Edson teske 0
We should be working together to combat the threat of any incident in flights worldwide, and is hard to believe that egos or marital relations impact proper procedure and legal protocols.
chalet 0
One simple and very effective solution: detach the marshalls from TSA, immediatelly attach them to State Dept., give them a proper diplomatic title and of course issue them with US Diplomatic passports. This shall provide them with proper security, lest the Brazilians or any other nationals dare to prosecute and jail members of the US Diplomatic Corps.
indgofl0w 0
Bravo Chalet! I'd say that's a pretty bullet-proof solution, indeed!
Harvey McIntyre 0
I agree with chalet's solution and indgofl0w's support of it.
Clement 0
Great story for Hollywood ... i can see Kevin Costner playing the role now .. Glad for them, they got out of there.
chalet 0
Now there is another solution albeit a bit crude and that has certain ethical and medical issues and that is to continue providing alcoholic beverages to the unruly passenger until he or she passes out.
chalet 0
Even on US flag airplanes?. What about US State and CIA couriers who travel with the pouches firmly strapped to their arms, don't they carry guns.
dmanuel 0
Perhaps one method that TSA could implement, would be supplying the Marshals with the small Pen Cameras. They run for about 1 hour, recording video and audio, in a camera that looks exactly like a writing pen. Obviously, in a severe emergency, there would not be time to activate it, but in this or similar instance(s) there was time. Video from two (Sky Marshal’s) cameras would allow the events to be clearly analyzed by the proper authorities.
chalet 0
Not in Brazil or other countries dmanuel, specially the Middle East and Africa too, what the top politicians say is what it is.
chalet 0
What do you mean Dennis, those countries do respect or don't respect international law
chalet 0
Got it Dennis, so then they way to go is to "booze them up" until the pesky passenger passes out, no need to pull out guns or use shackles, nor display any martial arts prowess, and everbody is happy.
EDWARD moore 0
Brazil is no place to have a incident'' remember the Mid air collision with a commercial airliner and a corporate Jet, those pilots beat feet the hell out of that country never to return, so goes the Air marshals.
Dennis Scheinder 0
I would think that the eyewitness statements of the Crew and pax would have been enough to put pressure on the Brazilian Gov. As far as what would have happened to the FAM's in the mean time; that I'd rather not think about. I award the fellows for thinking quick on their feet and getting themselves to safety.
Stephen Groff 0
What good are security measures to prevent terrorism if our air marshalls can be treated this way without the immediate response of the responsible country's government to correct it's corrupt local courts.
David Brantley 0
If the pupose of the Air Marshalls is to combat terrorism...then they shouldn't be getting involved with drunk unruly passengers (unless they are a threat to the flight). The better solution would be to black list that passenger from future flights on that airline.
Rob Dover 0
She's probably on the no-fly list by now
dbreslin 0
TSA won't do anything to help the Air Marshall's now or in the future. My guess is they got out of the country on their own with pre-planned procedures known to the FAMS. As for changing status with State Dept, diplomatic immunity, etc. - forget it. The US gov't doesn't do anything fast or efficient - their status will not change on domestic or int'l flights. Chalk one up to the Brazilians who acted with prejudice to protect their own at the expense of the Americans (Reference Gol 1907 mid-air collision where US pilots were arrested and charged by Brazilian authorities) as they are likely to do. Best advice if you get in trouble: Get OUT! -anyway you can... Quick, good thinking by the FAMS.
Paul Miller 0
I am not taking sides here or saying what is right in the case or not OK ? BUT just HOW I wonder do Two Agents get passed ALL of another countires security checks and ONTO a plane (with or without tickets) and then enter the USA all with "Other Documents".
I must try that sometime hahaha YEA right..I would get just as far as the FIRST TSA check point then it would be curtains for ME.
spinks edwards 0
having lived in south america most of my life i can tell you it is 99% corrupt. it is not what you know, it is who you know. if you have freinds in high places you can get away with anything, if you dont, you can spend years in jail with no trial coming. we should ban this person and her husband from the us, never to return and if she does, get thrown in jail until she pays for her crimes. but people it is just the way of the world, those that have, rule. such is life.
Pete Schecter 0
one critical aspect we all seem to be missing here: WHAT IS THE PRIMARY MISSION OF A FAM? These are not street cops intended to maintain security on the aircraft, unless VERY specific trigger events occur. This means that if I want to ID and neutralize FAMS and am an ill intended passenger, I need only stage a disorderly drunk or domestic dispute to have them reveal themselves. NOT very tactically correct behaviors, and too easy to force them to reveal their identities (part of the strategy behind undercover FAM's is the randomnsess and possibility of their presence). While a drunk female pax is annoying, they represent little or no REAL threat to the safety of the aircraft or other pax, and flight attendants are very well trained to handle difficult people.

To me, the larger issue is CLEARLY DEFINING the scope and area of ops for FAM's so that they (and their safety - mpost important here), their mission, and the assests they are assigned to protect are not compromised by acting out of their mandate. FAM agents are NOT security guards or beat cops, and need to reign in their desire to help in out of context situations that could blow their cover and get them killed. I also congratulate these agents for the street smarts used to self extricate from a very untenable situation and beat feet out of there.
David Brantley 0
bcfd29...I think that is what I said in my earlier post, just in fewer words.
Robert Schleiger 0
the air marshals were arrested. at that point, it's not their decision to leave or not leave, or if the charges were trumped up. doing so assumes the usa is able to be its own judge and jury all over the globe, which is pretty much business as usual, but not fair. they were detained pneding hearing. they fled and are now fugitives,,,, period.
dbreslin 0
We're not missing the critical issue. FAMS are trained very well, know their mission and their bounds. If they arrested that woman there was reason to suspect she was a threat. FAMS know full well the danger of sleepers and decoys and are not supposed to get involved unless danger of physical injury is imminent. Giving them the benefit of doubt - that we weren't on the plane, and knowing how the Brazilians love to over-react to their benefit, it's a pretty good bet the FAMS acted in good faith under the facts and circumstances known to them at the time, and did what they had to do. Now the second-guessing begins. But my money is on the wisdom, experience and judgment of the FAMS.
David Brantley 0
dbreslin, you apparently didn't read my post either...I said "they shouldn't be getting involved with drunk unruly passengers (unless they are a threat to the flight)." please notice the words in parentheses...I am not second guessing them, I have several friends who left the police force after 9/11 and now work as FAMs. Until the entire story come out every post made on this situation is simply speculation (even mine) :)
zulu44 0
who's to say that an 'unruly' passenger could serve merely as a distraction for another more serious situation soon to be had? I agree with the FAM's action. And am glad they left immediately!
AlecThigpen 0
I would guess that their alternate IDs would be their Federal Air Marshall ID and badge, in lieu of a passport.
FlyBoyDC10 0
Funny how no one mentioned the Captain of the CAL Flight. Back in the ole days, we would have put the drunk off in Rio, and gone our way. If the Brazilian government said anything, we would just leave them without air service, don't fly back. That was the clout the Captain had. Didn't need sky marshals.
Paul Miller 0
FlyBoyDC10 Yesssss that was the time back then though and pity that we now cower down to almost evrything !!! and common sense was used so much more back in those days too...but now I even hate to think of what will happen to us Pilots (and Passengers too) in the flying world of the future?.
vin herman 0
(yes people, ALL flights are FEDERAL JURISDICTION).

WTH should we do then? Let people do whatever they want on an aircraft as long as they are not strapped or in possession of explosive devices??


Perhaps the 120 pound stewardess could stop them? Or maybe the pilot could stop flying and subdue/reason with these idiots? Use your heads people!

OH, maybe we can put TSA agents on the plains as security guards, they are so adept at the checkpoints! We locked up 2 for stealing $700 a day (EWR) and one was extorting the other not to tell authorities!

Act the fool I WILL lock you up, and if I am retaliated against I WILL GET BACK TO USA.

If my "crime" is serious and merits an indictment, U.S. courts will prosecute me as a criminal and decide my fate, not some kangaroo court.

I am FAM and obviously a lot of peole do not realize what we do.
chalet 0
Dennis C., you said that US diplomats do not carry guns; well I just recalled that a couple of years ago a US security officer of the US Embassy in Quito, Ecuador got in a cab and suddenly the driver sped for no reason; the officer thought that it was unusual and probably a prelude of foul play; the two started arguing and in a confusing incident the officer pulled out his gun and killed the driver. The officer was extracted from the city right away even though he was protected by a diplomatic passport. Too bad, really, it should have happened. Anyway US diplomats are issued with guns; don't know the regulations governing the issue of guns though.
Bruno Buonomo 0
I am not defending the intoxicated lady, but as someone that flies frequently to Brazil, I have to tell you that I have witnessed atrocious mistreatment of Brazilian citizens by American crews. As U.S. Marshall don't have jurisdiction on Brazilian territory, I always felt that these type of incidents were about to happen.
chalet 0
basta 22 talk about jurisdiction: US marshalls do have jurisdiction while a US flag airplane is aloft flying over anybody's territories, right?, so far so good but what happens once the plane lands in Rio or Timbuktu, it is the local authorities who take over so whatever the US marshalls did on board might become a waste of time and effort.


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