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F-22 widow files lawsuit against Raptor contractors

The late Captain Jeffrey Haney's widow is suing several F-22 contractors involved in making or integrating the stealth fighter's life support systems. Haney died in November 2010 when his F-22 crashed in Alaska. Flightglobal US military reporter Dave Majumdar has posted a full article on the lawsuit, including Lockheed Martin's statement that respectfully disagrees with the allegations brought by Haney's widow. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 1
I hope she gets the amount of money necessary to replace her husband
I do feel bad for her but, she married a fighter pilot she knew the risk. i don't think she has a chance to get a dime. Unless Lockheed decided to pay her to go away or out of sympathy.
Marcus Pradel 1
She knew the risk of him perishing at the service of his country. But not by asphyxiation due to sloppy design by a defense contractor many times over budget.


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