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Last Service Flight Under US Airways

The Last scheduled flight as US Airways reservations system is scheduled tonight. The flight number is AA1939 as a red eye.... ( और अधिक...

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brian Gaskill 0
Too bad they aren't retiring those awful a32's with the name....including the 21's that can't fly higher than 200 full. Hopefully we will see some 777's on approach in Charlotte in the future.
"....including the 21's that can't fly higher than 200 full" ???
calbert 1
Never herd of they can go higher than 200. I also was in the 300s when I rode on them. It was full.
calbert 1
They are old looking in the cabin when I fly on them, they could use some freshen up. They are getting more 321s. Don't know about the 320s.
Kenneth Schmidt 2
Flew CLT to ORD in an A321, and compared to the CRJ's and E170's earlier that week, quite the comfortable ride at FL370.

Customer service at PHL and CLT were outstanding, I made sure to get names and e*mailed corporate to tell them so. Let's hope that kind of culture does not die with the brand.
mary susan watkins 1
customer service has more to do with the type of people who work for a company,and how they are treated by management than other things..if the us air people were "outstanding" at phl and clt,their supervisors and managers must have treated them with the courtesy and respect they wanted passengers to have..if respect is given,it is paid forward to customers..thats a two way street with customers to airline personnel as well..i am sure us airways personnel (now american)were as loyal to their "brand",as were the american airlines employees who hated to see the "old american" go away..and by the way, there are and were a lot of loyal employees at American,who are and were very good at their jobs long before us air came into the picture!!


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