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Another View of the Helo Accident in Auckland

Another View of the Helo Accident in Auckland ( More...

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Victor Engel 0
I doubt that was the source of the crash. However, the wire should have been released prior to landing the helicopter. It looks like there was a malfunction preventing the release.

On the other hand, depending on how heavy that wire is, maybe it set up some sort of positive feedback loop that put the helicopter into a destructive cycle of correcting itself. I have a hard time believing the wire could be heavy enough for that, though, and if it were, the man on the ground wouldn't be able to send a pulse down the wire strong enough.

Just my opinion, really.
Victor Engel 0
There are some other views on youtube. I don't know if this is the same view or not, but here you can see a lose cable (at least in full screen mode) hanging from the tower, losely. I think that's the cable that got hit. You also can see the tower sway when this happens.
Victor Engel 0
This one is the clearest of what I've seen. Watch in HD.

The editing the news team did to point out who was manipulating the wire actually made me think someone else (one of the foreground guys) was doing it.
linbb 0
Victor it was the wire that the fellow snapped and it went into the blades, it was the one attached to the hook on the heli dont try to make so much out of it.
Victor Engel 0
Yes, I could see that after I got a clearer view on a subsequent video. If there were a way to remove old posts, I would. My first post was based on seeing the scenario incorrectly. I thought the wire was going from the bottom of the helicopter across the ground to the people standing with their backs to the camera. That's not the case at all.


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