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British Airways B787-9

British Airways recently announced NEW nonstop service between London,(LHR) and San Jose, California (SJC) starting May 04, 2016 ... this is the type aircraft planned for that service ( More...

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patrick baker 1
behold the long, thin markets for the 787 series of airline moneymakers. I wait for some European airline to offer non-stops from Kansas City to London, Paris, or Frankfurt. It should have happened already. Can't wait to purchase my tickets.

sharon bias 1
Any flight that doesn't go through LAX or SFO is a winner.
I can undestand the desire for NONSTOP Europen flights out of MCI ... But too, how many others in the area desire it as well ? I once worked at MCI for TWA and at the time, everything I remember working was domestic with connections thru either JFK or IAD ... The first thing you might want to do is get a group together to petition an airline to provide service, then petition the airport itself to join the group ... It has been long working years, days and hours to get British Airways to agree to serve SJC ... I only hope it not going to be a short visit to SJC as it was with Virgin America


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