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FAA will meet today with air safety authorities from 53 countries to talk about clearing Boeing 737MAX for flight

The Federal Aviation Administration is gathering dozens of the world’s top aviation officials in Fort Worth for a day-long conclave Thursday to talk about the Boeing 737 Max. The gathering in Fort Worth, Texas is expected to provide clues as to whether the aviation safety authorities will be willing to set aside any skepticism about the FAA, which has not yet given the green light for the 737 MAX to fly again. ( More...

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sharon bias 5
Won't that be an interesting meeting. And it doesn't appear that anyone from Boeing will attend.
Chris B 4
It may be FAA "running the meeting". But you can bet that Boeing is behind the scenes approving the meeting agenda/flight plan.

Foreign regulators have every reason to doubt the FAA's impartiality.

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A prime example of this would be your very own post, that did the exact thing that you complained about with your response.

Pot/Kettle/Black, or hypocrisy? Why don't you tell us, though my money is on both.
Kobe Hunte 7
linbb are you really talking about trolls?? Comon man, you are the biggest one on FlightAware. You very seldomly have anything nice to say about someone or something.
Tyler Emtage 4
That comment right there didn't seem like much to add.
Tyler Emtage 3
Just BTW my comment might seem like it was to Brad Littlejohn but it was to linbb.
You're good. I saw your comment before I posted, and as these are all replies under his, it's all going back to linbb.
Kobe Hunte 2
I wonder how it went!? Interesting to know the outcome... Hopefully we see this plane airworthy again.
Most news outlets reported that neither the FAA, CAA, EASA, or other aviation authorities are in any hurry to recertify the B38M or B39M, so they won't be flying anytime soon.
sharon bias 2
The airplane bone yards must be swimming in money.737 Max planes are parked and paying rent, and any previously stored 737 planes possibly getting retrofitted to go back into service. Maybe American will drag out some of those MD-82 they finally got rid of last year. Better a gas guzzling plane that carries paying passengers than no passengers at all? Bet the math folks are having a great time doing cost/benefit ratio's on bringing back old planes vs not flying many routes.
patrick baker 2
wonder what the FAA needs to do to gain credibility here. It is so easy to speak badly about the agency given what has come out concerning its competency in evaluating aircraft safety. So, if the FAA is not to be believed, then who do we give acceptance to? Maybe the FAA ought to demand a strenuous flight re-certification program of many hundreds of hours. That may be enough to satisfy the doubters, and smooth the way for the 737max, the Boeing Bucking Bronco, to resume deliveries and resume scheduled flights.
Hi I am RANDHIR KUMAR SINGH form New Delhi India
Tyler Emtage 2
That's amazing! I would never have guessed...
Kobe Hunte 2
Good for you. Thanks for the broadcast that many people didn't or couldn't care less about.


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