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US FAA tightens aircraft certification oversight after Boeing MAX crashes

WASHINGTON, Nov 28 (Reuters) - The Federal Aviation Administration said on Tuesday it had adopted a new aircraft certification policy requiring key flight control design changes to be considered "major" like the system involved in two fatal Boeing (BA.N) 737 MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019. ( More...

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Excuse me? I think the FAA just woke up. This happened years ago. Time for major revamping of this agency.
Jim Allen 4
Only 5 years later. What do you expect when you expect the fox to watch the henhouse?? This one really pissed me off. I’m for reducing government where we can but this is the case study in why we can’t.
Robert Graham 1
Tighten aircraft certification? Putting Dennis A. Muilenburg in jail for a while might help too. He practically caused the Max crashes because $$ first.

Scott Wiggins -1
Who's going to put Fauci and Gates in jail? We are on the way to 500k excess deaths this year and you're crying about q couple of plane crashes. what about EVs exploding? Did you miss the ship that sank from EV fires? What about the parking garage in England that burned down? It was concrete and steel.
Jim Allen 1
Name me a crime to prosecute him for. You try being a chief epidemiologist in the middle of a pandemic killing millions of people around the world. BTW.. if you actually read what we wrote it was the continual lies and breaking of laws that we’re criticizing. But you have an axe to grind here despite efforts by a lot of commenters not to make this a political forum. I suggest you grind it elsewhere.
Scott Wiggins 1
Just keep your head in the sand and see how that works out for you. We have an epidemic of the vaccinated if you don't know. I've lost three friends, two others had strokes, another developed a heart condition. i'm merely relating facts that you call politics. Good luck in life.
Jim Allen 1
They are facts, not denying it. I also don’t agree with the way the health policy was handled, by the press or by the government. Anyone in government that can remember the Ford administration mass response to a Spanish flu epidemic that gave people shots that gave them Guillan-Barre syndrome unnecessarily shouldn’t be in office. But in public health policy you make decisions for the masses. Any medication has a trade-off that should be discussed with your physician and your individual case. That wasn’t how it was handled. I can also present you the case of Dianna Cowen, a popular you tuber tha is suffering from Long Covid. Let me ask you.. why don’t we seat people backwards on aircraft? It would save untold lives in crashes. Most flights don’t crash. Most people didn’t have an adverse reaction to the vaccine.
Scott Wiggins 1
500,000 excess deaths this year that no one in the corrupt media and government are talking about because they hope you don't notice. If you want to know where this came from look up Bill Gates TED talk from 2012. He said vaccines in the future would be used to control population. There was plenty of criminality involved in this to go around. However, I take particular issue with the FAA rolling over to Biden with his mandate. If you have ever been caught in the FAA's medical swamp as I have you know that they are incredibly stingy with any new medication for pilots. That policy went out the window with the covid vaxx. I'm not here to preach. I merely post these things because no one in media is talking about the harm they did. Cheers!
Scott Wiggins -1
Oh, I can't talk to my doctor as he died "suddenly" last year.
Ken Hudson 1
How is this aviation related? wrong form for your delusions.
Jim Allen 0
I wasn’t going to include that, but yeah. How do you have an airline come to you and ask for training and be told “oh you don’t need additional training on this type”? Then when a problem comes out you try to blame it on the pilots of the foreign carriers., after they’re dead, of course. You then intentionally remove all references to MCAS from the documentation. Why this guy is not sitting in jail is still beyond me.
linbb -8
Is there another country that has an FAA? Think the USA is the only one others have a different name.
Joe Keifer 2
All countries have a 4th of July too.
robin cooper 1
and both canada and UK are outsourced so government is not involved
Joe Keifer 1
Delivery of services is contracted out but not safety and the regulatory portions which remain inherently governmental.
Europe has the EASA
Scott Wiggins -2
Are the Feds going to investigate 500K excess deaths we will have this year? Where was the FAA when Biden mandated experimental gene therapy for pilots? I've lost three friends since they took Fauci's poison. Two others had strokes. Another has an irregular heart beat now. And still others who were never sick are sick all the time now. The Feds are gangsters now.
Jim Allen 2
Skip the politics. Not the place unless the FAA suddenly got the right to approve vaccines.
Scott Wiggins -1
Facts are politics? Who knew. Apparently you don't know how strict the FAA has been historically about allowing pilots to take any drugs. When I flew in the Marines, anything more than tylenol had to be approved by the flight surgeon. Fauci's gene therapy was still listed as experimental when Biden mandated it.
Don Ridgeway 2
This is FLIGHTAWARE so lets keep it like that, about flight. There are plenty of other Forums for political discussions.


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