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Dutch reality show to offer one-way tickets to Mars

As the world marvels at the latest US Mars landing, a Dutch start-up is aiming to beat NASA at its own game by sending the first humans to the red planet -- and film all as a reality show. ( और अधिक...

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amahran 1
Am I the only one fearing this may become a cosmic Jersey Shore?
sparkie624 1
LOL.... I can see it coming.
Teresa Reagan 1
I for one would like to get back from Mars... So let me know when it's a round trip!
nicky sauter 1
no because i made my own plans to get to mars like using the space shuttle mehtod or the command module method and i wanted to be the first man on mars it has been my dream!!!!
Teresa Reagan 1
I for one would like to get back home from Mars... Let me know when it's a round trip!


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