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American Airlines flight attendants stand up to Boeing CEO on 737 MAX

American Airlines’ flight attendants union still has safety concerns about the Boeing 737 MAX and is demanding an active role in the relaunch of the grounded aircraft, its president told Boeing Co’s (BA.N) chief executive in a letter seen by Reuters. ( More...

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cowboybob 1
sure....everybody and their brother has decided they know exactly what all the problems were that led to these crashes and how to redesign flight software...might as well give them a calculator and let them knock themselves out.
David Reed 3
That's why there will never be confidence in the safety of this aircraft until it flies again 5 or 6 years without incident. There isn't "all the problems" just one simple one: a hardware design problem ( the plane ) attempted to be corrected by software. Like asking your laptop operating system to make up for how the notebook opens and closes.
stratofan -6
Was this not the same union that complained about the size of the loos on the MAX when they were first put in service? Talk about looking hard to find fault! At least the tail has not fallen off a MAX like it has on a Scarebus. When the MAX does fly again, it will be the most scrutinized airliner flying.
Edward Bardes -3
In that case, it was an explosive device planted in the cargo hold.
Torsten Hoff 5
I think stratofan is referring to American Airlines Flight 587.
Edward Bardes 0
Oh, okay.
David Reed -1
Yeah ..when pigs fly literally. Jan 16 just another trying to sell by date.
Roy Troughton 1
Yawn...stories on the MAX have maxed out!
william baker 1
Amen. Its getting kinda old really. You can only beat a dead horse so long.
airuphere 1
btweston 2
Hello, Mr. Cricket. Thank you for your interest on this story.


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