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United Airlines swaps 10 Boeing Dreamliners for 777-300ER jets

(Reuters) - United Airlines said Thursday that it has swapped 10 orders of Boeing Co (BA.N) 787 Dreamliners for 10 larger 777-300ER jets, marking a victory for the plane manufacturer as it seeks to sell out the 777 planes before their production ends. The news follows months of speculation that Chicago-based United Continental Holdings Inc (UAL.N) would make the swap, which allows it to move aircraft on to different routes to better fit customer demand. ( More...

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Paul Robbins 7
A lot of people think that this is because United doesn't like the 787. To the contrary, I believe that United probably got these aircraft very cheap because Boeing is trying to maintain production of the 777 at 8.3 aircraft per month, so they can make an easy transition to the 777X. So, I'm guessing this was a win-win for both companies not a public shunning of the Dreamliner.

My source of information is
Chris Hann 1
So that's why they swapped instead of adding them and dumping something old to compensate then?
Paul Robbins 1
I guess it was a better fit for the routes they wanted to fly, but the list price for these planes was probably to high for what United wanted to pay, I guess Boeing came down a lot in price for these 77W. Nonetheless, I work for neither so I can't confirm anything
I think it's a smart move, the 773's can replace some of the 744's and the fleet will be more modern eventually when the 787's order fills-out and the A350's arrive UAL might be able to compete better with the Gulf airlines and all their fancy new planes.

Paul Robbins 2
It is crazy to think of just how much money everyone of those planes cost.
Jamar Jackson 1
What domestic routes would they use 777 on I'm wondering?
I have flown many times on 777 from ORD to LAX.
Perhaps the tea leaves forecast that the long thin routes are getting fatter.
canuck44 0
Story doesn't specify 787-9 or 797-10 as they have gotten all their 787-8s. If it is the 10s delivery date may have been a factor.
preacher1 1
I figure cost had a lot to do with it as Boeing tries to maintain production while making the transition to the 777X. I figure Boeing cut the heck out of the price.
Would it be COA's order for the B788 that they received, or UAL's, as both orders were made before the merger. If COA's, then they still have some on order, along with the 25 (or is it 50) A350s they have on order.

Either way, it's interesting to note this shift, as the B787 and A350 orders were placed as they were phasing out their original B772s (UAL was the launch customer for it in 1995), with one of those two jets to also help phase out the B747s in their fleet. I wonder if the new 773 order will push that phase out faster.
John Berry 1
They dropped -9s according to Jon Ostrower.


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