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Prevent the closure of air traffic control towers in the U.S. as a result of the Budget Control Act - Sequestration

Airport air traffic control towers provide services to pilots that are essential to the safety, the efficiency, and the smooth operations of flights. While not all airports have a control tower, airports with towers are typically very busy and have a significant amount of air traffic. At these airports, the air traffic controllers regulate when aircraft can take off and land, and they contribute to aviation safety by helping to avoid collisions. Controllers also provide numerous other services… ( More...

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preacher1 2
Well, you just know that there will be a letter justifying all of them; a community that doesn't send one probably doesn't support it's airport anyway. Sad to say but there was a lot of flying done before there were towers; we all learned what to do with/without them, and we have been spoiled. However, after the PATCO strike, the world did not end when towers closed and planes kept flying. They are very needful at a busy airport but an RJ in the pattern of a small airport, other than speed, is really no different than a C-150. A prime consideration that should be given though is when there is a mix of military and civilian AC, both based there and what is using the field for T&G/etc.
matt jensen 1
After the PATCO strike? Reagan did the flying public no service in the firing. Instead of fixing the problems, they got worse. The system is still broken. Better to have no controllers in those small towns - and concentrate on the larger cities.
preacher1 1
Matt: I just used the PATCO strike as an example of towers being closed. I won't disagree with you at all on the system.

matt jensen 1
It was going to be my reasoning anyway for the closing of non-necessary towers and a waste of manpower for three to five commercial flights per day.
Toby Sharp 1
Well said.....Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. Blue Side up. You just get back from a trip? Been wonderin where you were this week
preacher1 2
I been home a day or 2. went up to Great Falls earlier in the week, Monday night.Was supposed to go on to MDW but customer cancelled up there for the 2nd time in a row on account of snow. Came back late Tuesday night. Got home about 9 and we had our grandson that night. Personally, I hadn't got untired Outa here a bit. Gotta run into town for a few.ttyl
canuck44 1
Purely political theatrics as the FAA budget will be almost $1 Billion more than last year. Like closing the White House to school kid tours, it is designed to hurt as many citizens as possible...but of course tours of golf courses by Hussein are not cancelled.
preacher1 1
What makes OR so special. Just about every State in the Uion was getting hit just as hard. Kinda stupid to come around poor mouthing 2 weeks after the list came out!!!! IMHO
Andrew Taylor 0
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5 Ore. airport towers on FAA closure list

Five small airports in Oregon are on the Federal Aviation Administration list for potential control tower closings under the automatic budget cuts that took effect March 1.


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