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Additive Manufacturing To Eliminate 845 Parts on GE's ATP Turboprop

By using additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as “3D printing”), GE Aviation has eliminated 845 parts for its Advanced Turboprop Engine (ATP), which will power Textron Aviation’s Denali turboprop single, GE Aviation president and CEO David Joyce said yesterday during a company investor call on additive manufacturing. Parent company GE also announced on the call it has acquired two suppliers of additive manufacturing equipment—Arcam and SLM Solutions Group—for $1.4 billion. ( More...

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joel wiley 4
Great idea. What effect does it have on replacement parts availability and stock on hand?
How long does it take to make the parts?
Also durability/life limit of those parts.
Josh Schwartz 2
That is just so awesome
Roy Hunte 1
About time this came around!


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