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Delta Air Lines Introduces New Pilot Training Academy in Florida

Delta Air Lines has introduced a new pilot training academy in Vero Beach, Florida, as a part of its Propel Pilot Career Path Program. In partnership with Skyborne Airline Academy, this academy offers aspiring pilots a specialized and accelerated route to becoming a Delta pilot. ( More...

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Charles Ensley 6
Hey this path has been around for years. It's called "JOIN THE MILITARY." Worked for me. 😀😮😭
srobak 3
Yep - it's how I got my wings, and I mentioned to turn it into a successful business after the fact. Imagine that.
srobak 1
managed - not mentioned. seriously, phone.
Gary Bain 1
Army Aviation Warrant Officer Program?
Gary Bain 1
Well I had earned my commercial, instrument and multi-engine ratings and had 1,387 hours and two years of college. None of the airlines would talk to me. This was in 1965(ish). I had a cousin who was hired by United with four years of college and about 300 hours. Unfortunately he was killed along with most of the crews when a drunk driver jumped the curb at Stapleton and took some of them out them out while they were waiting for the hotel bus. Damned shame. He was a great guy. This has very little to do with my tome but I think I would have been just as good an employee and pilot as my cousin based on what I accomplished by taking another path. That is kind of the point of my comments. Besides turning my life around I was honored and proud to serve my country. Turned out to be a win-win.
Ian Oppenheom 3
I considered Delta's Flight School back in 2005 - It was beyond reasonable financially at the time.
On par with tuition for Florida State University.
I know there's some airlines out there paying for a portion of the training needed with a CFI nowadays, but it's still a lot of money to go from PPL to Airline pilot.

If I could get my wings by joining the military at 37, I would've done it yesterday but no longer an option.

Thank goodness for dual citizenship though- May be leaving the US for training. Been looking into some airlines that will pay 190% of training in Europe. We shall see..
Mark Hanneman 2
Wish Delta would do the same at St. Cloud MN Regional (KSTC). Light traffic, four seasons and near KMSP.

James Cox 2
Ah location of the former FlightSafety Academy, learned to fly there.
Gary Bain 3
If the airlines and the government had any sense they would provide this training at no cost not through the very questionable college loan program which I consider to be close to extortion due to the ridiculous cost charged especially by the "elite" colleges. The cost is insane. The government should give the airlines a major tax break for this type of training/apprentice program and for any other technical/vocational training for any company that sponsors a training program. This country has a dearth of people who can actually do anything useful anymore these days. If the government wants to increase tax revenues and improve the employment picture this is the obvious way to do that. Not everyone needs a college degree especially ones that are worthless in the work force which you would have thought the college level geniuses could have figured out. I would also like to have known more from the article about the "Up to now, nearly 100 participants have completed the Company, College, and Community pathway programs, and are now flying for Delta" Exactly what is that "pathway". Would candidates have to have borrow a ton on money to attain a college degree and then borrow more to attain a slot in the Delta Program? That makes it pretty difficult for most folks who want to be Delta pilots. Further I do not think that a college degree actually insures success in this type of program. Thousands of very fine pilots have been produced by the U.S. Army Aviation Warrant Officer program which does not require a college degree only a high school diploma. I, for one, went that route and had a very successful career as an Army Aviator, Corporate pilot and airline pilot. I ended up being the manager of Operations for the largest corporate operation in the world flying a Boeing 767-200ER world-wide. I did earn a college degree but did it through a program offered by the Army. There is currently an Army Major General serving who started as an Aviation Warrant Officer and many Warrant Officers now serve in Command positions. I did not learn anything of value that pertains to flying and managing an aviation operation. I learned most of what I needed to know in the military. I also wonder if the GI Bill would help pay for the Delta training?
Charlie Wagner 2
Every time an airline takes a govt bailout, they should be required to train X amount of pilots, free of charge.


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