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(Video) Mountain Scrapes Beechcraft Bonanza CFIT Controlled Flight Into Terrain

VFR into IMC. Skip to 1:35 for the action and watch the lower right part of the windshield. ( और अधिक...

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Tom Bruce 5
worked the tower at South Lake Tahoe 1975-76 - every year during the first few storms in the winter and the last few in the spring a pilot or two would fly into weather, try to penetrate or go under and crash.. we had a map in the tower of the (literally) hundreds of crash sites within 30 miles of the airport - most resulting from pilots that were flying when they shouldn't.... we had the map because a pilot would occasionally fly over a crash site and report it - we would scramble to try to determine if it was new or one of the many old ones
siriusloon 1
There are so many crashes around Goose Bay, most dating from its time as a WWII staging base and a Cold War USAF base, that they paint a large red "X" on the major pieces of wreckage so searchers will know it's an old site. I was told the climate preserved them and the wrecks I saw from the air were still shiny where they hadn't burned. At that time, only a few had been plotted with GPS, but many more have been since then, which would help around South Lake Tahoe, I think. The red X's would be a good idea, too.
royalbfh 4
Umm, hello FAA? Yes, I would like to turn in my pilots license. Why? Well because I am stupid. Thanks
Ben Lillie 3
How stupid can you get? If you're flying VFR you turn back if you meet IMC conditions. It's as simple as that.
JonC 3
The sad truth that there are unsafe and irresponsible pilots out there...unbelievable
Tom Bruce 3
idiots! they put it on U-tube?? they're laughing?
pfp217 2
I wonder if the PAX didn't post this.
preacher1 3
Glad it was them and not me but I would like to think that I wouldn't have done it in the first place.
houtxpilot 3
I am sure the FAA loved this.
dmanuel 3
This video is not new. However the fact that it appears everyone it taking this lightly is disturbing. As pilots we are charged with protecting our passengers. All this guy did was reinforce a common perception that GA is dangerous and small plane pilots are incompetent. This not a way to promote ourselves.
Jim Quinn 3
Looks like very poor decision-making techniques, starting at pre-flight. The bushes could have been a tower or a water tower or house....
sparkie624 2
All that I can say is it was not there time to go. Just think if they had been 1 or 2 feet lower in altitude... Could have been a very bad out come.
preacher1 2
Gene spanos 2
Must be the same jet jockeys that we caught outside the glide paths - here.
Maybe the passenger with the headset facing backwards was really....the navigator ?
Marcus Adolf 2
This pilot is an idiot for not filing for IFR to get over the clouds and if he was not IFR rated then he shouldn't have been flying that day. The pilot should have his license yanked especially at the end when they are laughing about it.
Marcus Adolf 2
Did any one see the tail # of the bonanza???
Jeff Grissom 2
This pisses me off! You would think that after more than 100 years of aviation people would know better.
Marcus Adolf 1
n111ma 2
In Brooklyn, we have a special term for guys like this (and I'll keep it clean) A-HOLES!
larry clement 1
idiots like that have no business flying. if they want to kill themselves, that's OK, except it makes our insurance rates higher.That video proves that they don't check anyone's IQ before they issue a license.

I would think that the FAA could figure out who this idiot is by using the pictures of the planes, hangars, people etc. I wonder if the shop that repaied the plane files a form 337
Capt. Robert Frangione 1
The requirements for a pilots license include reading, speaking and understanding English .. need we add ... not being stupid?
Charlie Reilly 1
ww curry 1
This should make the pilot realize he is a dumass and he should sell the aircraft before he makes another dumass decision and becomes a fatality.


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