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Six Men Detained In Texas After Disrupting Flight From San Diego To Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Chicago was diverted to Amarillo, Texas, late Monday night, after six passengers became unruly during the flight. ( More...

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amacnabb 8
Just an FYI: I live in San Diego (well, 20 mi. east of downtown.

These men (boys?) were not "Arabs" or "middle-eastern" in the traditional sense. They were Chaldeans ("Kal-dee-anns"), which are (basically) Christians from Iraq. They were heavily persecuted by the large Muslim population there, and many have fled Iraq and (legally) entered the U.S. There is a very large population of them in the San Diego east county city of El Cajon. They are, generally speaking, typically very good people. I know and have worked with many.

Unfortunately, these young men have really F-'ed up! If actually convicted, they face fairly heavy prison sentences, from what has been reported locally.

I'm in no way defending them or their actions. Just's not right to stereotype people because of their appearance or surname. It's easy to do...but it isn't right.
Jim Quinn 5
What was the quote from the old "Hanging Judge Parker" in Fort Smith? "They'll have a fair trial at noon, and the hangin's at one!"? They tend to be quite arrogant at times, especially the Planetlillians.
preacher1 2
Judge Parker's quote is correct.
katty wompus 3
I spent a month in Amarillo, TX one weekend.
i do belive the airline is faulty too.

i got some 4 star hotels in europe and ALWAYS dispatch groups all over the hotel different floors and corridors to avoid them doing noise and disturbances.i never understood why airlines do the opposite.
probably the root cause is because airport staff don't fly in the plane with them after..

beside adult attending kids , group of more than 4 should be splited all over the plane.
this will solve immediatly all the issues.

cathay pacific use to do that at my request on the late 80'' with sea crew going back home to philippines or amsterdam... it is completly impossible to control a group of 15 drunk dutch tanker sea crew..especially that they were ff alchool for last 3 month.the only way is to split the group.

thank you for attention.
[email protected]

the news reports and photos did not say specifically what these people did to disrupt the flight and the crew, other than being very loud..i can imagine however..they also only showed one person being led away in handcuffs...when will people learn that you don't get into a fight,or name call, or other such on an airplane because the flight attendants and cockpit crew are in charge,and just like in an unruly classroom, they can say enough, and even handcuff this case I believe the flight was diverted to Amarillo..(actually a nice little airport even if it wasn't the destination!)good for southwest!
Ric Wernicke 2
I don't believe these "unruly Swedes" were just a bunch of clowns. There is a very real threat to aviation brought forth by the misguided sons of the Middle East. They constantly test the security systems and reactions of crew members to refine their bent to kill infidels that have soiled Saudi lands.

Former Los Angeles Police Chief and politician Ed Davis put forth a plan to "Hang 'em at the Airport" to deter hijackers, but that line of thinking could be extended to any felony committed on a plane. The gallows could be erected between Duty Free and the Hummus Kiosk. It would sure thin the herd of idiots that want to cause a ruckus in flight.
K H 2
You need to get back on your meds.
canuck44 3
If there were 12 of them on the plane traveling together, it is quite understandable that the crew would be a little edgy when half of them became disruptive. I would say it was a good call by the captain..particularly Amarillo, Texas where the Swedes are liable to find sympathy in the dictionary between syphilis and scurvy.
preacher1 1
You are correct in that they won't find any sympathy in Amarillo. Texas folks know a few manners and don't care much for the "Swedes" or any threat, real or perceived, to their way of thinking or life.
usad 2
Preacher, you know we Texan's are a friendly lot. We only hang them once, anyway!
peter knauth 2
Good call, this looks like a test to me...
Ray Miller 0
209flyboy 1
Another fine example of intolerance for authority.
jet4ang 1
Maybe if some commenters watched the news report instead of jumping to conclusions there wouldn't be so many stupid comments. These guys were a bunch of assholes, no matter what race or religion and need to get thrown into the slammer for exactly what the law prescribes, not a shortened sentence. IDIOTS!
oliver..the airline was southwest and they do not have assigned seating..passengers board by a group number and can sit wherever they like,except at an exit..airlines cannot "discriminate" by separating passengers seats,unless the flight is full and people travelling together cannot be seated close to one another..the exception as i stated are exit rows by faa requirements.."airline staff" persons as you call them,are well aware of seating availability,accommodating passengers requests and other such..obviously this group did not get "rowdy" on the plane until well into the flight as they were going from san diego to chicago and the flight diverted to airline is not responsible for the actions of a passenger who has been security screened,boards an airplane and decides while flying to be can rest assured the other passengers were not happy,not so much about the diversion, but about the rowdy group...
I do recommend large group to be split in planes or hotels for other guests tranquility and safety.
Thank you for attention
So glad to see this type of behaviour will not be tolerated .As a frequent flyer on planes that are crowded and stressful to begin with. I do not want to contend with disruptions of this sort ,to put it mildly it scares the---- out of me!
jail them
amacnabb 1
One additional comment: Local news in S.D. reported the group (of 12) as all part of a local soccer team, on their way to tournament in the Chicago area.

Guess they aren't going to get to play...LOL!
Dirk Jeanis 1
There are times when I have heard of actions by airline crews that basically instigated problems. Anyone can have a bad day.
This does not seem to be one of those times. I am glad that they did this. I hope that two things happen:
1. The airline sues for losses of time and fuel expenses including all overhead costs.
2. That the airline additionally sues for financial recovery to the other passengers.

Since we live in a society whose criminal laws and civil laws and whose jail systems are all based on money it makes sense.
David Rice 1
The airline does not have to "sue" for recovery of item #1, they are already entitled to damages, based upon the crime committed (in most localities). As far as #2 above goes, the airline is not the damaged party, so it would be up to the individuals to sue for damages, however, that might be getting a bit too litigious, huh?
interfering a flight crew are the federal charges that have been filed against these men..the story is they refused to put up their trays, and became loud and beligerant using profanity..airlines do not generally sue for damages,and if a passenger does so (its their right), they probably would get nothing as the airline was following security/safety procedures by diverting and deplaning those men,and its doubtful the men have the money for legal fees,,etcetera from the sound of it...
Bruce Headley 1
Their behaviour was succeeding (until they landed in a Texas jail). That must have been quite a shock.
i do belive the airline is faulty too.

i got some 4 star hotels in europe and ALWAYS dispatch groups all over the hotel different floors and corridors to avoid them doing noise and disturbances.i never understood why airlines do the opposite.
this is probably the root cause ..because airport staff don't fly ..

beside adult attending kids , group of more than 4 should be splited all over the plane.

thank you for attention.
[email protected]
BobRose 1
Follow the rules. What is so hard about that?
Dee Lowry 1
If I might add...FAA Regulations 91.11, 121.580, and 135.120 states that "no person may assault, threaten, intimidate or interfere with a crew member or the crew members duties aboard an aircraft being operated. It's a Federal Rule! If Pax disregard the rule...the crew can put those unruly pax down. Very unfortunate for the good pax. But this is what it's come to.
rick SCOTT 1
Great job Southwest! They just learned why you DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!
K H -2
Actually their biggest mistake was flying on Southwest.
mariofer 1
The millennial mentality: rules and laws don't apply to me and I should be allowed to be myself and do what I please. A clear problem if the "Myself" happens to be an idiot.
katty wompus 1
The Baby Boomer mentality: rules and laws don't apply to me and I should be allowed to be myself and do what I please. A clear problem if the "Myself" happens to be an idiot.
Charles Morgan -1
LMAO.......check out the link to the Chicago CBS station.

All Arab looking dudes with Arab-like names. A pack of 12 of them, evidently. From San Diego. Sorta like what would happen if I put on a KKK sheet, went to Ferguson, and started yelling racial slurs at all of the locals on Saturday night.

Being disruptive/belligerent on a US airliner. If they were in fact being disruptive, it's a wonder a bunch of the passengers didn't get together to beat the crap out of them. OTOH, you can't get much farther from the prying eyes of the bleeding heart media than Amarillo.

You can't fix stupid. Is the "Darwin Award" an award for individuals, or can a group receive one?

Between these guys, and the "roman candle on the top of the head" guy, Mr. "Eff them alligators" guy is getting a real run for his money as this year's Darwin Award winner.

Time to develop "escape/passenger removal" pod for airliners, to eliminate costly diversions due to unruly passengers? Preferably with an "Arm/Disarm" switch for the pyros and the parachute.
David Rice 1
Yea, these guys are real "pieces of work". Note, however, that one has to die [in the act of stupidity] to receive a Darwin Award. These guys might be in for an "honorable mention", if you want to nominate them.
Louis Messier 0
Were there any air marshals on this flight? Do we have air marshals any longer? I haven't heard of any lately.
air marshalls are not assigned to every flight,everyday, on every dont hear of them because it is not meant to be public information...
Dee Lowry 0
Thankyou Jimmy Carter. Deregulation was the start of the end of aviation as we knew it. Everything declined...Airlines went bankrupt and mergerd...forgive me but...the trailer trash people flooded the airways. Creating big time trouble. I flew during that time and saw my airline go down the gutter like many others. Very sad. It used to be fun. Meeting people...then we, as a crew had to defend ourselves from the people. These guys committed a Federal Law.
canuck44 0
Misbehaving Swedes on their way to the National 7-11 conference no doubt.
Ken McIntyre 0
It makes me wonder...
Just how long are we as American people going to put up with these foreigners that refuse to follow laws or behave in a civilized manner? I know what would happen to those yayhoos in Mexico. Two years in the dungeon. And I've seen Mexican jails. Not pretty. And, if foreigners tried this in North Korea? Or Iran?
David Rice 2
Your post makes me wonder, what did you do to be "allowed" to see the inside of a Mexican jail? Never mind...
bsdxlr8r -1
Look like you have money ($5 or so) to a nice shop keeper or cartel member cop or local gang member's 77 year old grandma yourself - and you would be wishing you were looking at the inside of one of their jail cells.
David Rice 1
Your post makes no sense. Obviously, English is not your first language. Please comment on why you think I "would be wishing" I was looking at the inside of one of "their" jail cells. Are you even man enough to say that to my face, punk? Little Kenny Mason with his little boy world view...what a pu$$y!
bsdxlr8r 0
It's okay to sneak out of your mom's basement - those men she would bring home are gone now. They won't hurt you any more. It's okay. It's okay, shhh. Shhh. I know, I know. Hey! I know, why don't you get out some, huh? Yeah...and maybe you develop some sense of CONTEXT in dialogue, maybe even social skills while you're at it, okay? Now, seeing as how a comment directly addressing the context of your question managed to escape your cognitive abilities - I'll entertain your request to clarify even further, what had been evident to anyone else reading this thread. Go to Mexico looking like you have money...A crooked cop throwing you in jail would be the BEST thing that could happen to you. That is a direct, simple honest TRUE realistic answer to your question, simple and plain, well known and accepted as FACT to anyone that has ever been out of their mom's basement. Troll.
Louis Messier 0
Erecting the terminal gallows...There should be a jury trial...the jurors could mail in their verdicts a week after reading press reports.
Joe Willett -1
PLEASE DEPORT all of these idiots! The entire group should be fined, deported , and put on a no fly list.
btweston 3
No trial, no nothing, eh?

preacher1 -1
Probably so but they'll get a dose of Texas justice, slapped on the wrist and allowed to go on about their merry way. We wouldn't want to offend nobody. Personally, I think what Rick posts below about Ed Davis saying Hang 'em at the airport is the way to go. Not prejudice but I have no sympathy for somebody without manners or respect for authority. Kudos to the crew for standing their ground and the Captain for diverting.
btweston 3
"Personally, I think what Rick posts below about Ed Davis saying Hang 'em at the airport is the way to go. Not prejudice..."

Prejudice: noun
an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.
unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group.

Don't look now...

This is still America, friend. We have a system. If you don't like it, I hear Tehran is nice this time of year. Or Egypt, perhaps. Bring some sunblock.
preacher1 1
You left out the rest of the quote BT. I said not prejudice, meaning against a class of people but I lose all respect for no manners or respect for authority. Yes we are in America but I do feel that our justice system has gotten clogged and bogged down, and that a plea deal is becoming normal. I just think that there needs to be teeth put back into the law to where it is the deterrent it is meant to be. If that were the case, we might not be having this conversation.
Joe Willett 1
Good point concerning the crew, I hope SWA rewards all of the crew for their handling of the situation, KUDOS!


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