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JetBlue employee runs over another employee with jet bridge

A jet bridge ran over a JetBlue employee at the Fort Lauderdale airport early on Sunday, sending the 30-year-old man to the hospital, Broward County officials said. The man’s legs were trapped, and he had to be extricated before Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue took him to Broward General Medical Center, said airport spokesman Gregory Meyer. The jet bridge is the walkway that connects the terminal with the aircraft. ( More...

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99NY 0
Hmm, last I checked Jetways were large, slow moving objects with flashing lights and alarm bells. Looks like the guy on the ground wasnt paying attention.
Actually, they're not that slow. If you're right next to it and someone starts operating it, it's easy to get run over. It all comes down to everyone being aware.
preacher1 0
Well, obviously, somebody done something wrong. The article says he was responsible for directing the aircraft, so if they were bringing up the jetbridge, the Aircraft was parked and he WASN'T looking. That being said, I thought those jetbridges had a delayed start, as in bells and whistles going off before it went into motion to prevent just such an accident from happening. I'm like THRUSTT, slow or not, if you are next to one and they have immediate movement, if you hear the bells or see the lights, you are probably too late. As with a pilot, the operator don't have a 360 degree field of vision, hence the need for wingwalkers and someone to clear the plane
Ben Pittsley 0
I'm sure its hard to hear bells when Jet's are taxi'ing by --- Better the jet bridge then the plane or engine ;)
preacher1 0


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