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Air New Zealand considers Boeing 777X vs Airbus A350, plus second 787-9 order

Air New Zealand will run the ruler over both the Boeing 777X and Airbus A350 as replacements for its current long-range Boeing 777 fleet, the airline revealed today. Also in the mix is a second batch of 787-9s with more premium seating for the North American market. ( More...

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flyingscotno1 2
I wonder if they'll go Airbus simply due to the steps they had to take to cope with very late delivery of the Dreamliners? The A350 is likely not to suffer that and do they need the extra seats of the 777x range?
Glen Towler 1
I would myself go with the A350 its very close to going into service and who knows what kind of delays there will be 777X. I know the 777 has been service for many years now but it still a new design . Also could Air NZ fill all of those extra seats
They will choose the 777X because of it's availability and it's fuel efficiency


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