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Lets Go Flying; A350-900 (Video)

A short, but very information piece.. I'm ready to take a ride, Let's see now, where did I leave my Media Credentials ? ( More...

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jbqwik 2
Good video (except kill that cheesy canned background music). love those outside video cams, the cockpit looks clean, efficient and inviting. But no linked flight controls yet?
Chris Goode 2
I'm not really into the Boeing/Airbus debate, but it looks to me like all of the flying is taken out of the left seat of that aircraft. I'm no professional pilot, just a private ticket, but are pilots no longer pilots...are we done as a skill and a profession? What happens when the computer crashes, oh yeah so does the plane. Seems like automation is taking us in the wrong direction. Am I the only one that feels this way?
Mike Boote 1
Sweet - Does anyone know whether American or Delta will receive the first A350 in the US?
joel wiley -1
Let's see if he will do one with the AB400M with HAL flying...

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Mike Mohle 1
"If it ain't a Boeing, I ain't going!"


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