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Boeing Tankers Still Have Debris; Fix is ‘Months, Maybe Longer’ Away

LE BOURGET, France — Boeing executives didn’t want the international debut of their KC-46 Pegasus to take place amid questions about why the U.S. Air Force is still finding debris inside the new aerial tankers. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 4
When I graduated from university and took my first civilian job, it was at a company that did major modifications to aircraft for the military and certain government agencies, as well as heavy MX activities. One of my first briefings was with the FOD God, who did put the fear of FOD into us. Before entering the work area we had to empty our shirt pockets. Before sealing up wall panels, floor panels, the myriad of black boxes we were installing, someone from QA or FOD inspected it. What happened to Boeing's FOD control. I guess in a cost savings effort they got rid of the FOD God and replaced him or her with the FOD Ghost?

siriusloon 4
How is it possible no heads have rolled and this problem stopped in its tracks?
btweston 2
Worked in France, right?
scott ebrite 1
A distinct lack of leadership at the very top levels. 37MAX, junk in the takkers. It's just unacceptable the problems haven't been fixed.
Jetwashphotos 2
It is obviously the result of the continued attitude of the Boeing Company in their drive to more and more profit. Not surprising at all.
chalet 2
If the KC-135s built 60 years ago withot such a great quality control and quality assurance, they would not be flying to this day.
sharon bias 2
AirBus builds a lot of planes, and there has been zero reporting about debris left in their aircraft. This goes back long before the 737 problem. So either AirBus has confidentiality controls that exceed most governments, or Boeing has a big problem. I think it's the later.
Brian Wilkes 2
Put down to disgruntled Boeing workers!
scott ebrite 1
Dennis A. Muilenburg and his entire management team need to be terminated.
Roy Corrales 1
Trash inside the most loved 787's and now this one too? I have a booked long haul 789 ride with KLM next October that hope find it clean and pristine :0 but seriously wondering what's the H is going on there at Everett?
siriusloon 5
There's a big difference between a cleaned airliner cabin and where they're finding FOD. It's inside walls, floors, and panels -- places no passenger will see.
Roy Corrales 3
Hi Sr. Yeah I understand the difference and that crap might be behind panels and else, I was trying to be ironic. But yes this situation is something they must take seriously.
Now, where did I put that fork? While Boeing is being battered from pillar to post, the one saving grace, Nikki Haley spent her creds to secure a place on their board, which would pay her $Millions for her services .... after a few months in that frying pan .... well, her political aspirations are going to be looking a bit cloudy.


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