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Jet Blue To Southwest: "Bring It On"

JetBlue Airways is getting ready for a fight as Southwest Airlines' red-bellied jets descend upon New York's major airports ( More...

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Michael Perry 0
Sometimes Competition is a good thing.. I just hope the passengers will be the real winners in this fight.
Luke Steinberg 0
makes it sound like its a football game, with this defending this house stuff
We never know .... who will buy out who next ... Lets see UA/CO, DL/NW, SW/AT .... and years ago AA picked up Air Cal and Trans World, While US Air grabbed PSA, Piedmont, Allegheny and quickley moved out of SJC, only to later return with the purchase of America West .. Pan Am "Landed" after United bought their routes following the incident of # 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, December 21, 1988 .. We see Merger after merger, only to see new carriers in the air.
Perry Lindsay 0
One correction RobSJC: America West bought usair, not the other way around. Too bad we kept the name of the purchased carrier.
chalet 0
Which is the next marriage, why it is no brainer American will buy U.S. Airways in less than 1/2 year, any bets.


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