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Emirates Celebrates 10 Years of the A380 at Manchester Airport

Today marks ten years since the first Emirates (EK) Airbus A380 landed at Manchester Airport (MAN). September 1, 2010, saw thousands of people turn up to the Runway Visitor Park to see the super-jumbo appear at the airport. ( More...

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boisdunord 2
Emirates are running two A380s to London's Heathrow. I usually watch (and listen) from my study window to the 18h30 arrival ...
Steve Pearce 2
I went to watch emirates resume its 777 into EGBB on Tuesday. I'll be back in the same spot to watch the A380 return (and look forward to doing so!!)

A far more interesting/exciting aircraft!!
Geoff Davies 1
shame it has only a few years left in the air.nice aircraft


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