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Are Female Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways Now Being Treated Fairly?

So female cabin crew were sacked for getting pregnant and weren't allowed to get married for at least five years! With the risk of getting sacked and deported! They might win loads of awards but this sounds horrendous! ( More...

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Harrold Black 4
Womens rights in the middle east are a huge issue, even outside of aviation. They have their own rules and operating procedures that are considered appropriate and accepted. Our opinions on the matter don't carry much weight unfortunately.
I do wonder however if many of the foreign employees they recruit realise what environment they'll be moving in to. I'm sure the vast majority have no problems but it is certainly worth knowing.
JP T 1
Amazingly QR does hire women for the flight deck. Already had one 380 FO and one 787-8 PIC on my flights. The logic tells me that the pregnancy/marriage restriction is not to discriminate women, but rather to ensure that the investment of training, hiring process etc...pays off. What airline wants to have a high crew turnover because of pregnancies? By the way, Asian airlines like SQ, TG, CX and MH also have certain restrictions with respect to marriage and pregnancy.


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