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2 planes come too close to one another at Detroit airport, FAA official says

2 planes come too close to one another at Detroit airport, FAA official says ( और अधिक...

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preacher1 2
Other than to sensationalize, on the heels of the DC incident, why is this even a story? The story itself says that while separation was less than required(about 2 miles), ATC knew they were there and the pilot's had visual on each other. What's the problem???????
linbb 1
Because they have nothing better to do and also repost old news that already was posted. Wish that someone would edit these posts out so the real av news could be here. Its getting bad with a lot of armchair pilots out there.
preacher1 1
Yeah it is. That's just like a few months ago when Andrews got a trashy handoff and the 1st lady's plane had to go around. No big deal and happens all the time. Had it not been high profile, they might have left it alone, but controllers did exactly what they were supposed to do. Had that been anything other than a C17 on slow final with a 757 on it's tail at a higher approach speed, they might have even left them alone but instead, we had to hear about it for a week, thanks to the media.
preacher1 1
To add to that in the for what it's worth department, I have followed on minimum or less for a good ways and stay the same on handoff to approach. As long as you have visual on the guy ahead of you and he knows your back there, normally he won't dawdle getting clear, and in most case, the tower will line you up just to keep things fluid. You still have up til about a mile to make the decision to goround on your own if he does dawdle. It has happened both ways. You just got to pay attention to what you are doing


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