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Japanese airlines suspend Dreamliner flights after emergency landing

Two Japanese airlines grounded their fleets of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has been beset by a string of mechanical and other problems, after an All Nippon Airways flight made an emergency landing Wednesday. ( और अधिक...

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Jeff Lawson 4
Today's ANA692 flight that executed an emergency landing --
Jon Van Staalduinen 4
I suspect the whole fleet may be grounded until this dealt with, just to be cautious.
Aeron Monsale 3
I'm sad I can't watch this bird land this morning..
Maxwell Chen 3
Interesting discovery. Apparently JAL has temporarily switched to flying 772s between NRT and BOS.
ace005 3
JL65 San Diego-Tokyo has been cancelled.
John Danzy 3
If it's Boeing, I ain't going (literally).
Brad Littlejohn 3
And somewhere in Hamburg and Toulouse, a small number of EADS/Airbus designers and engineers are feeling slightly vindicated from all of the vilification they've received over the years...
joel wiley 3
Flightaware, thanks for consolidating the threads. Now there's only one to follow.
As of 09:30 CST there are only five in the air. Four UAL and one QTR. Hummm? Seems like very few if 50 have been delivered.
Boeing better get some additional lawyers.
Michael Enzmann 2
Battery fires = very bad, but of the other items listed - cracked windshields, fuel valve malfunction, brake problem - I have been on flights delayed or cancelled by these problems on many different airliners, many different airlines. As for lithium-ion battery fires - all too common (having taken down 2 747 freighters of which I am aware) and the Chevy Volt scare that made the news. I mean media going zonkers over outer layer glass crazing. I've been on a flight where we had a take-off abort and when we deplaned, they were treating the pilot who had shattered glass from a broken windshield on his lap - a CRJ. Didn't even make the news.
Rand Huck 2
You can't compare other aircraft incidents to this one for the following reasons:

1.) B787s in service are measured in mere dozens, while other aircraft are measured in thousands. A daily CRJ incident among thousands is NOT the same as a daily 787 incident among dozens.

2.) Many aircraft's problems are the result of simple wear and tear from aging parts. The same cannot be said for a brand spanking new bird that should be in its prime.

That said, these kinds of problems are not at all uncommon for NEW releases of aircraft. IIRC the A380 had problems after its debut, all of which were corrected in a timely matter. I see no reason the same will not be for the 787.
flyingcookmosnter 2
They need to send the PR guys that handled the Toyota recall over to Boeing. Has Boeing put out a statement? They seem remarkably quite about all this :)
frank soh 2
ANA and JAL are the first delivered to their fleet. LOT, Qatar, Air India, LAN Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and United Airlines received dream liners later. They also face the same problems in near future. I hope that Boeing
will resolve minor hick ups as soon as possible. I wonder if it happened in international flight instead of short Japanese domestic flight? I believe that B787-8 could make a safe landing in somewhere, instead of disaster.
Whenever new products coming out of market, there will be always growing pains surface. Airbus A380 VH-QQA had a nightmare in Batam Island, Indonesia. I know for sure Dreamliner will overcome minor growing pains in near future. The good news is nobody got hurt. Let's keep it that way.
andreas peleties 1
I do not understand this is it a misfortune or what? I love this Boeing B777 because my sun is flying it without problems in EMIRATES AIRLINES.
Ethan Begrowicz 1
After all the years and problems Boeing endured to build this thing you would think that it wouldn't have any problems

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btweston 2
I would think that that is exactly why there is a testing phase. i.e. Find these things and figure them out before you put grandma in the back.
Andriy Tsyupka 1
that is a little scary, I wasn't aware of "no hydraulic pumps"
Wow. Just realized the photo shows the emergency chutes deployed. If that is noted in the article it went right over my head.
Peter Douglas 1
I just looked it up - 50 have been delivered

[This poster has been suspended.]

Either two are being overly cautious (and trying to make a better case while talking to their lawyers) or the four other carriers are putting their passengers at risk.
*four should have been five
Mickey McCarthy 1
I wonder are all these problem batteries being made by the same subcontractor. If so, this could be a really big problem with no alternate source available.
Ben Lillie 1
I wonder what they're flying into BOS now, if anything?
Ben Lillie 1
Nope, they ain't flyin' nothin' into BOS.
Jon Van Staalduinen 1
This bird gonna be just fine guys, just needs some time

[This poster has been suspended.]

Pat Bell 1
Since this is an active investigation under JCAB control with the NTSB now involved, I suspect Boeing would be limited as to what they can say.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Pat Bell 1
Think what you want, but when the NTSB is running an investigation, it is their show.
Jon Van Staalduinen 1
Huck is bang on! 👍
william baker 1
We'll Ana must feel good at least for one of there 787s as for ANA 203 from Tokyo to Frankfurt is in the air as of 5:48pm est on January 16th 2012.
joel wiley 1
FAA grounds all 787s according to Reuters a few minutes ago.
Boeing's website shows some 49 deliveries:

Ignorant question: How do you identify the sequence numbering of 787s coming off the line? Is there a pattern with the failures? Common lots of subcontractor parts?
Dan Moldenhauer 1
Li Ion battery ? First it was laptops burning, now it's aircraft. Boeing guys need to look at their battery suppliers and their battery charging systems really hard.
Good luck, Boeing.
Kevin Brown 1
FLASH: ANA grounding all 787 jets for emergency inspections - NHK
pdixonj 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

ANA And JAL Ground Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fleet

Japan's All Nippon Airways is to ground its entire fleet of 17 Dreamliners, broadcaster NHK reported, after a Boeing 787 made an emergency landing in western Japan, the latest in a series of glitches involving the aircraft. Japan Airlines swiftly followed suit, saying it would suspend all Boeing Co 787 flights scheduled to leave Japan on Wednesday due to safety concerns and ground its fleet of seven aircraft.
Ken McIntyre 1
Not news to me, I figured this was coming. The worst problems seem to be on the first Dreamliners off of the assembly line. Hope this isn't a trend.
ken hamilton 0
Used to be IF IT AINT BOEING IT AINT GOING, now its IF ITS BOEING IT AINT GOING. In their rush to get a leg up on Airbus they delivered a faulty product which is sooo obvious, 2 years delay in production should tell you something. Dreamliner........has the potential to put a lot of pax to sleep all at once.
Toby Sharp 0
this is typical with newer aircraft.
HBFlyer 4
Burning wiring/batteries and smoke in the cockpit is not typical of newer aircraft and is not a teething problem. This is serious business. FAA has grounded the whole fleet as of 430pm PT.
aggieflyer 1
Neither are uncontrolled engine failures and cracked wing brackets, but the A380 seems to trucking along just fine now. Give it some time, the dreamliner is going to evolve into a fabulous ac.
HBFlyer 1
I hope you are right. I do want to fly 787's. But there have been so many incidents just in past month and the FAA never grounded the A380. My personal opinion was that sub-contracting out so many parts of the 787 was a logistic mistake. I think Boeing should have kept production in house just like previous aircraft. QA is a big issue in such a complex aircraft. How do you maintain high quality QA with so many subs. Just my 2 cents.
Pat Bell 1
One thing to keep in mind about "the FAA never grounding the A380" is that no US carriers operate the A380. There were no A380's for them to ground. In the case of the 787, the authorities of other countries are following the FAA's lead .
Peter Douglas -1
it's interesting that all these problems are on ANA planes - aren't there 30 or more flying now?
btweston 2
JAL and UA also had some "issues" last week.
John Rumpf 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes emergency landing after smoke in the cabin {Video!!!}

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner made an emergency landing at an airport in western Japan on Wednesday morning. No injuries were reported.

All Nippon Airways says smoke was detected after the plane took off from Yamaguchi-Ube Airport in western Japan at 8:10 AM. It was bound for Tokyo's Haneda Airport, carrying 137 people.
Tom Bruce 0
They will get it fixed... not unusual for a new plane to have unanticipated problems... BUT...
would hate to see battery/fire problem at 40,000 feet over the Aleutians...
mike bialko 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Boeing 787 makes emergency landing smoke in cockpit

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Boeing 787 operated by All Nippon Airways Co made an emergency landing in Takamatsu in western Japan after smoke appeared in the plane's cockpit, but all 137 passengers and crew members were evacuated safely, the Osaka Airport said on Wednesday.

The incident comes on top of a slew of recent problems with Boeing's new Dreamliner aircraft. The sophisticated new plane, the world's first mainly carbon-composite airliner, suffered two fuel leaks, a battery fire, a wiring problem, brake computer glitch and cracked cockpit window last week.

Wednesday's flight bound for Haneda Airport near Tokyo left Yamaguchi Airport in Western Japan shortly after 8 am JST (2300 GMT) but made an emergency landing at

Boeing spokesman Marc Birtel, told Reuters: "We've seen the reports, we're aware of the events and are working with our customer".
john rumpf 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

ANA Dreamliner makes emergency landing-Deployed Slides

Smoke in the cockpit after takeoff. Return and deployed the slides
Kenneth Holland -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

ANA Boeing 787 Makes Emergency Landing in Japan, ANA Grounds 787 Fleet

An All Nippon Airways Boeing 787 has made an emergency landing this morning (Wednesday) at Takamatsu Airport, Kagawa Prefecture in western Japan after reports say smoke entered the cockpit. Emergency slides were deployed.
ace005 -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

JAL and ANA ground entire Dreamliner Fleet

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have each grounded their entire Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleets.
linbb -5

[This poster has been suspended.]

joe milazzo -8
Folks the 787 isn't a Boeing product of the past, it's a consortium of several companies from several countries.
Boeing had to do this to sell the airplane. This and greedy unionized workers have ruined this project.......nothing is pure in business anymore!
Neil49 6
Re: "This and greedy unionized workers have ruined this project..."

What's the matter, couldn't qualify for a seat on an ALPA carrier?
btweston 2
Are you accusing the unionized workers of sabotage? What's your point, exactly?
JetMech24 2
His point was that because of the unionized workforce, Boeing did more outsourcing than they should have. Just one of many other reasons.
peter pandem 0
Why should Boeing follow a failed model like Airbus? many countries and companies and unions and .... OS! :-)
Chris Donawho -4
Boeing is taking a huge, nasty dump on itself. Look for Airbus to start making announcements of large volume orders over the next few weeks. You know they'll want to rub some salt on this wound.
btweston 4
They're over there dancing to Disco Inferno.
kyle Budewitz -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Japanese airlines ground Boeing 787s after emergency landing

All Nippon Airways Co. and Japan Airlines Co. have suspended all Boeing 787 flights. The carriers operate about half of the Dreamliners passenger jets Boeing has delivered to airlines.
James Anger 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Japan emergency fuels Dreamliner fears

Country's two largest airlines ground their fleets of Boeing 787 planes for safety checks after emergency landing.
Andrew Loenen 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Half of Boeing’s 787’s now grounded

Airlines want answers. So does the public. All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines Co., two big, loyal Boeing customers, grounded all of their 787 Dreamliners Wednesday following yet another disturbing problem with the new aircraft.
Mj Alkhafaji 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Japanese airlines suspend Dreamliner flights after emergency landing

(CNN) — Two Japanese airlines grounded their fleets of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has been beset by a string of mechanical and other problems, after an All Nippon Airways flight made an emergency landing Wednesday.
sparkie624 -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Japanese airlines suspend Dreamliner flights after emergency landing

Two Japanese airlines grounded their fleets of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has been beset by a string of mechanical and other problems, after an All Nippon Airways flight made an emergency landing Wednesday.

Japan Airlines has seven of the airplanes and All Nippon Airways normally flies 17. It was not clear how long the JAL and ANA flights would be grounded.
Kevin Brown -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

BREAKING NEWS: All 129 passengers, 8 crew members evacuated safely after ANA-operated Boeing 787's emergency landing: Osaka airport spokesman

This is turning into a nightmare scenario for Boeing.


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