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F-15s scramble to intercept unresponsive aircraft over restricted airspace over West Palm Beach

Two F-15s caused a ‘sonic boom’ as they raced from their base in Homestead, Fla., Friday to intercept an unresponsive general aviation aircraft that flew near Palm Beach during a stay by President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. The jets flew at supersonic speeds and residents were startled by the loud boom, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, said in a statement. The two fighters were able to establish communication with the aircraft. This incident occured at about 7 p.m. ET. No further… ( More...

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Already posted earlier this week.
linbb 1
Yup nothing new again today so the trolls are back at it again used to be a good source for AC stuff but just like many others anymore just a bunch of trolls posting.


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