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American MD80s, Showing Their Age? Three Incidents in Four days.

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Great job by the crew in each situation. Pilot's don't get paid enough.
canuck44 0
Interesting to read the second guessers in the comment section. 101 people got on and the same number got off. The guys in the front seats get to see all the gauges and made some decisions about an engine on the tail of the aircraft. The second guessers seem to ignore that if it had become a problem then they could have shut it down.
preacher1 0
John: you are right on as usual. I went ahead and committed to make that DFW-ATL turn Saturday, and I'll be flying one of those MD's both ways. All those comments are correct about them being old, noisy, and fuel guzzlers, BUT, AAL has already made the decision to replace them after an excellent reman program at Tulsa for most of them, BUT as the one comment said, it does take time and until then they will fly. With the MD's being the workhorse of the AAL fleet, things are going to break, and being in the majority, if something does, chances are it will be on one of them, and yes, if guages were halfway decent, I would have idled it and kept it running, just in case.IMHO
canuck44 0
Old MD's...Naw, adolescent maybe. Next summer I will be attending a reunion of all of us that flew, maintained or hindered the Canadian Navy (Canadian Forces) SeaKings in the past 50 years. They were old when I was their flight surgeon 38 years ago and they are still flying them off bouncing destroyers in the North Atlantic in birds invariably older than their pilots...even the senior ones.

Visit their FB page at: One of the best spoof recruiting posters says: "Why ask your Grandfather what it was like...Find out for yourself!"
Troy Raiteri 0
Hey you know 101 Passengers got on the aircraft, An engine problem occurred, And all the 101 passengers got off safely with no injuries isn't that not good enough?

jkabradley 0
From N9402W, N9405T age 19 years, N9677W 12 years. Wonder how many cycles those airframes have? 12 years is less than the fleet average for AA (14.5 yrs).


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