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24-year-old pilot lands on Queens beach; jokes at JFK air traffic controllers.

"Just let us know if we're up in your grill," Jason Maloney, 24, radioed to an air-traffic controller minutes before his single-propeller plane's emergency landing, according to an audio recording of the interaction. ( More...

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TTail 0
who in the HELL does not bring a barf bag, when you go flying in a small plane?? i have been in a plane at 12,000 feet and needed to throw up my lunch. it was not a pretty sight, but my friend who IS a good and prepared pilot brought a barf bag. WHAT A MORON this young man is!!!
kyle dunst 0
I dont get why he didnt just return to the airport if someone was sick. Why land on the beach? Doesnt make sense
Robert Gomez 0
Whisky Tango Foxtrot?
Jeff Grana 0
Twenty bucks says he was just showing off for the girl. Who in their right mind talks to the tower like that?
wbstroud 0
It literally makes me physically ill to listen to this crazy, irresponsible and selfish rich kid on the radio recordings. How could his flight instructor, examiner, parents, passengers and others not see this kids irresponsible actions coming? I started flying at the age of 17 and have never even considered something so foolish, boneheaded and ignorant in all my years of flying.
squawk7500td 0
hope he loses his cert...what a nut job.
24 and grounded at his parents home, will soon be grounded by the FAA, not grounded in life.
vanbess 0
Listening to it you could tell he was showing off -- he is just the type that gives GA a black eye
MAKPilot718 0
Hopefully he got his license taken away.
Matt Worthen 0
Can you say psychological evaluation? This "kid" is crazy.
I'm 16 and in training, and my goal is to be the complete opposite of this kid. I hope he can't fly anymore, we don't need bad pilots flying around JFK and anywhere near other planes including me when i'm flying!
kevin swiss 0
rich, privileged and spoiled?
Lloyd Boyette 0
This is something that I thought I would only hear about on VATUSA. "Hey tower, I got a question for you," Maloney says. "This might be crazy but are we allowed to land on the beach?" Gee.... I don't know, did you not get the memo in PPL training?

So what you're telling me is that the generation of pilots from VATUSA are starting to fly in real world? Oh god help us!!!!!
vortecjs 0
Complete TOOL! FAA, Please revoke this punk's certificate. Not an ounce of professionalism in him at all. A-hole!
horace sawyer 0
Ah, the youth of America. Wow. The rest of story? The real owner(s) and the insurance company probably not too happy about the seawater washing through the aircraft. Did they get permmission to take off from the beach or have to truck it out?
Matt Worthen 0
Can people please stop saying rich, privileged or spoiled? This has nothing to do with it. This kids decision making skills in this situation are solely based on his personality and his lack of obvious mental stability.
TTail 0
@horace it was in the water, so i am going to say, they put it on a flat bed truck, and trucked it back to it home base. as for the insurance claim?? if i were the adjuster on this one, DENIED!!
Ronald Padgett 0
Personally, I think rich, privileged or spoiled just about covers it. Don't know of too many poor, underprivileged kids flying planes these days.
Matt Worthen 0
But that has nothing to do with the indecent, it sounds like a jab at jealousy.
crusader2009 0
LOL @ Ronald. You said exactly what I am thinking. Seriously, it sounds like he was showing out because he thinks or knows he can. Whether it was for the girl specifically or to show that he can attempt to destroy a 6 figure object at will because he knows there will be no consequences is really a side thought. Bottom line, this douche does not deserve to keep his ticket. The audio paints a clear picture of a reckless kid who showed no regard for the safety of his passengers or the citizens on the ground.
Thats awsome... but you dont talk to the tower like that. showoff
alfadog 0
Meh, won't be the first or last time some "kid" does something idiotic. I did a few in my time, too. No idea, if he was "rich" or "privileged" or "spoiled"; after all, it was an old Warrior, not a Cirrus. All I can see is stupidity. If you listen to the longer tape on liveatc, he was determined to set that plane down on the beach and was not going to take "no" for an answer.
What really frosts me is that there could have been people on the beach or in the surf (yes, even in April in NY) and he could have killed someone on the ground. He is lucky no-one got hurt. Was he on drugs or alcohol? Well, the police had him and saw no reason to test, I guess. He should lose his pilot's license over this, no question about that.


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