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(video) Night Landing at LAX in a Boeing 737NG

Night landing at Los Angeles World Airport viewed through the Heads Up Display of a Boeing 737-800. ( और अधिक...

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Shawn S. Sullivan 0
Awesome. Theses HUDs really show how little we have seen when landing at night even in VFR. When I first started flying I was amazed how small even the big airports looked relative to their urban/suburban surrounding environment. Nice find.
sparkie624 0
Nice video. I have flown in these in CAT III conditions, and they are amazing. Getting almost on the runway before seeing anything but the HUD.
Rick Norton 0
Fantastic video, shared with all my "winged" friends. Thanks!
Awesome What is the NG designation? Longer range?
JetMech24 0
737 Next Generation (-700, -800, -900 series)


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